Thursday, May 1, 2014

So clumsy!

What a difference a few days makes!  Look at these gorgeous blue skies.  Since Monday we have had the most amazing spring weather.  Today is supposed to be 82. Eighty-two degrees!!!  That makes me so happy. Tomorrow is supposed to be just as nice and Saturday a bit cooler but still nice. Sunday things are supposed to change. Back to the 50's and rain but that's okay. We desperately need the rain.

This is the flowering pear tree in the front yard.  Finally some blossoms in my yard after looking at all of yours on your blogs :-)
I'm not sure what this is, but it's beautiful.  It belongs to our neighbor but is growing into our yard.  I love the pink blossoms.
I'll be harvesting some rhubarb this morning. The first picking of the year.  Some stalks are 20 inches long.  Yummy.
The beginning of Jenny's runner.
This is the progress as of this morning.
A little closer so you can see the details.  I am really enjoying this pattern.  Enough variety so I don't get bored and I love how it joins together.
Here's where I'm sitting this morning with my glass of water and my crocheting.  I have to soak up all the sun in these few days that I can.
And why am I not at the lake you ask?  Good question. That's where the clumsy part of the blog title comes in.  Last week I was wiping down the table in the slide-out of the trailer.  Somehow I managed to hit my head -hit it really hard, on the light fixture above the table.  I hit it so hard I gave myself a mild concussion AND whiplash.  What an idiot. So the doctor tells me I can't be at the lake alone until the headache, dizziness and nausea have all disappeared.  I'm planning to go there tomorrow though.  Hubby will be out after work and someone will be around during the day.

So, I'm missing the most beautiful weather so far this spring there, but I'm trying to enjoy it here at home.  In the past day or so we've gotten word that Hubby's sister Karen is having a quadruple bypass and valve replacement next Wednesday.  I'm supposed to fly there, (Nebraska), on Tuesday to be with Mom and help Karen out after she goes home.  But I need to get an okay with the doctor to fly.  I just got a phone call about 5 minutes ago that they want to examine my head again today because the nausea should have gone away by now.  Oh goody.  Can you say clumsy?????  What a stupid time to hurt myself.  

If you would, could you say a prayer for Karen?   She is our baby sister, not yet fifty years old and understandably nervous about all of this.  I appreciate it.

I'll let you all know if the doctor decides whether I'm losing my marbles or not. :-)

Enjoy your day my friends and I hope it's as beautiful where you are.



  1. Oh my, I hope you're doing better soon. I understand, I do things like that pretty often. Your flowering trees are beautiful. I hope you enjoyed some time on the porch with your crochet.

  2. Oh ouch! I am so sorry Betsy. I am praying for you and Karen both.

  3. I will keep Karen and you both in my prayers. Please take care of yourself sweet friend. I love the progress you are making on the runner, it is so pretty. :)

    Wishing you a lovely day filled with much joy and sunshine...blessings always.

  4. Oh Betsy, you poor thing! I have had many concussions when I was a child, which explains a lot about why I am a bit wacky, my head probably looks like I have played professional football. You need to take very good care of yourself so your symptoms do not get worse. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

  5. Dear Betsy, I will keep you in my prayers, please take care, smile. Your table runner is stunning. Your stitches are so perfect. I wish you many sunny and warm days. Hogs Judy

  6. Girl, I'm praying for you and your family that all comes out perfect and flowery! I just love the color of your runner, I may just haven't to find me something to make in that color! Be blessed in your travels my friend, don't forget to take your crochet...

  7. Betsy.. my goodness! I'm so sorry to hear you've hurt yourself so badly! That's why I don't do much housework, it's dangerous! :-) We were on a bus tour ALL day in the gorge.. I'll have photos to post in the morning. I ADORE the runner you're making! So lacy! I'll check my calendar for the girls lunch this month and get back to you. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Oh sorry to hear that you hit your head so hard to cause a concussion....ouch for sure. Hope you are feeling better and will be praying for you and your sister, Karen. Not good at all. Your lace table runner is beautiful. I paid a bit o money for a couple skeins of yarn while on our little visit to Hood River. It's wool, one has alpaca in it. Both are for slippers. Now I just need a pattern. I didn't have time to look thru their patterns at the shop at alpaca farm, I think its Foothills Yarn and Fiber...I enjoy going there. They are helpful and we stop almost every time we are in Hood River. It's a fav place for us to go. Take care and take it easy! Hugs!

  9. Prayers for Karen... I'm sure it's scary getting ready to go through that... Bless her heart.

    Sorry that you hurt yourself. Take care ---and don't over-do!!!!!

    The runner is gorgeous, and I love your spring blooms.


  10. ahh, Betsy! what a clumsy person we say we are.. we go far harder on ourselves than anyone else.. praying for your sister.. it is big op.

    I would also appreciate prayer for my 85 y.o unsaved dad..

    .. he needs new heart valve op soon as possible is really unwell - am praying his heart doc will put the moves in place asap.

    Praying for your concussion and flight too dear sis.
    I love the doily!! oh and take care of your self :D Shaz in oz.x thanks for popping over.

  11. You poor thing, hope you are on the mend now - and that all goes well for Karen too.


  12. Oh no! I hope this comment finds you doing better Betsy. I have been known on occasion to have a clumsy moment or two also and they never come at a good time.
    Paused to say a prayer for you, Karen and for Shaz's dad too. So many needs right now--but we have an amazing God!

  13. Sorry about the second comment...I also meant to say that I think your unidentified pink flowering tree might be a flowering cherry tree. It reminds me of ours a bit. Aimee

  14. Goodness gracious!!! I am so sorry you whacked your head, got whip-lash, and that Karen needs such serious surgery...belatedly I am praying for healing for you and Karen. xx