Monday, May 19, 2014


Hello everyone.  I'm sorry for the long absence this week.  I've been trying to read and comment on blogs this past week when I could, but I admit it's been "hit and miss" on the ones I've read. Again, I thank you for your prayers and good thoughts for Karen.  We have high hopes that she may come home today.  She had a few setbacks over the weekend, one of which was her heart beating too fast, but with medication adjustment that should be fine now.

It really is amazing what medical science can do.  When I think of the surgery that took place just one week ago today and how she may come home just 7 days later...well, it's nothing short of a miracle in my opinion.  

(UPDATE-No coming home today.  More problems.  Please keep praying for her.)

As much as I've enjoyed the time with family and old friends, I must admit that I'm missing Hubby so very much.  Chloe is so put out with me that when he puts the phone on speaker, she turns and walks away.  That's her way of telling us that I've been gone too long.  I have my ticket to fly home next Tuesday, the 27.

This was our view from the ICU window for most of the last week.  Puffy clouds that look nicer than the storm clouds last Sunday.  The tornado that hit just west of Moms house and a small town just west of Omaha had been declared and F3 tornado in size.  I must admit that I do NOT miss the storms in Nebraska.  There are lots more deciduous trees here than we have in Spokane.  I do miss our evergreens and mountains.  The high humidity here today is something I'm not used to anymore either.
Before Karen went into the hospital I was able to meet all three of my siblings for dinner one evening at Valentino's Buffett, along with their spouses and several of my nieces and nephews.  From left to right, my brother Lynn who is 11 years older than me, Melanie, who is 3 years older and one of my best friends, Me, my oldest brother Roger who is 14 years older than me.  Yep, I'm the baby.  Roger was gone into the Navy before my earliest memory so I have no recollection of him living with us.  Melanie and I used to wash Lynn's car and then he would take us to get ice cream comes at Dairy Queen!  :-)
Yes, baldness runs in my family among the men.  My oldest son Jamie has lost all his hair at 30 years old and Alex at 25 is noticing a hair loss already.  None of them are happy about it but the genetics are pretty strong.  All of my nephews have lost their hair too.  All of us girls seem fine!
We don't see each other very often, only when I make it back to Omaha, but we enjoy each other's company when we can get together.
Mom and I went to a small town named Ft. Calhoun, just a few miles from Omaha for lunch one day the first week I was here.  It's a favorite of all of us and she doesn't make the drive on her own because of her eyesight.  These were some of the wall decorations.  Can you tell we're in farming country?
Teresa, Taci, Gracie, Aimee and all my Oregon readers, the next picture is for you. I was doing some word searches last night before I fell asleep and when I turned the page, look what I found!  Oregon!!!!  Multnomah Falls, Mt. Hood and the Coumbia Gorge were some of the words to look for.  I was surprised that I had been to so many of the places listed.
Progress so far on Jenny's crocheted runner.  I've been working on it steadily all week while sitting at the hospital but it takes quite a bit of time and is growing slowly.
Thank you all for visiting and being so patient with me not being online much.  



  1. Sending prayers for Karen and for you as well. It is truly awesome the things they can do now a days. Praying Karen will be well and home soon, and you as well sweet friend.

    Loved seeing your pictures of your family and the area. :)

    Your crochet project is looking awesome. I really love the color and I know your friend will just love it, too.

    ((hugs)) and blessings to you always sweet friend.

  2. Hi Betsy! Don't you worry about your blog readers.. we know what you're up to and will be cheering on for Karen and for you to get back home soon. Chloe might take some warming up when you get home.. but I'm sure hubby will be super happy to see you! The runner is coming along great! How much more do you have to do? I hope to see you again soon.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Girl Karen will be in my thoughts and prayers till I hear from you. Your crochet is fantastic it's coming along great! Your brothers and sister look great and very happy! Be blessed my friend!

  4. You are taking care of your sis and spending time with your family--those are your priorities right now and there's no reason to feel bad about not being online as much:) Sorry to hear there's been more problems with Karen--will say a prayer for her today.
    LOL about Chloe--I can see our dear daughter dog doing the exact same thing (well if it was her beloved Papi on the phone).
    Love the Oregon Odyssey! You need to find one for Washington state too--maybe Washington Wanderings??
    Have a safe flight home.
    Blessings, Aimee

  5. I am praying for Karen.
    So wonderful for you to be with family.
    The runner is so lovely.

  6. Glad to hear that Karen has been doing well. Hope her most recent setback isn't too serious. You made lots of progress on that purple runner! So nice. I bet it does seem slow to you though. Nice picture of you and your siblings! Poor little Chloe must think you have left her for good! Bless her heart. I know she misses you.

  7. Glad everything is going well so far. I will continue to keep your sister in my prayers. I hope she does get to go home soon. Love seeing some of your family.... I have none left in mine --other than my sons/families.

    We are on vacation at the beach in NC now... SO wonderful and perfect for my continuing to heal from gallbladder surgery.


  8. continued prayers for your sister. glad she's ok, sometimes it takes awhile for body to adjust to meds. Omaha is a nice city. Amazing how small of an airport it has. I flew there some years ago and it's tiny compared to PDX! Have a safe trip home. Hugs!

  9. Betsy, I'm sorry Karen needs more time in the hospital. I will be thinking of all of you. I'm glad you've been able to do some fun things while you're there. It was nice to see you with your siblings, you and your sister look a lot alike! Continued positive thoughts for Karen, take care.

  10. Hi my dear Betsy. So glad your SIL is doing better. I'm sure you are anxious to get home but I'm sure they all appreciate so much to have you there. We miss you my friend... That is funny to find a puzzle about Oregon. I continue to pray for your SIL and for you. Miss you my dear friend.

  11. Sorry to hear Karen had some setbacks. You are right about Chloe, she was so sad Thursday night. She buried her face in my lap and a cried! So you need to come know for Chloe :)
    The runner looks great and so does your family. Prayers as always!

  12. Sorry to hear Karen had some setbacks. You are right about Chloe, she was so sad Thursday night. She buried her face in my lap and a cried! So you need to come know for Chloe :)
    The runner looks great and so does your family. Prayers as always!

  13. So happy you could post, Betsy! I'm praying Karen continues to make good progress, and I agree with you that surgeries and healing like hers is miraculous!!! Bravo on all your hard work on the runner! It is beautiful! Your puzzle looked like fun and I'm glad you know so much about Oregon :) You are loved! xx

  14. Lovely picture of you and your siblings Betsy. It is nice you are able to see the ones you love while helping out during this tough time. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Hoping Karen can return home very soon.
    Sending you a big hug,

  15. wow Betsy you are a prodigious "crotcher-er"... so much for growing slowly!!
    .. as one who does it I know how long that takes.. .. so glad about Karen progressing..

    my dad (Mike) is still very unwell getting weaker at 85, well and they say they still dont know what is wrong with him.. and so it drags on.. but what concerns me greatly is his unsaved state...

    .... so praying for wisdom and the LORD to loose my lips - and his heart to things of God - when it is His time..

    thanks for popping over, I will keep praying, Shaz in oz.x

  16. I hope your SIL is able to make a quick turn around and go home soon. The hospital environment can be stressful for both the patient and their loved ones. I just found your blog through Jennifer at Thistlebear. I see you live in Spokane! I grew up in a small farming community just south of Spokane, and go back frequently to visit my mom who now lives in a retirement apartment in the Spokane Valley.