Sunday, April 11, 2021


Little by little I’m getting settled in. It has been a whirlwind of a week, that’s for sure. Mandy and Piper have been here nearly every day since I arrived, helping with everything that needed done. Piper is a whiz at cleaning! Mandy spent hours yesterday digging dandelions and mowing the grass at both grandmas and our house. My sweet niece Chaela and her husband, Tim, were also here yesterday. They worked so hard. Tim fixed one of my toilets so at least I can flush now! He also took some window blind brackets off the walls because I didn’t have a drill and the screws were over 2 inches long. Neither Mandy or I could get them out of the wall. He removed a door to the basement for me, replaced the outdoor floodlights that were burnt out and carried a table to the garage to dispose of.  I know I’m forgetting many other things that they both did to help me. I thanked them and they said “that’s what family is for.” We’re not used to that, as we have not had family around for so long. Such a huge blessing they have all been to me this week.

After they all left yesterday evening I spackled all of the holes that were left after the brackets were removed and will paint them tomorrow.

Many of you commented that you would keep the hardwood floors. I don’t think hardly anyone thought that carpeting was a good idea! So I’m going to take your advice for time being and just get an area rug for the living room and we’ll see how it goes.

This is a photo of our room. The bedding is from our little trailer and won’t be what’s in there once the pod arrives with our belongings that have been in storage. You can see Chloe‘s leash and a little box behind it. Those are her ashes. On top of the box is a plaster of Paris mold of her paw print and a little glass vile of her hair that the Vet gave to us. The white on the front of the box is where we can place a photo of her once I get one ordered.

I finally got this room cleared out yesterday. The only thing left is the TV that’s laying on the floor. I’m not sure where we will put that. This will be Piper’s room/guest room.

This a view of the living room as it looks now. Piper has some of her toys on the left side of the picture and the rest of this furniture is what was left by the previous owners. Dennis‘s mom desperately needs some new furniture so we’re giving her both of these sofas and at least one or two of the tables. I ordered a new sofa, loveseat, ottoman and two chairs yesterday. We were told the furniture won’t be in until June as there is a shortage of foam due to Covid and the freeze in Texas.  I’m still trying to decide on window coverings for these three windows.

This is the china hutch that was left for us. I have put some of my precious figurines in it that came from the RV with me. My sister also gave me our grandmothers china that she has had packed away in a box for over 40 years. Oh, the memories I have that are associated with this china. It is precious to me and I’m so happy and grateful to have it. And I have a place to keep it safe now too!

I had to order a new washer and dryer yesterday and it was delivered already this afternoon! Of course that couldn’t go smoothly either could it? It is a gas dryer and apparently there is no shut off behind the dryer. I had to call a plumber who is supposed to be here on Tuesday morning...I hope. Then I have to call and reschedule them to install the appliances. They did leave the washer and dryer in the garage and they look pretty.😍 Just got a basic top loading washer and matching dryer with no bells or whistle’s and it was still $1,600.00! Isn’t that unreal? Not a nice surprise when we were told a working washer and dryer came with the house.

I did use the oven on Friday night to make chicken pot pie for seven of us. I love my new double oven! It pre-heats much, much quicker than the oven did in our old house. The stove top worked well too, however, I think it’s going to take me a while to learn how to cook on an electric stove top again. I’ve had a gas stove for over 35 years.

I was able to go to Sunday school and church this morning and see some familiar faces. That was very wonderful, although I’m missing Dennis something terrible. This afternoon I sprayed the yards for dandelions at both moms and our house and made a trip to the grocery store.  The dandelions have bloomed profusely in just the last couple of days.

Well, I think that’s about it. I was trying to get caught up last night commenting on your blogs and I kept falling asleep. Finally I woke up with my hands still on the keyboard and I had been asleep about a half an hour. I am truly going to try to begin catching up with all of you again. Wishing you all a wonderful Monday and a blessed week ahead.
Blessings and love,


  1. Wow! I got tired just reading all the things your family got done. They are worker bees for sure.

    Your china closet looks lovely and what a nice feeling to have the china where you can see it and enjoy it every day. I have something of my grandfather's on my china cabinet and it brings me a lot of joy seeing it and remembering him.

