Sunday, May 23, 2021

Starting To Feel Like Home

Hello everyone! It is starting to feel like home here, although the heat and humidity are beginning to do me in. Dennis is back in Spokane. He left yesterday morning and drove to Columbus, Montana. He got back to Spokane around noon today.  He had snow as he was driving today. What a difference 1000 miles in one day can make. Another 500 miles today and he worked all afternoon getting the camper ready for it’s new owners next week. He’s exhausted.

I thought I would just show you a few pictures from around the house today showing a few things we’ve done that are helping it to feel more like home. It was such a busy, busy two weeks while Dennis was here. He did so many projects. He replaced lights and covered holes in the wall, replaced toilets and sinks. I can’t even begin to make a list of everything he accomplished. Plus he set up his office and even worked while he was here, (on vacation!)

I have four different flowers on the front steps and none of them match! The red geraniums in the front were my first purchase when I got here. Then Mandy gave me the hanging basket on the left for Mother’s Day. On the stairs are beautiful deep purple pansies on the left and on the right are yellow chrysanthemums that were a gift from Mandy‘s mother-in-law, Marilyn, on Mother’s Day.

This is a surprise. I think it’s a wild rose and I thought they were pink, but as they’re blooming the flowers are white. They are right next to the front stairs.

I absolutely love this table that I found on Facebook marketplace. Mandy has given me some starts from her philodendron that I’m trying to root. The philodendron is from Dennis’s Dads funeral. Mandy has had it for over 20 years now. That plant means the world to her.

This Peace Lily is from my brother-in-law Mike’s funeral. In the last few years it has tripled in size so my sister gave one to me. I divided it in half and gave half to Mandy and kept half for myself. The leaves are a little droopy because I just transplanted it yesterday. I hope it comes out of the shock. I am enjoying having plants again since I wasn’t able to have any inside the RV. There just wasn’t room for that.

My new sink is in and working wonderfully. I just love it. It’s extra deep and I’ve already had my first “dinner party” with real dishes to wash and not paper plates. Actually I just made my homemade chicken and noodles with green beans and cranberries. My sister, niece and nephew, Mandy and Piper and Mom were all here along with Dennis and I. I love cooking for people and I have really missed it with Covid.

Dennis has his office all set up and ready to go. In fact, as I mentioned before, he’s already been working a little bit.

He hung my chime clock and now it even sounds like home. He bought the clock for me for our 15th anniversary which was almost 30 years ago. He bought it in the Amana Colonies in Iowa. As I write this, I can hear the clock upstairs chiming 8 o’clock!

Besides the clock, I think this is the only thing that we have hung up. I’m waiting to hang pictures until everything is here and I can decide where I want everything to be hung.

Do you all remember the mirrored doors on the laundry closet in the main bathroom? Dennis took the doors off for me and stored them in the shed. I bought these two shower curtains along with a matching shower curtain for the actual shower when we redo the bathroom. That may be after the first of the year because I think we’re going to have the man who did my sisters house do our bathroom. He is booked out until next year! He’s just finishing her kitchen tomorrow. He has redone her entire basement and bathroom downstairs too and it’s gorgeous. She’s having her living room, hallway and bedrooms done whenever he has time. He is a guy that goes to our church, so I’m sure we will get to know him very well.

Anyway, I like the shower curtains much, much better than the bifold doors. I can just push them off to the side and I can reach everything, which I couldn’t do with the doors on.

I’ve been fitting in a few rows most nights on Piper‘s blanket. It is taking a long time because it is very solid. It’s about 5 foot across and about 4 foot or so long right now.

I couldn’t figure out why I have been so miserable with this heat and humidity. I know I’m not used to it, but it’s ridiculous just how much I have been sweating and turning bright red. I know, ladies are supposed to glow or perspire, not sweat. But, I am SWEATING! I went shopping with Mandy and Piper yesterday to look for lights for our entry way and Mandy said it was ridiculous how red and sweaty I was. She told me it was not normal and suggested I look into my medications. Well, I did some research and lo and behold the medication that they’ve given me for my back can cause excessive sweating! At least I know I’m not completely crazy and there’s a reason for it. I just don’t know what the answer is. I’m not about to stop taking it when it’s helping so much. I guess I’m just going to have to stay inside in the air-conditioning as much as possible all summer.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready to begin a new week. Dennis said no one wore masks all the way back to Washington yesterday from when he left Nebraska. As of Tuesday the mask mandate expires here in Nebraska. A lot of individual stores have said they will still require them though. I guess it will be interesting to see what happens.

