Thursday, November 10, 2022

Winter is Coming

Good morning everyone. Although it’s busy around here, it’s becoming normal busy with appointments and fun things here at the building. We have been getting involved with various things. Tomorrow they’re having a Thanksgiving day feast that the management is cooking for all of the residents. It is also to honor all of  the veterans who live here. After the lunch we need to be at Piper’s school by 2:00 for a Veterans Day program there.

I have been getting involved with some of the craft groups. Last week we made the fall door hangers that I showed in my last post. It’s now hanging on mom‘s door and she really seems to like it. In the picture below you see a mat for the homeless. A group of about 10 to 15 ladies get together weekly and cut plastic bags into strips and roll the strips into balls. Then they are crocheted into a 3x6 foot mat for sleeping. This keeps people off of the damp ground when sleeping outside. Crocheting with plastic grocery bags is hard on the hands, so I just do a little bit every day.

Yesterday we got together and made these 3-D Christmas cards. After putting them together, we put some sort of craft moss in various colors wherever we wanted it. You can see here that I put some on the trees and the clothes.

This shows the 3-D a little better. It was a lot of fun. Next week is Christmas wreaths and at the end of the month will be another 3-D card with a shaker bubble on it! I’m really enjoying the fellowship with people her. Everyone is so friendly and BUSY. I’m sure there are some people that just pretty much stay in their apartment so I never see them, but the people that we’ve met are always on the go.

Dennis and I went to watch a matinee the other day in the movie theater. They also have Bible studies, exercise classes and cooking classes galore. None of those have been held at a time when we were able to attend though. They have things planned throughout December for Christmas. Christmas light tours, going to the symphony, etc. There is a big group going down to Branson, MO at the end of November to take in some concerts and the Christmas decorations there. It can get very expensive if you took part in everything. Our life is busy enough without doing everything that they offer here! There are some people though, that you seem to see at everything.

This is a sweater that I’m making for Piper for Christmas. It’s the wonderful wallaby and I have just finished fusing the pouch to the body of the sweater. She requested this color because it’s Aunt T’s favorite color. (Alex’s wife). She just loves her new aunt and her wonderful British accent. 😍 I am using Hobby Lobby “I love this yarn” and it feels so good to work with the yarn  after crocheting with plastic bags. I have used this with other “wonderful wallaby” sweaters for Piper and Mandy and it seems to be very hard wearing and very easy care.

 I have finished the heel flap and turn and I’m now beginning the gusset on Mom’s Christmas socks. These are my take-a-long project for when I’m in the car or at appointments, so they’re not progressing very quickly.

The house closed yesterday! Hallelujah! It is a relief because housing prices are dropping quickly here. Ours decreased $7000 in less than a week. If we had had to put it back on the market for any reason we would’ve lost a whole lot of money. I’m so glad we sold now and didn’t wait until spring as we had originally planned. God is good and everything went very smoothly. Now, we can rest in our apartment for the foreseeable future. If a condo becomes available at the place we’re very interested in, we might change our minds. But hopefully it will be at a lower price than we would have paid now because of market shifts.

I hope you are all doing well. Thanksgiving is coming quickly and with it our London family. I cannot wait to get my hands on little baby “J”. They are staying with Brad and Mandy and Piper. It’s so close that it will be almost like them being here with us. We plan on spending most of the time there visiting with them all.

Yesterday was 76°F. Today the high is supposed to be 34°F. That is a huge temperature swing. Lows are predicted to be in the low teens for the next week. I think winter could be here to stay. Spokane had 6 inches of snow earlier in the week. I know other parts of the country north of us have already seen their first significant snowfall while we’ve been running around in sundresses and flip-flops. Meanwhile, our friends in Florida are dealing with another hurricane today. My prayers are with you all, especially Cindy from the “delighted hands” blog. We just spoke with Dennis’s brother who lives in Miami, and he said that the sun is shining there right now and there’s a very light breeze! Weather is crazy!

Take care and may God bless each of you today as you go about your daily living. He is always there to help you and to guide you through any decisions or obstacles you face. My prayer is that each of you would know Him in a very personal way.

Blessings and love,


  1. Love seeing all your projects sweet friend. I am so thankful you love it there. It does sound like a lovely place to live. Your cards are lovely. Hope you get to slow down soon and just enjoy making all your lovely projects. Sending hugs and wishing you many blessings dear friend. ((hugs))

  2. Wow - you can definitely keep busy there if you want to! I've been told that's the secret to a long life though - keep busy and you just keep going! I used to work for a bus company that ran tours like the one to Branson (but in Canada of course). We did casino runs, historic house tours, conservation area days - they always sold out, and there were a lot of repeat customers.
    My brother helps out his wife's uncle a lot (uncle is in his late 80s) and my brother accompanied him on a casino bus tour just before COVID. My brother is in his mid-40s, and was the youngest one there by at least 20 years. He said it was an absolute blast!