  2. No wonder you are tired, you are certainly keeping busy. So nice that family are helping too, that is wonderful. You are making that beautiful house your home and doing a great job. Such a shame that the white goods are not working, what a price they are to replace. Love the china and the cabinet, so very pretty. Please email me your new address when you get a moment. Both you and Dennis remain in our prayers. Take care and stay safe.

  3. Goodess Betsy, I got tired just reading all you You are so lucky to have family to help you. We've got that big kitchen remodel ahead of us and no family to help. I swear we aged so much this past year I am wondering how were are going to get it all done. I see a big difference in all you've accomplishment. It really is starting to look like a home.

  4. I am just tired reading about all your chores! We had so many unpleasant and expensive surprises when we purchased our first home. Enough that we ended up with a second mortgage a month after we purchased it and a second job as a waitress for me (my husband worked in agriculture and either had 12 hour days or 6 hour days so it was too hard to work around). I think that is why we are still living in the same house - we are terrified to move! I am in love with your china and china cabinet!

  5. Hooray for beginning to settle in! You have accomplished so much already others...I just got tired reading about all you've done. Sorry about the expense of a new washer and dryer...hope they can get hoooked up quickly. Be sure to take it easy once in awhile!!

  6. Hope you can get the washer and dryer installed soon. Yes new appliances are very expensive. Good to hear the oven and stove top work! I have a smooth top electric and really like it...JenAire
    You have been so busy! So nice that you have family to help you get settled.
    I know what you mean about missing a is like only half of you is there! :)

  7. Happy to hear that you’re getting settled and had plenty of help to clean, mow and do odds and ends. Wishing you a good week.

  8. Happy Monday. Your place looks really nice and I'm glad you're keeping the floors. Our house has no carpet except the closets. I like it that way but we have area rugs that are very nice. Have a wonderful week!

  9. Dear sweet friend, take care of yourself . . . we can wait for you to have more time. You should not be falling asleep at the keyboard answering comments. Moving is a huge job and it sounds like you are getting a lot of unexpected surprises that need attention. Tonight, take a hot shower or a lovely bubble bath and go to bed early. Good health begins with a good nights sleep.
    God bless you,
    Connie :)
    P.S. Thank you for your prayers and please pray for my second surgery on Thursday. It's hard to go through this without Steve, but the Good Lord uses all these things to grow us stronger in faith. He is the one I depend on and put my full trust in.

  10. What a great quote Betsy. I am over the moon that you are with Mandy and Piper and others. The sting of chloe's passing lasts , doesn't it? Big hugs to you. You are going to love the floors. I think you are so so brave having made the trip alone, at the wheel. Dont worry about commenting on my blog, I know you are busy!! and you are loved

  11. So pleased to know you are getting well settled with the help of loving family members, dear Betsy. I care about the wilderness and wasteland feelings you are experiencing and am so glad you know the Lord is still working to bring joy in your life. Your computer nap prompted me to chuckle...I can relate. Thanks for posting, but please get good rest and have sweet Jesus dreams.🙏💜🤗

  12. My goodness.. you sure are accomplishing a lot! It is wonderful to hear how much your family is helping you settle in and get things working well. I am also so happy that you are going to keep your beautiful hardwood floor. Area rugs are just the thing to warm up the rooms and so easy to change out once they're worn out. We actually are ready to get a new area rug for our family room. I look forward to seeing the furniture you picked out. June, though.. that's a long wait! Take care and be sure to rest up. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  13. You sure have been working hard and it shows! Just beautiful. I see the snowman, too! :')

  14. I'm so thankful for your safe trip there, and such a warm and wonderful welcome! It always feels so good to be around your loved ones, and what a blessing to have them all coming to help you! It is so much work to move into a new home, and to deal with all the "surprises" that come with that. I know you must miss Dennis so much. I hope that May comes quickly for you, but it sounds like you are blessed to be surrounded with your family there. Praying that the Lord helps you through it all! Many blessings to you!

  15. Great to see that bit by bit you are getting settled in your new home. Thanks so much for sharing these photos. I can see you are beginning to leave your mark in each room and making it your home. How lovely! I so wish I lived around the corner and could come and help you and have a nice chat over a cup of tea.LOL! Don't over do things mind! Keep well Amanda x