Monday, May 3, 2021

A busy week!

My goodness the time is flying by.  I did finish the socks that have been on my needles for over a month now.  They are made with Kroy Socks in the Blue Rag colorway.  As soon as I took them off the needles, Mom put them on her feet. I barely had time to snap this photo! She loves the socks I make.πŸ’œ

Miss Piper stayed with me Thursday and Friday nights. We had such a great time. She was a huge help to me in putting together some storage cubbies. Also cleaning around the house. Her allergies were acting up and we didn’t have her cough medicine here, so we went to the drugstore to get it. She saw this bag with travel size bottles and pouch in the clearance section.  It was just $5.00 and normally was $19.99. She was thrilled to get it. Excuse her bangs. The wind was blowing like crazy Friday and she had been working hard. I found her dress for last week while shopping with Mom. The photo below was taken at moms place. It has a lot more furniture than mine does.😍 The photo bomber is Mom’s cat Maple. She’s a sweetie.

Piper chose a pale yellow yarn I had in Caron Pound Of Love skein for a blanket for her baby. I just made up a simple border of single crochet, half double crochet and chain stitch.

It’s the perfect size for Piper’s baby in her little swing. The swing was one Mom was going to throw in the garbage because it doesn’t do all of the little extras anymore. It just swings. Piper loves it and it entertained her for hours. She carries a backpack everywhere with her stocked with diapers, baby wipes and extra clothes for her babies. She’s learning to be a mommy very early. The swing has found a new home at our house.
After her shower Thursday night we shared bowls of ice cream. I was in heaven. We had so much fun.

On Saturday morning five of us, Melanie, Chaela, Mandy, Piper and I went to have our toes done together.  Piper chose my toe color to match hers. I have to admit that I have never had teal toenails before, but I’ll do a lot of things for that little girl.

These are the storage cubbies she helped me put together. Not only did she hold pieces together while I put the screws in, she hammered all of the nails in for the backs all by herself. Then...she helped me lift the two on top up of the lower ones. I can’t believe how hard of a worker she is.  Those cubbies aren’t easy to put together. The yarn you see is all yarn I brought with me from Spokane, except the teal on the lower left. I bought that for Piper’s blanket.  Dennis has several, (many), more totes to bring too. I think most of those cubbies will be filled soon. I’m also sure there will be a lot of reorganization too.

Dennis is set to fill a uhaul trailer on Saturday and start his first trip here pulling it with our truck. On Memorial weekend he will be loading the POD. Then, he should be able to leave Spokane and move for good by the middle of June if he is able to sell the RV by then. He will be commuting to Spokane for a week or so each month.

Mandy has been mowing for Mom and I and her yard own too. She mowed yesterday and our grass had grown about 6 inches in a week!  I am so grateful to her. The dandelions are still prolific. 

The church here is very active with the Open Door Mission locally which supports homeless of all ages. I think a lot of my charity crafting will be going there this year and I’ll see how that goes for next year.

I hope all is well for all of you and you’re enjoying family and baby steps back into society.



  1. What a lovely picture of you and Piper. You're both beautiful.
    I had to chuckle when I was looking at the picture of Piper with her pretty bag. The way she's holding her feet is exactly the way I used to stand and it drove my mother crazy.
    Your cubbies hold a LOT and I'm sure will be super handy.

  2. Love the picture of you and Piper! So nice you have a willing and able helper. Love you new cubbie storage. Hope you are relaxing some (I guess you are with getting a pedicure!!).

  3. Gosh you have been busy! Those socks look so cozy, I don't blame mom. Aren't granddaughters wonderful? Piper is just a delight. You will never be lonely or bored with her around! All your adventures together. She certainly is a blessing for you.

  4. Betsy, Im over the moon for you. Piper andYou in that photo! Ugh. I want to be nearer my kiddos!!! You made a great choice!

  5. You certainly did have a busy week! You’ll love the cubbies for yarn storage. I have something similar. Piper sounds like a great helper.

  6. What fun you are having. A pedicure sounds so decadent and lovely. I like the teal color Piper chose.

  7. Piper is so cute! I have yet to get a are brave and your toes look better than mine. Oh I love your cubbies...looks great!

  8. Wow you've got a real hard worker in that cute Piper girl! Better hang on to her! Looks like things are shaping up in your new neat to see all the things you're getting done1

  9. I'm glad you had fun time with Piper. She's so cute. I have mermaid polish on my toenails. That's what my Pedicurist calls it. Blue/green. I look you cubic shelves. Good to keep things organized. Megan and I had a good time together at the coast today. She leaves on Sat. So thankful to have her here for 8.5 days. Don't work too hard. Take care and praying all keeps going well for you, Dennis and family. πŸ’œπŸ°πŸŒˆπŸ™

  10. Those socks are really quite lovely. Looks like you and Piper are having loads of fun together, along with the working hard part. :) The cubbies look great and will be filled with so much yarny goodness to make all those wonderful charitable projects. How I wish I could make and donate but not easy here at all. People just have a different mindset with regard to certain things. Love the teal color. Obviously it's one of Piper's favorites since it's the color of yarn and polish that she picked. Love that bible verse. Take care.

