Thursday, January 21, 2021

Happy Thursday

Good morning my friends! It’s another cold and cloudy day here in Spokane. There were blue skies and sunshine when I woke up, but it has gone away. I don’t have a lot of plans for today other than to start a new knitting project. I ended up having another octicular migraine yesterday late in the morning, so I was out of commission most of the afternoon. Today is a much better day with just a bit of a lingering headache, nothing to complain about though. I thought I would share the  “Sheep Virtues” with you again after I outlined all of the sheep with one strand of dark brown. I think it made a big difference, don’t you?

I also made four more pair of mittens, so I’m all caught up for January. I’m trying to get creative and use up all of my little balls of leftover yarn.
This is the new project I will be starting, although I want to make them into full mittens instead of fingerless. When it’s as cold as it is right now you need your fingertips covered too!  I am going to be using some leftover Knit Picks sock yarn in Stroll Heather. I’m using the Farmhouse and Persimmon colorways.
I think I should have enough yarn.

I can’t share too many photos of the house because absolutely no paperwork has been signed yet, but here is one photo of the outside. It has a double car garage to the left and two windows above the garage. The two windows are the two guest rooms and the master bedroom and bath are in the back of the house. The three windows on the right top are the living room and bottom is the family room. Sorry it’s blurry, but this photo has been emailed three times and saved.  The house has permanent siding and vinyl wrapped windows, as well as “gutter helmets.” It is virtually no maintenance on the outside besides lawn care and snow removal. I really didn’t want another split level house, but there aren’t a lot of choices right now. I would have preferred an older, one level craftsman house, but we don’t always get what we want do we?  I am very happy that the Lord has provided this home for us in such an excellent location.  As for our moving date, that is still up in the air. As I said in my last post, we’re hoping to go back in the spring and start cleaning the house out and see what needs to be done. The actual move probably won’t be until fall.  Although we will be right next-door to Dennis’s mom, Mandy, Brad and Piper will be about 20 minutes away and my sister about 20 minutes the other direction. There is family scattered all in between and my brother is across the Missouri River in Council Bluffs.

Look, look, look! I had a surprise in the mail yesterday. Cindy from the “Delighted Hands” blog over on my side bar sent me one of her sweet little snowman. She is becoming a whiz using the lathe that she recently started working on. She makes the most exquisite bowls from logs found on their property! And these sweet little snowman too! I have fallen in love with every one that I saw on her blog. She knows that I collect snowmen and they are my favorite winter decoration. She even signed the bottom of it. When she is a famous artist, I will have one of her first art pieces. πŸ’œ☃️πŸ’œ He has a place of honor here in the RV and he will have one in the new house too. I think he will be a snowman that stays out year-round. Thank you so much Cindy! He is so handsome with his wonderful smile and fancy scarf.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week and are safe and well.

This verse is one of my absolute favorites. When I would sit at the lake and see the eagles flying over, I couldn’t help but quote this verse in my mind each time.

Blessings and love,


  1. It's exciting that things are falling into place for your new home. Love your little snowman, he's very handsome. I like the crocheted candle cover too. When I did counted cross stitch I was always amazed at how much the outlining added to the pieces. Anxious to see your new mitten pattern.

  2. Hi Betsy, Yes the sheep sampler looks great! Oh I love that cute!
    Your house sounds pretty big...but just in the right area for you to settle down:) It is an adventure for you! :)

  3. Wow!!! Your Sheep Virtues is spectacular!!! I used dark material so I didn't need to outline my sheep but I love how your's look. The sheep really pop.
    Your new house to be looks an awful lot like my house. I hate it but I have to admit having The Mister on a lower level while I live pretty much upstairs is a blessing. I don't think we would have made it through the pandemic so far if we were on the same level. I worry about Daughter and her hubby who just moved into a teeny tiny apartment for 6 months while they have a house built. They've been there two weeks and they are already on each other's last nerves since there is no way to get away from each other.
    The snowman is adorable! Cindy knew who would give it a very good home!!

  4. Betsy, it's been a good read thru this post. I especially like the scripture verse!! Your house looks nice outdoors. I am not a stair fan myself lately. I am glad you got your house. Nice sheep you did on the sampler. Not BAAA-AAADDDD hahaha! It was cold Wed a.m. and when I went outdoors to get the paper, it was warmer than I expected. I wound up wearing a fleece vest over my sweatshirt when I went shopping in Salem for items I needed and a PO stop to mail something to Megan. So close to each other and then home. I did take a coat with me in case it was actually colder later. Never know in winter time! Been dry a few days but a bit of rain today. Have a good day my friend!!! Hope your headache goes away soon. ///<--->\\\ Prayers and hugs!!Becky

  5. LOVE the changes you made to your Sheep Virtue piece—the contrast is gorgeous! Spring for a visit; possible move in in autumn. Sounds great and not too far off from now. Hopefully by that time, God willing, things will have settled down a bit.
    Blessings, Aimee

  6. Outlining the sheep adds a professional touch to the sampler. I’m surprised the pattern didn’t recommend back stitching.

