Monday, October 30, 2023

Monday, Monday

Happy Monday everybody! Can you believe I’m doing two posts within a matter of days? Whoo-hoo! Since my last one was so full and newsy, and I didn’t have room to show you what I’ve been working on, I thought I would do a quick post just to bring you up-to-date.

First, though, look at this gorgeous photo that my friend Kari in Spokane posted on Facebook. This was a rose in her yard when they got their first snowstorm. Isn’t it stunning?

I finished a prayer shawl for the hospital last night. I used the same diamond pattern that I made the last two baby blankets with. It’s such an easy pattern and I don’t have to think about it. The yarn is Baby Bee Sweet Delight Pomp in the “naked” colorway.  So far I’ve made two baby blankets, a shawl, and I’m beginning another shawl using this yarn that I got for free as part of a Facebook marketplace yarn haul. She just threw in this baby yarn to get rid of it. I’m calling it a win! Zoey makes a quite cooperative yarn model. Don’t worry, I wash everything well before I donate it.

Last fall I made this autumn diamond painting to hang outside the door at our apartment. We’re not allowed to hang things outside the door here, except one wreath or decoration on the door itself, so now it has a place in the living room. I use the same frame and swap out the diamond paintings according to the season. I sure wish a photo could show you how much these diamond paintings sparkle in normal light.
This is one I just finished on Saturday. It will take its place in the frame when I decorate for Christmas. In the basket behind it, you can just barely see the ornaments that I made for everyone for Christmas. You will get a better picture after everyone is given their ornaments!

And I just received this one about 10 minutes ago from the Amazon delivery driver. It will take the place of the Christmas one for the remainder of the winter when the Christmas decorations are taken down. You know me and snowmen. 😍 Amazon has fantastic deals on diamond paintings. They all fit in an 11 x 14 frame and I only paid $7.79 for this kit with all of the necessary materials included. Plus, I just ordered it yesterday!

Saturday evening mom’s apartment building had a special night for trick-or-treaters from six till seven. Mandy and I took Piper over and she had a good time walking around and trick-or-treating in the dining area from the different residents. They had tables set up with candy on them, and some of the residents as well as employees were dressed up too.  Here is our little Cheshire cat.

Great-grandma thought she might try to take some of the candy out of her bucket. 😂 Piper was quite willing to share.

Here she is with Great-grandma and Aunt Joyce. Earlier in the day, Aunt Joyce won the best costume among the residents. Apparently she had been dressed up as a flower lady. She was married to Mom’s brother Chuck before he passed away. It’s been nice having them both living in the same place.

I have had a super busy Monday. Dennis is working today, so I got up early and started cleaning. I vacuumed all of the rugs. Then I dust mopped and wet mopped the entire condo. I also dusted all of the furniture and cleaned the bathrooms. I have a roast in the crockpot and I cleaned the outside of all of the kitchen appliances and the granite countertops with some special granite cleaner. Weekends can pass by without me doing very much around the house, so I thought I would take this opportunity of being alone to try to play catch-up. All of the laundry is done and I even pulled out the Christmas gifts we’ve been buying throughout the year just to make sure I have a handle on everything. I think I’m done shopping and making! I can’t believe it. Next up are Christmas cards. Since we have another new address this year I want to get them out early again.

I hope you’re all having a lovely Monday and staying warm or cool wherever you may be. I’m praying for all of the people of Israel, and the innocent civilians in Gaza. May God protect those who need protecting.

Blessings and love,


  1. Nice pink rose with snow on it in Spokane. I remember taking photos of snow on flowers that we had last Dec and Jan. A few times a week. Weird!!
    I am glad you had a good time with your family on Saturday. It was 30 degrees this morning and chilly when I dumped a clam chowder can in the recycle bin outdoors so Megan wouldn't have to smell it. She's allergic to clam chowder and I didn't want to wash even though it was relatively clean. Phil took it to work for his lunch today. II just got home after getting physically therapy test done and have a few things to do for exercise at home without do it every week so far. A bit of shopping at Safeway. Good to give a tad bit of money to help people in need to have food for Thanksgiving. I am glad there is a Aware Food Bank that will be a new building to open up soon. Old one was burned due to some man starting a fire on purpose! Hugs and blessings, my friend!---Becky

  2. You have certainly been busy, but it sounds as though you are enjoying it all. I hope it is not too cold for you. Our temps are dropping, but fortunately no snow in the forecast yet.

  3. Ooh, the rose in the snow is gorgeous- nice photo! The assisted living facility just down the block is having a trick or treat event tomorrow. Just like Dennis’ mom, I know the residents will love seeing the children in costumes.

  4. The rose in the snow is just lovely. Thanks to both of you for sharing. Those diamond "paintings" are really cute. I can see where they would be addicting. You sure were a busy bee today!
    I think the Halloween party sounds like a lot of fun. The adorable cat was able to trick or treat indoors and I know the residents enjoyed seeing the children. The best of both worlds!

  5. So fun to see you with another post so soon! I love looking at all the things you've been working on. That rose in the snow is so beautiful....makes me remember all the years I grew roses and loved them so much. That Piper is so cute in her costume. Sounds like you're staying busy making so many wonderful things for people. Stay well both of you and your families too. God bless you.

  6. I love to see what you are crafting--the diamond dotz pics will be a ton of fun! So good for G-Grandma and G-Aunt to see Piper!!!!

  7. Happy Halloween!

    You do the same thing I do. When Steve is out working, I do the chores. I like having the house to myself to get things done.

    Love the basket your ornaments are in. So cute.

    Piper is a lucky little girl to have so many "grands" around. Looks like she knows how lucky she is.

  8. I'm going to have to show The Mister your diamond paintings. I bought him a fall one but he hasn't been up to working on anything. I love that pumpkin one and he'll go wild over that truck.

  9. That is a beautiful rose! Piper is so cute, I bet she had fun! Your diamond paintings are so pretty! I have not tried that craft yet! Good to hear from you when ever you write a blog had a busy day with Dennis gone:)

  10. Your diamond paintings are so pretty. You've inspired me to give it a try!!! Piper looks so cute, glad she has a good time.

  11. The diamond paintings are lovely - and Piper is just too cute!

  12. Great to see your post and catch up! Piper is growing up way too fast, isn't she? Loved seeing your projects; I know that baby blanket will be appreciated.

  13. Hope you have had a wonderful week. You are so all your projects!