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Saturday, January 10, 2015


Hello Everyone!  Guess what?  It's snowing!  Big news huh?  Not much is expected today and tonight, just a couple of inches but our street is still covered from the last one.  I guess winter is truly here and settling in for awhile.

Meanwhile, I finished my poncho....Tah dah!
Even though I think it turned out well, The colors just aren't "me".  I didn't realize it before it was finished.  Now I don't know what to do with it.  I will probably never wear it.  Even my best friend agreed with me last night.  Any ideas?  I have invested yarn and time in this and don't want it languishing away in my closet.

I bought some gray yarn today.  Three different shades of gray and I'm going to try again.  We'll see how that one turns out.

Hubby moved a couple of ladies from church this morning.  Two sisters who were sharing an apartment are moving into separate apartments.  One is going into an adult living building.  Dennis says it's really nice and has an indoor pool.  Her apt. has a kitchen and laundry and there is a big dining room where she can eat too.  Her sister's new apartment is just a few blocks away.  Both are very close to our house.  It was a cold day for a move and he was gone about 6 hours.  He came home and picked me up and then we went to Arby's for a sandwich on our way to exchange our library books.  We've been enjoying some quiet evenings reading together in front of the fire.  We do our daily Bible reading and then read our library books.  I have this handy-dandy holder that allows me to read while doing my needlework.

Last night Neal and Jenny took Dennis and I out to dinner for our birthdays.  Dennis' was yesterday and mine is February 1.  Then we all came back to our house for a rousing game of dominoes.  :-)  It was lots of fun and we always enjoy ourselves when we're together.  Alex face-timed from Japan while they were here so we all got to visit with him.  Jamie called from San Francisco where he's on a business trip and Mandy and Piper called and left messages and sang Happy Birthday to Grandpa.  He heard from all three kids on his birthday which makes it a VERY good day.

That's about it for us.  Let me know if anyone has a good idea for the poncho.  I really don't want to rip it out and have lots of litle balls of yarn.

Have a lovely evening and stay warm my friends.

""You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden."  Matthew 5:14



  1. Firstly --

    *H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* to Dennis!

    I think your poncho is pretty. But if you'd be happier with other colors I can think of lots of things to do with yours! 1. Sell it on Etsy. 2. Have a Giveaway on your Blog. 3. Donate it to a Women's Shelter. 4. See if your daughter would wear it. 5. Call your local high school and see if there is a needy girl who might need it. --- How's that? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Those are great ideas Teresa! Thanks!

  2. Your ponchp is beautiful. I really love the colors. I hope that your snow stops soon, but it does sound like you're faring well and getting some cozy indoors time as well.

  3. I like your poncho but I'm not a poncho wearer. I think Teresa's ideas are great. Any one of them. She is just full of good information, isn't she? Stay warm and safe.

  4. I think Teresa has awesome ideas for your lovely poncho. :) Hope the snow stops soon, but please don't send it my way. I love that you two read together, that is so sweet. Blessings always sweet friend. :)

  5. You could always give it away as a gift to someone special. I think it turned out nice! Looks especial warm too !
    xx Beca

  6. ditto to what Teresa wrote!!! I haven't worn a poncho since I had one when I was pregnant with my first child and that was 35 years ago!!! Phil and I had an impromptu date, he wanted to go to Best Buy today and eat lunch at Panda Express. Well, if ya give me 15 min, then I'll go with you. It was a fun time, even though my list didn't all get done. But save some of it for another day cuz precious are the moments with our loved ones!!! Two of the things we got were wrong so he will have to go back again....but he did get some items that were good. Take care and stay warm..and HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 DENNIS!!! Blessings and love and hugs!!!

  7. Birthday greetings and ditto to what Teresa wrote or it would make a lovely gift. Isn't wonderful when you get to speak to all of your children on the same day. Good luck with the new colours.

  8. That is so nice you got to spend time together and all the kids called for Dennis birthday.... Happy birthday to him... My opinion is that you give to one of yr friends or your SIL maybe for one of their birthdays ? I know what you mean when u say it's not your colors. I have made something that it was not me either and ended up also giving away ... You will find just the perfect person to gift to :) have a good weekend my dear friend .

  9. Wow the poncho is amazing, and Teresa has had the best ideas! Happy belated birthday to Dennis, and happy birthday in advance to you!

    Hope you are staying nice and warm this weekend. Our snow has gone now, which I am quite relieved about now we are all back at work and studies.


  10. Your poncho is just beautiful. There is probably someone who would be thrilled to have it, especially at this time of year. I hope the new one your making suit you better.

  11. I think the poncho is beautiful but if you think it is better for someone else I am thinking your daughter might love it. Surely she would use it living so close to the water. Stay warm and cozy. Grays would e better for me too.

  12. oh I really like those vers from the Bible, sometimes they have completly.. If you star thinking maybe there is someone who for special reason need the poncho just like I need those lines from the bible. a blessed new year to you and your loved ones.Jaana

  13. Well I have to agree with Meredith Betsy...I also think the colours are lovely and very well matched. Seeing yours it is giving me the itch to make one too!!! :-) However you know what you like so whoever you give it to is going to be super happy!!

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  14. I totally missed this post! I started reading your post for today and was like, what is she talking about? She didn't finish her poncho! This is great, and I'm sure someone will love it and be thrilled to have it even though you don't think it's "you." Nice job! I worked on my a bunch last night. Birthdays, eh? Hmm...