Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fall Fun

Yesterday we decided to make a trip to the pumpkin patch with Miss Piper.  We are blessed to have several huge fruit farms in the foothills of Mt. Spokane and they are only about 20 minutes from our house in Greenbluff.  I buy my apples from Hidden Acres farm most years and make applesauce and pie filling.  Yum!  We first went to a big farm that is very popular.  The first thing we noticed were the outrageous prices for EVERYTHING!  The petting zoo was $4.00 for Piper and I.  The only animals were a few sheep.  Very disappointing.  We overheard others saying the same thing.  Everything was really expensive so off we went to the car and we drove to Siemers Farm.  Alll of the photos below were taken there.  Papa paid a couple of dollars to ride the train but Piper was free.  The same for the petting zoo.  Mandy paid $2 and Piper was free and there were LOTS  and LOTS of animals.

Here comes the train with it's precious cargo.
It's Piper and Papa!
They had a grand time seeing the orchards and corn fields.
There were even camels named Dolly!
Piper loved the camel and kept going back there.
Baby ducklings.
Posing with Dolly.
There's a fairy castle.
And live music that Piper loved dancing to with Grandma.  Wow!  Look at that gray windblown hair.  On second thought, don't look at it!  :-)
She was supervising Grandpa mowing the yard this afternoon.
I've finished the two baby blankets for the twins.
Now I've started the first hat for the sweater/hat/sockie sets.
We're enjoying unseasonably warm weather the past few days.  Tomorrow is supposed to be 80 degrees!  Very nice for October in Spokane.  It looks as though Mandy and Brad's home in the D.C. area will be done by the end of October.  I really don't know what Papa and I will do once they leave.  The house will be so quiet.  That little girl is a bundle of energy and I love it.  She changes so much every day and I'm so glad we get to see it all right now.  She adores her "Papa" and wakes up in the morning calling for him.
Okay my friends.  I'm off to bed soon.  Two year olds get up pretty early in the morning!

"So in everything, do to others what you would have them do unto you." Matthew 7:12




  1. Hi Betsy, I'm glad you found a nicer place than the first one! At Rasmussen Farms every thing is free. The only thing that costs anything is the pumpkins and other produce. Piper is so cute, it looks like she loves you to bits. I know you're enjoying your time.. try not to think of when they will have to depart.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Lots of memories in the making, precious times to remember. The twins blankets are adorable, a real delight.

  3. How neat to go to a farm with a camel! Looks like a great place to take a young one. The blankets turned out well-you are so talented:) Have a blessed week.
    Blessings, Aimee

  4. By the look on her cute little face when dancing with you Betsy, she absolutely adores you too. She looks like she is just the happiest little girl. So glad you are getting this special time with her.

  5. Hi Betsy. I loved the photos of you and Piper dancing. Such pure joy on her face! What treasured m m
    memories you are making!!
    Pumpkin patches have sure changed in the past few years. Now they include rides and attraction, and are quite expensive. But so much fun for the little ones.
    We are still hot, hot, hot! Ugh! I just want to be chilly and have fires in the fireplace.
    Your blankets for the twins are lovely. They will be treasured gifts!
    XO Kris

  6. Betsy, where can I purchase the pattern for the blanket you made? I just love the design!
    Piper is so sweet and such a cutie, my grandchildren are all in their late teens, I so miss having a little one around? Your so blessed!

  7. Oh how special... I remember when my grands were little -and we would visit the Pumpkin Patch (similar to yours)... They LOVED it --and I can tell that Piper also loved every second. Love those precious pictures especially the two of her smiling/laughing while looking at you... CUTE..,

    Enjoy every second of her. She will grow up MUCH too fast.

  8. I read the word "unseasonably" as "unreasonably" and didn't bat an eyelash because sometimes I think it is a bit unreasonable to be too hot in the fall. :) I hope you enjoy the warm days while they last, though. It looks like you had a really nice day out with Piper. She's getting so big and this is a really fun age with them. I can tell that you enjoy your time with her very much.

  9. Aww such sweet photos. I love the one of Miss Piper dancing with you. The joy on her face says it all! So sweet. I love the blankets you have finished for the babies. I know those babies will feel all warm and cozy in them and feel each stitch of love you worked into them, too. :) Blessings to you always sweet friend.

  10. So glad you are blogging and sharing these precious times with us, Betsy, and I love your parting verse challenge! Thanks! xx