I’m thinking of and praying for you all.
Blessings and love, 


  1. Your house is looking beautiful. I'm glad you feel like you are home.

    It has taken a LONG time for me to feel like this is home. For a quite awhile I felt like we had made a HUGE mistake. Thankfully, that feeling has passed.

  2. Gosh, you both were so busy. You have already accomplished so much. I think you are smart to wait until someone trustworthy is free to help remodel. You want someone who can do it right. You are really settling in!

  3. Nice flowering plants you have in front of your nice house. Thankful that Dennis made it safely back to Spokane. Hopefully you can stay cool on your house. Fan. Do you have air conditioning? There's some that are portable. I did a bit of work in Megan's office putting clothes away in a zippered box. Stuff she won't use til it gets fall/winter time. Need to hang jackets in a closet. A lot to do but it will get taken care of by end f week hopefully. Glad you're feeling more comfortable in your new to your house. Hugs and prayers my friend.

  4. I do like your new sink Betsy. I need to change mine and have not found what I want yet. Is your new sink ceramic? It looks it in the photo. Everything is coming together in your home so well and you have been working so hard. I do think you'll have to have a couple of days rest as you and Dennis have been going at top speed to get things done! I totally agree about your table it looks really elegant. The front of your house looks really good too and the plants give it a lovely splash of colour. I remember strolling around in the residential area where my daughter lived in Chicago city when I visited her. I did this just to admire all the houses and gardens there which were quite impressive and so well cared for. Take care Amanda x

  5. Beautiful house now home πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  6. Hi Betsy! I haven't commented much here before, but had to let you know that I think you and Dennis have made great progress on your new home. I understand how much work it is because my husband and I purchased a home nearer our kids and have been trying to get it all "fixed up" so we can eventually live there, full time. It has been amazing how God opens doors and gives us strength for the day. It will be so wonderful when Dennis is able to be with you full time, but until then, I know God will take care of every single thing...He always does! May he bless you in your new home!!

  7. It is so nice to see you settling in! I can imagine the work it took. I can't take the heat at all thanks to my horrible hot flashes. From now until fall I am a cranky mess having to stay indoors in the AC pretty much all summer. The Mister and I fight about it all the time because he just doesn't get how uncomfortable it is to burst into flames if you get the least bit warm. It's terrible. Our mask and social distancing mandate was lifted last week and I stopped going in stores again until I see what the numbers do. Vaxxed or not I am just not comfortable with strangers breathing down my neck anymore.

  8. Oh Betsy, you write the swqeetest posts. You and Debbus have done so much. The house, inside and out looks just beautiful. How lucky to find that pretty white rose growing near the steps. It's so pretty. Hope you manage to stay cool this summer. Being hot and sweaty and red is most miserable...especially when everyone around feels normal. I've been there! :)

  9. The house is looking great. I personally love the mismatched flowers - matchy matchy is no fun! I Love COLOUR!!!!
    If that is a wild rose, you'll need chop it every year or it will take over. We had one at our old townhouse, and it was crazy. I'd chop it right back every spring and by the end of summer, it would be just as big as it was before the chop. Your rose could be a cultivated shrub rose though, which aren't as bad (but still need some trimming. Either way, it's lovely!

    Your peace lily will perk right back up, I promise. They only way to kill peace lilies is to not water them or stick them in direct sun. And they remind you to water them, by drooping their leaves, so you have to actively neglect them to kill them.

  10. Good to see you are getting settled in. I can see why Dennis is wore out. It's wonderful that you have plants that carry so much family history and can be spread around. Amazing that Mandy has had the philodendron for 20 years. We have tinted windows here which help with keeping the heat of the sun at bay but not so good for plants to flourish. I have a peace lily that's barely hanging on (so it is possible to kill them :) It will be interesting to see what happens as the mask mandates are dropped. Take care.

  11. Betsy, You have had so much going on! Your home is lovely. I'm glad you have Mandy to help. we are self masking out of the house still. Just not ready to risk it . does dusting powder help you with the sweats? They helped mine. Just baby powder. Ahhhhh so refreshing

  12. You have made great progress! I hope Dennis gets to join you again soon. Have you seen the around your neck cooler things...I have several they have beads inside you soak them in water and then put them in the freezer for a bit and it will cool you off in really warm weather! Everything is looking good! I like all your flowers! :)

    Here is a do it yourself one!

