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Monday, September 29, 2014

Piper's Birthday!

PHappy Monday everyone!  

Two years ago today little Princess Piper burst into our lives and nothing has been the same since!  She is two years old and has stolen a HUGE part of her Grandma's heart as all of you must be aware of by now!  We had her party last Sunday when Brad's parents were here, but we couldn't let this day go by without acknowledging it.  Mandy baked her these cupcakes last night.
This morning she had a cupcake while still her her jammies at 9:00.  It's her birthday.  Don't judge.  :-)
My head is cut off here but look how happy she is with her new Elmo slippers that we got for her.  She loves "Elmore" as she calls him.
We took her for chinese food the other night at a buffet.  She charmed everyone and look at this face!  The food was a hit for sure.
Saturday a friend called and asked if Dennis and I would like two free tickets to see the Gaither Vocal Band. The tickets were way up in the balcony so this picture isn't very clear but oh my!  It was a wonderful concert and a blessing for sure.  Hubby and I haven't done much together lately so it was sort of a date night and we had a wonderful time.  I've always enjoyed the GVB and we've seen them in concert a couple of times before. It was 3 hours of soul inspiring music and we're very grateful for the gift of the tickets that allowed us to attend.
The next three photos are the view from the balcony level outside of the performing arts center where the concert was held.  It is of the Spokane River and Riverfront Park where the World Expo 1974 was held.
Riverfront Park.  The structure you see on the left is the last standing of five that were for the different continents during the Expo.
The  Clocktower, a symbol of Spokane.  Isn't our town pretty?
Mandy's Wonderful Wallaby is done.
Piper's third Wonderful Wallaby is also done!  Mandy says I need to make myself one because it feels like a nice warm hug on these chilly fall mornings.  I gave the smaller orange one that I made for Piper to a little girl at church and it fits her perfectly.
But...we now have a set of twins expected at church and the shower has been set for the end of October.  I have two baby blankets to make and two hat/sweater/bootie sets to try to finish by then.  Do you think I can do it?  I have my doubts because, after all, I want to play with Piper too.  The babies aren't due until February but she expects to deliver early and I think they want to have the shower early to avoid the holiday months.  If I don't finish in time I can always give the gift to them after the shower.  I started this blanket yesterday.
I hope you're all enjoying fall's arrival.  We winterized the trailer this past weekend and the lows are dipping into the 30's F at night.  I think that even if I'm not ready for the summer to march away, it's happening anyway.  :-)

Hubby has been working in his new shed building a workbench/potting bench and moving shelves out there with the gardening tools and pots.  The garage is looking much better with clearing things out.  I'll also be making a trip to Goodwill with a trunkful too.

Have a lovely day my friends and I'll be back soon.

"Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise; give thanks to Him and praise His name. For the Lord is good and His love endures forever; His faithfulness continues through all generations." Psalm 100:4-5

Blessings always,



  1. Happy birthday to sweet little Piper! Her celebration sounds like a lot of fun. When my son was younger, he always asked to go to the Chinese buffet for his birthday dinner. In fact, this was the first year he asked to go somewhere else - Jason's Deli, because he wanted to eat from the salad bar! Crazy kid. Anyway, he couldn't pronounce "buffet" correctly and he called it the Chinese "bow-fay" and now we all call it that. :) The baby blanket is so pretty and I am sure the baby crochet will be much appreciated. It is very kind and generous of you to give to so many babies. I hope you have a great week, Betsy.

  2. *H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* Piper! I'm so happy for you to be able to spend so much time with your little darling during this time. My eyes POPPED in delight when I saw the rainbow granny blanket.. I adore that pattern so much and want to make another just for myself! I wish that you lived closer so you could go to OFFF with me. That is so cool that both of your parents worked at Pendleton and that a lot of your clothes were made of the fabric. Lucky you! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Hi Betsy! Happy Birthday to your darling Piper!!!! The photo of you holding her in her "Elmore" slippers is so cute! And you look like a teenager!!!!
    Fall is surely arriving here too, but much more subtly than where you are.
    The knit sweaters are fantastic!!! Wish I could knit with such perfection! And speed!!!
    Happy week my friend!
    xo Kris

  4. Happy Birthday to your sweet and very adorable Piper! Re: cupcakes in the morning. You mean that's not OK? LOL:):) The Wonderful Wallaby sweater turned out perfectly--love it; the blanket you're working on is beautiful! A sunny, warm day at the coast yesterday. The mountains were a bit cool with a little gorgeous fog in spots. Love EARLY autumn!
    Blessings, Aimee
    PS: Another great verse!

