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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Building Week

Happy September my friends!  I know, I know.  It's been September for a week now, but I've had a busy week and although I've tried to keep up with reading my friends blogs, I haven't had a moment to write a post of my own.  Here I am though and ready to update you all on my exciting life. Ha!

Monday, September first was Dennis' and my 36 wedding anniversary.  God blessed me more than I could ever deserve when he gave this man to me.  He is the love of my life and I am SO grateful for him.  He is wonderful and I wish every woman could have a husband like him.  We met when I was 15 and we married when I graduated from high school at 18.  Yes, that makes me 54 years old!  He was a handsome guy in an U.S. Air Force uniform when we met in church.  I love him and miracle of miracles, he still loves me too!  

Remember when our tree blew down a few weeks ago?  Well, Dennis wondered why it couldnt have been the tree that used to live in this corner of the yard that we had planned to remove anyway.  This was what the corner looked like after the guys took it and two BIG bushes out on Tueday.
The three musketeers built us a shed in just two days.  In pouring rain and cold the second day.  I love these guys.  Seriously.  Jeremy, (on the roof), was our son's best man in his wedding.  They have been friends since the 5th grade.  He owns his own concrete and excavating company but he takes VERY good care of us.  He fixes and builds anything we need done and does a wonderful job.

The guy at the bottom left is Wes. He and his sister grew up with our daughter Mandy and his parents are Paul and Lori who camp next to us at the lake.  Brian is in the middle and we've just gotten to know him in the past few years.  All three of these guys go to church with us and we would trust them with anything.

Jeremy put three windows in on all three sides except the front.  I like the window panes don't you?  Jeremy chose them for us when we said we wanted a window of some sort for light.
All done with the building part of the job.  I watched Wes build and shim the doors.  Now I know why single doors are so much easier!  :-)  I tried to warm them up with coffee and homemade banana bread on Wednesday when the weather was so icky.
Hubby and I primed the entire shed on Friday.  I helped while Piper napped and then he was on his own!  She likes to play with paint too much to trust her to stay away.  
Hubby putting the color on.  It was HOT yesterday.  Almost 90 degrees.  But the nights are in the 40's and low 50's.  Fall is on it's way.
All done!  Isn't it pretty?  It's BIG.   10 x 12 feet  Dennis is going to build a potting bench in it for me and we'll be able to store lots of things that are in the garage in it so that he can actually do some wood working in his garage this winter.  It's been so crowded with the snow blower, lawn mower, power washer, air compressor, bikes, etc., that he has't had any room to actually work in there.
Now I have to figure out if we're going to replace the tree that blew down and if so, what kind should we plant?  I also want to put some rose bushes in that blank area by the side of the shed next spring.

We've been wanting a shed for several years now and it's one more item checked off the pre-retirement "want" list!

My friend Marilyn has recently been diagnosed with cancer and last week lost most of her hair and so she had the rest cut off.  She needed light blue hats to match her work uniform so I made these for her in one day.  Both are chemo caps.  The one on the left is called "seeds of hope"  and the one on the right is "wings of hope".  You can't tell, but it has wings like butterfly wings in the pattern.  I hope they give her a bit of a hug from me when she wears them.
Here is the latest update on Mandy's Wonderful Wallaby.  I'm amazed at how much longer it's taking than Piper's.  An adult size is a LOT more knitting than a toddler size.  I go 'round and 'round and it doesn't seem to get any bigger at all.  But see, the pouch is done and now I'm working on....
....the sleeves.  This is sleeve number one.
And no post these days would be complete without a photo or two of my Miss Piper.  Here she is supervising Grandpa's painting of the shed.  She is very intent on the job he's doing isn't he?
I adore this face.  We took her out to the lake yesterday and Grandpa was pushing her on the BIG swing.  She usually gets into the baby swing, so she thought she was really something when she held on all by herself and Grandpa let go.  Oh my goodness I adore this child.
This was on the car ride home from the lake.  She was exhausted and we were sure she would fall asleep while we drove home, but nope.  She entertained us by singing "Let it Go" from the movie "Frozen", complete with hand gestures.  Be still my heart.
Mommy flew to D.C. on Thursday to look for a house with Daddy so it's been Grandpa, Grandma and Piper this week.  Oh and the two dogs and two cats.  We're doing fine but Mommy is missing Piper something terrible.  I think they've found a house.  Time will tell if it all works out as these deals seem to keep you on pins and needles till the end.  The movers made it there and have put everything into storage.  It seems so very, very far away from us but I'm really trying not to think about it and I'm enjoying every second with my little princess for now.

I hope you're all enjoying the late summer weather.  It's so beautiful here that I'm wishing time would standstill for just a little while and let me breathe in these days.