  14. I agree with Far Side - check out the neck cooler. I don’t deal with heat and humidity well, and I know it’s helped me cope. Your home looks comfortable.

  15. Hello, Your home is looking great! I am so sorry about the uncomfortable sweats you are feeling from the heat and side effects of your medication! We use to wear one of those scarfs filled with those beads that you soaked the whole scarf in water, and it really helped keep you cool. Hugs, Roxy

  16. You and Dennis got so much done in the weeks that he was there. I can see that it's getting to be the way you want it to feel. Like home. The flowers in front are pretty and everything is so neat and tidy.
    Sorry your meds make you sweat excessively. I'm glad that you have A/C or summer would be quite difficult.

  17. So glad that things are working out for you in your new place! I like the idea of the shower curtains vs doors. Really like the color you’re using for your granddaughter’s blanket.
    I agree with others who have mentioned the neck cooler wrap. My granddaughter and I used them driving through summer heat on the way to Texas, and they do help one feel a bit less hot.
    Blessings your way,

  18. I am amazed at how quickly your are settling in--a lot of work, I know, but so exciting. The plants make it home, don't they? You will just have to get creative with the heat and humidity--early morning and evenings for outdoor projects--it is jut the way it is. (you can invest in some of the cooling towels/hats-they really help.

  19. Check out the YouTube memorial to Teresa Kasner♥ It is a very lovely tribute to our blogging friend.

  20. Your home is lovely and especially with all your flowers and your personal touches you have placed all around. That Dennis is a go-getter! Your clock is beautiful. I only lived about 15 minutes from the Amana colonies. Glad you found out it was your medicine making you sweat. It's always better when you know why.
    You might want to try those kerchiefs you can fill with water and put around your neck.
    Piper's blanket is going to be big but knowing you, you will have it done in no time!
    I'm so happy you are "home" with your really needed that as I can tell how happy you are and I'm sure they are too!

  21. Thanks for the visit in your lovely new home, dear Betsy. I am so glad for you that all the hard work invested in moving is bearing the fruit of helping you feel more settled and truly home. I hope you are able to find a practical way to cope with the unpleasant side effect of the medication that has been helping you feel so much better otherwise.πŸ’œπŸ™πŸ€—

  22. Where did you buy the shower curtain? I have bathroom window curtains like the design in your shower curtain and I would like to match them up. Thanks!

    1. I found them on Amazon. I hope you can find them too. I am terrible about knowing how to send links.

    2. Thank you for the information. I'll look for them on Amazon.

  23. Kneeling with you dear Betsy and worshipping our Heavenly Father, I love that verse about us being the sheep of His pasture.
    Lovely, crochet, beautiful table, so pretty with its plants, remember to rest, pray maybe you can get relief from the heat there. That’s really bad thing to struggle with...

    Thanks for Sharing, God bless and keep you safe, and all those you love, hugs Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  24. Your home is BEAUTIFUL!! I especially like your little table. I have kept an eye out for many years for a small table like that. *sigh* Alas, people either want way too much for one, or it's in awful condition. Oh well. No big deal. Thabnk you for the lovely tour of your *new* home!!

  25. It's wonderful to see how you and Dennis are making your new home cozy and inviting. Your new sink is so pretty and I'm glad you now have a place to invite family and friends over for meals. I also enjoy cooking for people and having good people over to break bread together.
    We've been having a lot of wind, but today is calm and so I should be outside working in the yard. That's where I'm heading after writing this comment. I think of you often and wish we could have met when we lived closer . . . but one day we will . . . last year is a bur to me; I spent so much time crying and feeling so lonely. I do not want to get into a place where it's all about me and my sorrow . . . time to step out more and more in faith. I could not have gotten through last year without our Savior and I know that He is always here with me. I am never alone! Life is hard, but it is in our sufferings that the Lord can work deeper in us, at least that is my experience. He never gives up on us, but instead draws us closer and strengthens our faith.
    God bless you sweet friend; you have been and still are a blessing in my live. Your blog is an inspiration and your prayers a delight and comfort.

  26. Betsy, I think my word for the day is WOW for your post. Your flower and your house is beautiful. Then a different WOW for your medication. As someone that is on a variety of medication, I know what you mean about having one eliminated or changed. I will be praying for you and for Dennis's travels.
    You take care, sweetie.
    Blessings and HUGS