  11. How wonderful to be able to spend time with Piper! I miss my Grands so much. I get to see them on Sunday and I can't wait. I love your yarn cubbies. I wish I had room for something like that. Those socks are great. That yarn has always been a favorite of mine and especially that colorway.

  12. What a lovely pedicure! Piper is so cute and getting so big! It's nice you can spend time together and what a big help she is. Your cubbies are great!

  13. Gorgeous photo of you and Piper. I see now where she gets her smile from! Goodness me what an outrageous colour for your pedicure LOL! As my grand-daughter says to me "it is all the fashion Nanna and she says pastels and pearly colours are way out..."ha! ha! How wonderful it is you are now able to share all the fun with Piper now in person! Enjoy! Amanda xx

  14. Oh, I am so happy for you--such love in this post! It is so good for you to be where you now are! Great projects, too!

  15. Little Miss Piper is so adorable. Oh what a blessings to live so close by to your family. True blessings. Love the socks, your socks are always so lovely. Wishing you a day full of many blessings sweet friend. ((hugs))

  16. Love your verse Betsy. It also reminds me of “Forgetting the things that are behind and pressing torward the mark, to the high calling of God in Christ Jesus”
    ... or Faith looks up,
    worry looks back
    or fear looks around.
    Gods word is so anchoring. In a world full of the left wing emphasis and a 24hr focus and regurgitation of every event around us it is so very easy to be overwhelmed.
    Yet we are so blessed today, we’re not like Paul was when he penned those verses about to be slain for our faith by Nero, or even as a Jew in Hitlers time, the Chinese today, or at the stake in the martyrs of the 16th century. We have it so very cushy. I know you’re with me on this, dear Betsy. I’m not blogging at moment, not 100%, but that’s good cos it’s God.

    So glad you’re settling so well, totally agree with mum on the socks. I was gobsmacked to be honest at what Piper has for her baby... all the details. Guess they’re available here, but we don’t have as much as you do. Praying you keep well and for Dennis too, dear precious sis, so hard you’re away from each other, but I’m guessing really it’s good he’s able to work as had prayed re health insurance. God is good, all the time.
    Thanks for Sharing, God bless and keep you safe, and all those you love, hugs Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  17. It is a joy to see you and Piper, dear Betsy!! Thanks so much for sharing some of your news! πŸ™the Lord brings a buyer for the RV and smooths the way for Dennis to successfully finish the last details of the process of joining you. I love the cubby storage I have here and hope you enjoy using yours as well. I admire your stitches and Mom's new socks! So amazing the Lord renews our minds as we trust in Him!!!πŸ’œπŸ™πŸ€—

  18. I so enjoy reading about how things are going in the new home. What fun Piper and You are having. She is a pretty young girl. You are making wonderful memories with her that will be dear to her for many years to come. Love the teal toe nails, sometimes it is just fun to have a color that you would not normally choose.
    I loved the dress and head cover you have on in the picture of Pipe and You sharing ice cream, would you be willing to let me know where you found the head cover?
    Thank you for sharing this adventure with us. Hugs Deborah.

    1. Hi Debbi: I couldn't find an email address for you so I thought I would answer here and hope you see it. I actually made my headcovering. It's a snood style that is basically like a spread out oval with a flat bottom. You gather the bottom together and attach it to a band that you then tie under your hair at the back of your neck. I really like the short veil type covering better but I went through a rebellious period a year or so ago and cut my hair off and now it has to grow a bit, (a lot), before I can wear one of those again. When I get my craft dresser sometime in the next month or so, I think I have a pattern for the snood. I'm not positive though. If you want to email me your address, if I have it, I'll be glad to send it to you. Blessings and love, Betsy

  19. So glad that you've had such a good helper with all your building and fixing things up. I can tell that Miss Piper just loves spending time with you. Love your toes, she picke an excellent color!

  20. I love reading this Betsy. It is so uplifting to see such a lovely happy family. I'm sure Piper is over the moon to be around you so much and I love the nail varnish! xx

  21. I love your teal toe nails! And you are so blessed to have Piper so close. Have a blessed week friend!

  22. What a lovely time with Piper! And the socks look fantastic!

  23. Piper is such a darling little girl. I'm so glad she loves dolls. I think she is crazy about her grandma too. You two are so cute together. Your socks are beautiful! I've never had a pedicure, never! but I want to. Been trying to get my nerve up to have my toes done. :) I'm afraid they will turn me away because of my ugly toes and toenails. :) Thank you for your sweet comment on my post. I think about you a lot. Still so hard to believe that Chloe is gone. I am so sorry.

  24. Ooohhh, them's some mighty fancy toes ya got there! Stunning color! It's so great to see a girl Piper's age loving her baby doll so much. Parents nowadays seem to push their kids out of childhood/toys and into computer/cellphone junk way too soon. My 5-year-old step-granddaughter has the exact same dress as Piper - we bought it for her! Blessings to you and Piper!!