Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I Won! I Won!

Hello my friends.  It's been a beautiful week so far.  Crisp, cool autumn evenings and nights and warm sunny days.  Just how I like it.  Could I please arrange for it to be exactly like this all year?  Wouldn't that be nice?

I received this lovely package in the mail from GrandmaBeckyL, (you can find her on my sidebar).  I won her blogversary drawing and oh my goodness, the wonderful things that package contained.  Most of you have got to be aware by now that my very favorite color in the world is lavender with all the shades of purple being quite lovely too.  And looky what my gift contained.  A 2015 calendar with photos taken by Becky herself of lavender!  Also, some tea and a bar of homemade lavender soap. And just look at the cute tea towel.  It says, "Take life one cup at a time," and has names of different teas all across the bottom.  How appropriate.  I love tea.   Not coffee at all.  But tea...I drink lots of it.  Thank you so much Becky. I've used the towel already to dry my homemade noodles on for chicken and noodles.  It worked great and is the perfect size.
One of my favorite photos from the calendar.
A closer look.  Cute isn't it?  The soap smells wonderful.
Some pictures I took today of a park near here.
Yep.  I'd say fall has definitely arrived.
I  do know it means winter will be here soon, but it IS beautiful, isn't it?
Looky what else I got just today.  It's an early Christmas present from Dennis.  Mandy makes fun of me.  She says everytime I get something it's my early Christmas present.  :-)

This is a set of Hiya Hiya interchagable knitting needles, in US sizes 2 to 8.  It comes in this beautiful black and lavender brocade case along with 4 cables in various sizes.
The bamboo 5 inch tips.
Cables in various sizes.
I'm very happy to have them.  I have the Knit Picks harmony interchangables and have loved them for several years, but I'm starting to have problems with the cables pulling out of the tips.  The more people I talk to that have them say they have had similar problems.  The last time it happened was when I was making Mandy's Wonderful Wallaby sweater.  It pulled completely away from the tip leaving me with half of my over 300 stitches off the cable and the needle tip completely broken and unusable.  Of course I didn't have another needle that size so I had to go buy one before still more stitches unraveled.  I was very frustrated to say the least.  That's a lot of knitting to lose!

I live very close to Paradise Fibers.  If you've never heard of them you need to check them out online.  They do the vast majority of their business online but they have an amazing store here in Spokane.  Two HUGE floors of yarn, spinning fiber, wheels, looms and anything fiber related you can possibly think of.  I have been eyeing these Hiya Hiya needles for awhile now and this week got a coupon by email for 25% off anything in the store.  Hubby told me to go get them.  Isn't he the sweetest?  Well of course he is!  I know I'm going to love these needles.  I'll keep you posted on how they work out and I encourage you to check them out online this week.  The 25% off one item is for everyone and you can use it to order online.  They even provide you the coupon code to order. No, I'm not paid by them to say these things, but it really is a great store.

The two baby hats and two pairs of socks are done.  I have the first sweater about half done.  I think I just may get everything done by the shower!  Phew!!!!  I was a little worried.
And last but not least.  Miss Piper decided she was cold Monday morning.  After all, the temperature was only predicted to be 80F!   She proceeded to put on a sweater I made for her, her coat, two hats and of course no ensemble is complete with out her Elmo slippers.  I adore this picture and this little girl.  Papa says she looks ready to go out and run the new snowblower!
Have a lovely evening my friends.  I'll be back soon!

"Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord himself, is the Rock eternal. " Isaiah 26:4




  1. Congrats on your win, Betsy! Wow, you have some really pretty fall colors there.. I haven't seen any super pretty ones here. I'm glad you got those nice needles.. you use them so much I can imagine you'd need new ones every few years! That picture of Piper is priceless and made Dayle and I chuckle. She's such a character!! Hope to see you soon! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Oh Betsy she is so adorable, you are truly blessed. What a wonderful stroll the season looks as if it is taking a hold with all those falling leaves but it is a beautiful sight. Congratulations on your lovely win, some beautiful gifts the calendar was stunning.

  3. Such lovely gifts you have received. I have full confidence in you getting all the baby gifts made in time.

  4. What wonderful gifts! Congrats!

  5. So glad you enjoyed your gifts. I don't drink coffee at all. I drink tea alot. I just bought circular needles like yours at flock and fiber festival. Gonna start sox soon. I have enjoyed drive to coast with colors changing everywhere. Take care and thanks for sharing. Hugs!

  6. Yay, what a nice win. Good for you, Betsy. Enjoy your goodies. That photo of Piper is priceless, she sounds like a girl who knows what she wants. :)

  7. Way to go little Piper! Very, very nice gifts--lavender is very wonderful isn't it? Love those baby socks--cute, cute, cut!
    Blessings, Aimee

  8. Piper...LOL. So cute. I love the fall photos. The leaves around here are not turning quite yet. It's been too warm still, so I enjoyed seeing your pictures. Congrats on winning. Love your gifts. I got through Round 11 of the doily. Someone else said they got through Round 13. I'm sure it'll slow down and we won't be able to crochet so many rounds in one evening. Right now I'm averaging 5. Have a good weekend.

  9. Oh my goodness she is so cute! My oldest had Elmo slippers, he loved them. I am curious to hear what you think of the new needles. I love my knit picks ones but to be honest have not used them a hug e amount so I am not having problems with them yet.

    Have a wonderful weekend Betsy,

  10. Congrats on your winnings. We share the love of the color of lavender! :) Oh the trees looks so pretty. Fall is certainly making herself known with such a lovely display. Oh I have to check out those needles, they look awesome. Please let me know what you think about them. Do they screw on like the Knit Picks? I know I would have just fallen down and cried if I lost all those stitches. I let out a gasp when I read it! Wishing you a most lovely day sweet friend. :)

  11. Love your lavender winnings, Betsy!!! And that photo of Piper is worthy of framing with Dennis's
    comment :-) Do you have the Knit Pick circular needles, too, or what have you been using? xx