Blessings always,



  1. Your shed looks nice! Glad it was done in two days. It's been hot here, This weekend different than last weekend, when Sat started out cold and raining and Sun was cool too. Now it's back to hot. I watered alot last night since I know the big plants are thirsty. I think I will water a tree tonight. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I know, the road building made me think of the parables Jesus told and how it always applied to life. Your knitting inspires me. I still need a pattern for sox. Sigh! Take care and enjoy your sweet cute! God bless, my friend!

  2. Betsy, thank you for the update on all that is going on in your world. Happy Anniversary to yo and your wonderful husband. You are blessed to have each other and I know that you know that. The shed is perfect and how nice you can trust the wonderful guys that put it together. And that darling Piper is just as cute as can be. I know it is hard for you to have her move so far away. My thoughts are with you my friend.

  3. Glad to hear you are having this time with Piper and the building looks great!

  4. Your granddaughter is gorgeous... I know you will REALLY miss her terribly when they move to D.C.

    So sorry to hear about your friend's cancer. Her little caps are PERFECT... You were so nice to make them for her.

    Happy Anniversary to you two... So you married your childhood sweetheart. That is SO neat..... AND--do you realize that you could be my daughter???? I have a son who is 51...... ha ha

    Love the new shed.

  5. Happy Anniversary, again!!! So glad you are having full and happy days and making many good memories, Betsy. The shed turned out so nicely, and I especially like the window style. Your pretty knitting spurs me on to crochet some more on my shawl :-) Blessings xx

  6. *H*A*P*P*Y* * *A*N*N*I*V*E*R*S*A*R*Y*!*!* Betsy! Your shed is wonderful.. I'm wishing I could get my shed all cleaned out and decorated like an English garden shed. Someday? Piper is so sweet and cute and I'm glad you're spending this quality time with her before she heads to DC. Take heart, you will go visit often. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Very nice she'd my friend and of course Piper is as cute as ever. Hope your friend is recuperating. I'm sure she will love the hats. They are both beautiful.

  8. Hi Betsy. A very happy anniversary to you and your prince charming too!!! Yes, another thing we have in common! You married the same day, one year earlier than we did. I was a child bride as well...19. I too, am 54!!
    I LOVE your new shed! I would love to have a nice big shed built in our grove. We already have one, but I would love another, all my own.
    I am so sorry to hear about your friend being diagnosed with cancer. I am sure she will very much appreciate the hats you made her, and feel your love when she wears them.
    Piper is precious! I know how much you are cherishing this time with her.
    Enjoy every second!!

  9. Great shed, since my husband and I took early retirement its nice to have places for storage so that I can have a craftroom and my husband a workshop. Happy anniversary by the way.

  10. Happy Anniversary! ♥
    What a fantastic shed!
    I love Piper's hat. ;)

  11. Happy anniversary to you and Dennis! What a wonderful story. It's so nice to hear a happy story about marriage in this day and age. I'm really glad for you both. The new shed looks terrific, those guys are handy! I'm sure it will be great for you to have. Hope you have a wonderful time with Piper and that her parents find the perfect house for her to live in. :)

  12. Happy Anniversary to you and your Hubby. What God brings together, no man can take apart. :) Prayers for your friend. I just know she will feel the love you put into each and every single stitch when she wears the lovely hats you made her. Your daughter's sweater is coming along nicely. The shed is lovely. What a great job everyone did. Miss Piper is alway so adorable. I just love that she sang you all home on the car ride. So sweet. Blessings to you and your sweet family always dear friend. ((hugs))

  13. How sweet of you to make some pretty caps for your friend Marilyn! May God be with her as she goes through chemo. Nice shed! We need to build one to keep all our garden stuff in. BEST photo ever of Piper on the swing--her expression is priceless! Little cutie pie:) Finally, let me wish you both a very blessed and happy anniversary!

  14. ah wodnerful post Betsy.. so glad you have such a pretty shed what three champions the three musketeers are!
    ...and look forward to your roses as love roses.... lovely caps for Marilyn and pray the LORD blesses her today and in days ahead with His healing mercies.. every blessing on the readjustment for all with the big move , Shaz in OZ.x

    PS you might like to pop across and pray for these folks and encourage them dear Betsy, Ukraine is VERY hard place to be missionary in.. just found them by hopping around.

  15. Love the shed. We need something like that in our yard but probably will never have one. Hubby's slow when it comes to building and if he thinks he can build it, he won't consider letting anyone else do it. :) Miss Piper is adorable and I know you are going to miss her like crazy. All you can do is enjoy each moment and build up memories to hold you.