    Love the yarn for the socks! Great color combo in those stripes.
    Glad to hear everything went smoothly with the closing. Sounds like it was all meant to be.

  3. Good morning. Your new home sounds a lot like where my friend in Colorado lives - lots of amenities and activities. I’m glad you like it there.

  4. You are getting settled! Sounds like some great activities in your building and isn't it great not to have to go outside for activities. How exciting that you get to see baby J soon! Wonderful news on the house closing, I am sure you made the right decision! God is good!! :)

  5. It does my heart good to hear how happy you are in your new place. Glad the closing went through and you are free of that worry.

    Enjoy all those fun things. The cards are adorable. Can't wait to see the shaker card.

    Take care and try to keep warm. We get OUR cold weather after Nicole blows through tomorrow and Saturday. Yep....I think winter is knocking on the door.

  6. Your apartment sounds great to live in with activities galore!! Nice sweater and interesting thing you can make for homeless people. I finally found my wallaby pattern. I'm still looking for a few more patterns that I was going to knit. It's going to be cold now as nights go into freezing πŸ₯Ά as of Tues night. I'm glad Alex and family are coming to visit from UK πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ . I'm glad your house was sold. Have a blessed day, Becky ❤️

  7. It sounds like you are keeping busy! So glad that your new home provides so many opportunities to do things and meet new people. You are right... God is good!

  8. Such lovely projects! I haven't made a Wallaby in ages. It's a wonderful pattern. I always meant to make one for myself.

  9. Your apartment complex offers so many activities! What fun and a great way to meet people. But what I'm really excited about is your visitors from across the ocean! How wonderful!!! I bet you won't be able to stop hugging baby! It will be so special to visit with family in person!

  10. Betsy, it's always great to read your posts. I love that sweater you're making for Piper and the socks for Dennis' mom too. So glad things are going well for you two in your new apartment, and that your house sold so quickly. I love your 3 D cards too. We finally got our new furnace fixed yesterday, because it's going to turn cold here tomorrow. I'm praying for good roads to drive on, Thanksgiving week as we're going to our daughter's and her family's for Thanksgiving. Stay healthy and happy you two. God loves you.

  11. What busy and full lives you're living! I don't know where you get all that energy. **smile** I love the "wonderful wallaby" sweater and that shade of green.
    I'm so glad your house sold and that's done with. Must be a big relief. Take care and keep warm.

  12. What a great post--I'm so happy your are doing well at your new digs! The mats for the homeless is a great idea; a good way to be involved. The new Wallaby sweater is beautiful!!!!

  13. Somehow I missed the fact that you were moving, but it looks like a really nice place. I really like that green yarn you're using for Piper's sweater.

  14. A 3D SNOWMAN card.. right up your alley Betsy. Soo cute, I live it..
    I just realised I'll need your new address as doing my overseas cards this week hopefully.
    I'll email you.. love the new wallaby jumper snd mums socks are very special.. does it take just one ball or two I wonder.
    I'm unwell last 48 hrs with bad gastritis flare up. Life isnt dull. You're certainly busy there. Praying every blessing on yor Thanksgiving with your family how wonderful!
    Thanks for sharing, and may God bless you and keep you and all whom you love safe and well.
    Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz. X

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  15. You are a very busy lady! Enjoyed reading about all the things you are doing, looks like a lot of fun. Hope you have a Marvelous Monday!

  16. One of my favorite things is making 3-D cards for folks and family. I make them completely from scratch using my own drawings and papers. I've made so many over the past 30 years they'd probably fill a couple storage tubs. πŸ˜† // I like tote bags made from recycled grocery bags, they're so durable and last forever. I can imagine how hard crocheting them would be! // I know you have to be exceedingly excited for that baby come for the visit! Sending you lots of hugs and blessings, my friend!

  17. Well, I certainly have been missing in blogland... here you've moved into an apartment and sold your house! Wow! I am so thankful for how the Lord provides, and it sounds like this complex has so many lovely and wonderful activities for you to be a part of, what a blessing! It will feel like home in no time, especially when you already have such special connections with the crocheting group. What a great idea to use the plastic bags to crochet mats for the homeless! It has been cold here since we got the snow a week ago. Winter definitely is here! Take care dear friend, may the blessings of the Lord continue to be rich and sweet in your life!

  18. So nice to read that you and Dennis are enjoying your new apartment and all the activities that are offered there. Safe travels for Alex, T and J as they come over for Turkey Day!! I know you will just love being able to see them again. Take Care!

  19. It was so nice to stop by and catch up with you today, Betsy. I am still not getting notified via email when you and several other bloggers post, so I am losing touch unless I think to stop by. So frustrating! I am so happy to hear you sounding so happy! It sounds like your new place is just wonderful with so many activities. I love joining in on things like that and meeting new people. It is such a blessing and comfort. I hope you enjoy that grandbaby and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Sending love and hugs to you today.