  5. Happy Birthday to Miss Piper! She is so cute! The Wonderful Wallyaby sweater is so cute. I am going to knit sox soon. I bought a set of interchangeable circular needles on Sat. Megan and I went to a flock and fiber festival and we had a good time looking at all the sheep, goats, alpacas, yarn, ate good food. I want to make a wallaby sometime. Will see when I get around to it! Take care and hope your pkg arrived today. It's chilly here tonight and was raining some today. Hugs!

  6. Happy Birthday Piper - she really looks as if she enjoyed the cupcakes bless her!

    Your town does look so pretty, what a lovely park.

    Hope you are having a good week and enjoying the change to autumn weather.


  7. How wonderful that you got to spend her birthday with her ... Happy birthday sweet, beautiful, adorable Piper. I love the sweaters and can't believe how quickly you make them ... I think Mandy is right you should make one for yourself and then you would be triplets. Beautiful blanket for the twins and at the speed you knit and crochet I'm sure the blankets will be done in Jo time. I'm glad you had a great time at the concert. Have a great week my dear friend.

  8. Happy birthday to that gorgeous little girl. The blanket you are making is a real delight, love the colours. Autumn has arrived here too it is cold in the mornings and evenings, but there is still some heat around in the afternoon. Beautiful Psalm.

  9. Happy birthday Piper. Is it really two years since I first read your blog Betsy ( directed here via Teresa ) and I think you were awaiting the arrival of Piper. Cupcakes for breakfast? Absolutely on your birthday! Beautiful knitting and crochet. Anne x

  10. Happy birthday Piper. Is it really two years since I first read your blog Betsy ( directed here via Teresa ) and I think you were awaiting the arrival of Piper. Cupcakes for breakfast? Absolutely on your birthday! Beautiful knitting and crochet. Anne x

  11. ah wonderful share today, Betsy, and love the patty cakes must admit smile every time I read wallaby jumper as wonder why it is called that?.. a wallaby is a type of kangaroo, but smaller than most of the roo's... and "to go on the wallaby" means is "to go walkabout" or off on a long hike of many days :D thanks for sharing the snippets of where you live, praying for you with Piper and love the blankets too. Shaz in oz.x PS think you will get them done, knowing you.. :D

  12. Aww, Happy Birthday Piper!
    How thoughtful of you Betsy to give that small sweater away to the little girl. :) And that baby blanket!! I love it. Yes, I think you will get it all done. You are amazing! :)

  13. Happy Birthday to sweet little Piper! She looks so adorable in her cute little Elmo shoes. Oh what a wonderful concert you got to attend. I know that was a true blessing to you both. :) Love the sweaters you have knitted, and I hope you do knit one for yourself, too. Your town is very pretty. I always love seeing your photos. :) ((hugs)) and blessings to you always sweet friend...oh, and I have no doubt you'll finish all the baby items well before they are due! :)

  14. Birthday cupcakes in p.j.'s...what could be better?! Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl! Your knitting is beautiful! A nice warm and cozy hug sounds wonderful! :)

  15. Happy Birthday to sweet little Piper. I so understand how she can grab your heart. Each time we got a new grandchild, I felt my heart grow with love. It's amazing how much love I have for my four little kiddos.
    Hugs, Sharon

  16. Happy Birthday to your darling girl, of course she needs to eat cupcakes for her birthday breakfast, it is the law! Yes you can make everything you need to for those twins, but do not stress out, I bet the Mom to be would like the present anytime she can get it because it will be so special. You are so wonderful Betsy,