Thursday, June 8, 2023

The heat is on!

Good Morning! We've had a really hot week or so here and although today is a bit cooler and only around 80F, the humidity is still pretty high. In other words, it's been miserable to be outside, so I've been staying in the air conditioned condo, car or any other place that has A/C.  One of the meds I take makes me very intolerant to heat and I'm absolutely miserable once the temp goes over 70. Seriously. In fact, the words of the neurologist were, heat can kill you, so stay out of it! So, to the best of my ability I do stay out of it. When home, I always have lots of things to do.

I fiished another "Every Which-Way" baby blanket. Zoey is always helping no matter what either of us are doing. Isn't she the sweetest model? The yarn was the $1.00 Ice Cream Big Scoop Ice Cream yarn in the bargain bin at Michaels and I still have a bit left over.

Now I'm working on a wheelchair lapghan and have 22 of 24 squares done. Then will come joining and putting on the border. I'm using scraps of different worsted greeens that I have. All are machine washable.

I don't think I showed you the queen size headboard and nightstand I found on FaceBook marketplace for $25.00 for both pieces. There isn't a scratch on them and the pattern on the headboard is beautiful.
The pencil drawing above the bed was drawn by Mandy when she was in the 8th grade in art. I love it.

The matching nightstand. The lamp is one of two matching ones that were left in our last house. Dennis has one by his chair in the living room.

The quilt and afghan were made by me, years ago. The luggage rack is from an antique store in Spokane. It actually comes in very handy and I think I only paid $15  or so for it, probably 25 years ago.

This was Melanie's purchase last week at the antique mall. Isn't it great?

And I missed posting this beautiful sculpture last week that was at Lauritzen Gardens. Isn't it something? The garden has sculptures hiding everywhere, behind bushes and trees. You have to keep your eyes open. They have different "hunts" for kids throughout the year. Easter, Halloween, etc.

I thought I would show you my view right now as I type this. We've put curtains up in the living room. They are sheers with small grey flowers. I like them so much that we've ordered the same curtains for the other windows. They're supposed to arrive today and I can't wait to put them up. The "Zebra" shades that are supposed to be the latest in home decor were worthless at keeping light out. Our bedroom was lit up like daylight at night and since they were "light filtering" you could see right in the room if the lights were on after dark, even with the shades down. Happily, they left the original white blinds in the closet of each room and we've been replacing the "expensive" blinds with the old ones. They have the wide white slats and look great. They work perfectly and are much more our style and they actually give us privacy at night. The only room that doesn't have them are the living room and so far the curtains have been fine for nighttime. We may eventually get white blinds for them too.

I've got to get moving so I can get to the church service at our old apartment. I help with some of the ladies who have trouble navigating their walkers and wheelchairs and I enjoy the singing of the old time hymns every other week. You don't hear them much in regular church anymore. Everything is the newer songs, which I also like, but I miss the hymns. It's something I really enjoyed about the apartment and plan to continue going when I can.

I hope you all have a wonderful afternoon, full of God's blessings and peace.

Blessings and love,


  1. Lovely afghan! And that headboard is a total score! Everything around here is over $100 and it's usually all scratched and dented! I've been looking for a decent headboard for ages!

    I love the sheers too - I would have sheers on every window (except the bedroom) but apparently I married a vampire, so it's blinds and/or blackout curtains, lol!

  2. Beautiful blanket, quilt, bed and nightstand, curtains, all of the above! You have been very busy! Yes, it is very hot here now too, and much too dry. It is above 90 right now at 3:00 p.m., so I am very thankful to stay indoors in the AC as well. We really need rain badly. Maybe some is headed our way this weekend...we shall see. How nice that you go and help the ladies at your last apt. bldg. for the church services. That is very special. And yes, I love the old hymns too, and our little church still sings them. We have other praise songs interspersed between the hymns, but we normally sing at least 3 hymns per service. We love our little church. I hope you have a wonderful week, and please try to stay cool!

  3. What cozy spaces you've made! I want to curl up and take a nap on your!
    It hasn't been hot here at all-yet. In fact, it's cool today but that smoke....goodness, it's terrible. We have to mask up just to take the dog out. It will choke you.

  4. Look at your lovely orchid.

    The baby blanket is so cute with it's shifting eyelets.

    Have fun at the hymn sing. I'm sure the ladies appreciate your help and your comany.

  5. How nice to have a catch-up with you! The condo is already reflecting your beauty-inside and out! Beautiful baby blanket--the green squares will be so pretty!

  6. The striping yarn and the pattern work together to create a lot of “movement” and interest. Do you mind sharing where you ordered the sheers?

  7. Nice headboard for your bed. Another crocheted blanket with Zoey is adorable 💕!! She obviously loves to poise to show your items. It was a bit cool Thursday with clouds ⛅️. I hope it rains soon as we need it. We still have our lamps in our living room we bought when we were in NM. I did buy new shades as they were were starting to crack . Stay cool and safe. Hugs and prayers, Becky

  8. Hi Betsy, I was debating whether to change the blackout curtains in my living room this summer to the sheers I usually put up for the summer months:) You've convinced me that it is time to do that. Your new baby blanket is so cute.

  9. Your orchid is blooming! Looks like it likes that spot! Nice headboard! Hope you are staying cool:)

  10. Fun photos! That is such a sweet blanket. I love the lace piece that's under the lamp; is it an antique? Have a nice weekend.

  11. It must be difficult for you in summer with the heat and humidity. Thankfully you have A/C but you can't stay inside all the time! You've made your home so cozy. The headboard and night table look like new and you sure got a deal on those. I see such great buys on FB Marketplace. Makes me wish I needed some of those deals!
    Granny Marigold

  12. You crocheted a wonderful pink blanket...
    I also have some knitted squares waiting to be joined and I have the box on the floor... okay :-) I'll do that in the fall :-))))
    It's always good to get a little push :-)))
    We are lucky this spring, there has been enough rain so far, nature looks magnificent... we have had a lot of drought in the last few years...
    many greetings to you and a hug from Viola

  13. The heat is on here on the Texas coast too, I'm already impatiently waiting on cooler weather. :) You sure got a bargain on the headboard and nightstand, good for you! Zoey is a sweet model, she looks like she might be asking you to let her have that pretty baby blanket. :)

  14. Glad you are settling in Betsy. The curtains are very pretty. Very pretty baby blanket too - love the eyelets.

  15. That's a lovely quilt. Yes, it's getting warmer now. Stay cool!