Monday, May 26, 2014

Homeward Bound

Hello Everyone,

It's 10:45 on Memorial Day night here and I have my bags mostly packed because I'm heading home to Hubby tomorrow!  Oh. My. Goodness.  How I have missed that man.  I guess that's what happens after almost 36 years of marriage isn't it?  He flew to Portland over this long weekend to visit Miss Piper.  I'm a wee bit jealous of that. :-)  

Karen came home from the hospital last Monday.  She's doing very well, but has been very tired this weekend.  It worries me.  The visiting nurse will be out tomorrow to see her and so will the physical therapist.  I'm looking forward to what they have to say.  Mom and I made a huge amount of food and took it over today for all nine of us for a holiday meal.  I admit, I did buy the fried chicken at the deli, but we made most everything else.

On Friday Mom and I went to the cemetery to put flowers on Dad Queen and Hubby's sister Susan's graves.  We also decorated his Grandparents and my Mom and Dad's graves.  They are all buried very close to one another at Forest Lawn here in Omaha.  Whenever I'm back here visiting I try to take flowers to them and this visit happened to coincide with the Memorial Day holiday.  My Dad was a veteran of WWII.  There were many people decorating their loved ones graves.  It's always a difficult thing for me.  I lost my Mom when I was only 29 and I don't think I've ever really "accepted" that.  It's very hard to lose your Mom, as many of you who have experienced it know.  I was at the age where I really needed her advice on raising my kids and that support was abruptly taken away. 

On Saturday, Mom and I met Brad's parents, (Mandy's in-laws), for lunch at Applebee's.  We sat there and visited for over 3 hours!!  They are great people and Hubby and I really enjoy their company and try to meet up with them whenever we can. We've all stayed at Mandy and Brad's for a week together and we all get along fine.  I truly wish more people could say that about their families.  I think it's hilarious and quite coincidental that Mandy and Brad grew up, within a few miles of each other here in Nebraska.  We even camped at the same campgrounds-probably at the same times, and they never met until they lived in Portland, Oregon.  

This was the mural on the wall at Applebee's.  Ever heard of the Nebraska Cornhusker football team?  Nebraska is pretty proud of them.  This kind of support is everywhere you go.
This morning I snuck away with my sister and niece for an hour or so and had this done to my feet!  They talked me into getting a pedicure with them and then my niece, Chaela, told the lady to put flowers on my toes!  I think the flowers are a bit "over the top" for me, don't you think so?
I've been busy crocheting away on the purple runner.  It's slow going but I think it's about 6 or 7 feet long now. I don't have a tape measure here but I'll take another picture soon.

And now I'm off to bed.  When I wake up I will wash my sheets and remake the bed so Mom doesn't have to do that and then we'll head to the airport.  Yippee!  I'll be seeing my sweetie soon.  Mandy tells me that he's REALLY missing me.  My Chloe leaves the room when he puts me on speaker phone.  I think she's really mad at me.  Hopefully she'll be glad to see me when I walk in the door.

Blessings always my friends,


  1. Wow, it's about time you come home! LOL! I bet you miss that husband of yours! We also miss you - your blogger friends. I am glad you got to see everyone and also to visit your family that has passed on. I look forward to seeing your purple runner. Have a safe flight and hope to see you soon.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Have a safe trip home. Glad to hear your sister came home from hospital finally. Nice pedicure! I like the flower! Take care! Now I'm headed to bed!

  3. Sending prayers for Karen and for you, too sweet friend for safe travels home. I know Chloe will come running to you when she see's you and all will be forgiven. :) Looking forward to seeing an update on the lovely crocheted runner, too. Blessings to you always sweet friend.

  4. The flowers are kind of fun and pretty to try out for once.
    Your husband AND Chloe will be so happy to see you!
    I am praying for your safe travels and Karen.

  5. I hope you've made it home safely by now? If not, safe travels to you. I hope Karen is doing better and better from now on. Your toes look adorable! I haven't painted my toenails more than a few times in my life but it's fun once in awhile. I think the flowers are sweet.

  6. Chloe will forgive you! She just loves and misses you:)
    I love the flowers and think it's a cute spring look! Wish my toes were cute like yours.
    Ah. Hugs to you. It is a hard thing to lose your mom and I don't know if one ever really 'accepts' it. Even though my mom had a fairly long life, I wasn't ready to let her go in many ways, and I still have times when I think--'if only she was here' (to see her great grandkids, grandkids, pray for us, go places with me, talk with, etc.). Anyway, prayers for God's peace and hugs to you Betsy. Safe flight ...

  7. I hope when you read this you are home safe and sound reunited with your husband. You have been an Angel to help the way you have Betsy, I am sure you are going to be seriously missed. So glad Karne is home and healing.
    Sending you a hug,

  8. Loved your newsy post, Betsy! I am so glad you had a positive visit in NE, and that Karen is on the mend. Your toes are very pretty...and I like the flowers, too :) Am glad you are headed home to your loved ones in WA, but I hope we get to visit in OR soon!!! xx

  9. I hope you are enjoying a restful return home, Sweet Betsy! I love the flowers on your toes! Please keep us informed of Karen's progress. Continuing to pray for her. :)

  10. I'm sorry I have been so busy moving I missed this post my dear friend. So glad Karen is better and that you are probably already home by now: I looooooove your ties; but again I love flowers everywhere ... They look great:) can't wait to see you soon 💗