  7. Backstitching really DOES make all the difference.

  8. That Bible verse is one of my favorites, too, as is the hymn "On Eagle's Wings." That little snowman is adorable! Are oticular migraines the same as ocular ones?

  9. I think outlining the sheep make their coats look more full and fluffier! Really sets them off! Your house sounds like it would be the perfect location. And the snowman is just beautiful.

  10. The Sheep Virtues look even better now that the sheep are outlined.
    Sorry about the migraine. Several in my family get them and it's pretty awful until they pass.
    It must be hard not to get TOO excited about the house....until the papers are signed. Keep well.

  11. Your sampler turned out wonderful, I can see it framed and hanging in you new home! Good job on using up your little balls of yarn to make the kid's mittens. I need to send you some of my yarn that is in my office. I'm glad the house deal is nearing completion, I wish you could move there sooner than Fall, though. I know how much you'd like to be near Mandy, Brad and Piper. 20 minutes is wonderfully close. Take care and say hi to Dennis for us. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. Your sheep look beautiful, it's a wonderful piece. Congrats on your future home.

  13. Oh I love that verse. That was my homeschool verse because we named our homeschool New Hope Christian Academy. What a lovely cross stitch. My middle daughter has gotten into that but not me! I rather crochet. It's less tedious. Have a great weekend. We are forecast for snow and boy do we need the moisture!

  14. You are so encouraging--glad you can give the snowman a good home(s)!
    the sampler is so pretty--nice job outlining the sheep! How exciting to look forward to the house and new chapter for you and Dennis! The Lord will strengthen you for the months ahead!

  15. I love your blog Betsy, you're always so cheery! Sorry to hear about your headache. ouch! Love your sheep virtues....outlining those sheep really helped. it's beautiful. Wow you make alot of beautiful mittens! And your new house looks great. Bet you're excited about that prospect! Wishing you all the best and no more headaches!

  16. Least I can sign in on the web browser Betsy, don’t know why but Blogger is arguing with other two on my iPad including Chrome, but phew found one dies work! Struggling to comment these days the funny thing is just used it on pop up window it’s the embedded comment box it doesn’t like! And crazy google makes it the default.
    Whinge over. Will be long comment as haven’t been able to comment for ages.
    1. Agree re sheep, they really look wonderful now highlighted like that! Exquisite piece of work to hang up.
    2. Lovely use of scraps on mittens... shame re headaches. Wonder what causes them, do you know?
    3. Love your home, must confess I agree re single story craftsman, that’s what I live in and my parents built it, specifically designed themselves, dad did the blue prints and have the originals. In those days they were blue too, on plastic like light blue paper.. though not a paper. It’s so well built and anyway who gies up in the roof comments on that fact too. So totally understand why you didn’t want split level. I wouldn’t even like the steps at the front. However next to Dennis’ mum is a huge winner and maybe down the track that single storey home will come along. Lord knows.
    Praying re Dennis’ job, your move and your health insurance too.
    I’d make those gloves fingerless. .. not fingerless mittens or even mittens.
    I love fingerless gloves and wear them in winter here. I’ve bad. arthritis in them. I bought children size ones on eBay πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ as have small hands! And small feet. Small stature too! Not like you, my sisters are tall like you, 5’ 7” and 5’ 8”. However I’m grateful I’m as tall as I am ... yes just under 5’. However grew 4” in my youth through injections as my system was faulty, so God is good,
    Haven’t I rattled on and had a good batter. I’m tired need to get ready for bed. So prayer, bible the bed. Glad could comment this time and sorry it’s been a while.

    Thanks for Sharing, God bless and keep you safe, and all those you love, hugs Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

    {Wonderful Words of Life - God has not given us a Spirit of Fear}

  17. Hi Betsy! Your sheep look great outlined - I'm glad you took the time to do that. And your new mitten project is so pretty - looks complicated to me, but I'm sure you will have no problems with it. So happy things seem to be falling into place with the house!!

  18. Your sampler is beautiful, the outlining made all the difference. A delight to see the house and I am sure once you have added a few personal touches, painted and decorated to your taste it will be amazing and home so close to family, hurray! A beautiful snowman, she is one talented lady. Take care.

  19. Betsy, The sheep look lovely. That outline really helped them to stand out. Plus the verse that you chose is one of my favorites.
    Thank you, HUGS

  20. Betsy, the house is going to be perfect because you will make it that way. 20 minutes here or there is nothing compared to how far away you are right now. Keeping my fingers crossed it all goes well. Stay safe.

  21. I just love the snowman and also the crocheted candle cover! That is so pretty! What a great idea. Your creative abilities are just amazing! So happy that you will soon be able to move near your family.

  22. I'm sorry about your headache. Hope you're feeling better. I'm so excited about your new house and sounds like it's in the perfect spot. It is a beautiful home. You do such pretty work. I do like the sheep outlined so they standoout more. That is a beautiful piece of work. What a nice gift, the little snowman. I will look at her blog.

  23. Do hope you are feeling better Betsy! How delightful Betsy there is such a lot of eye candy in this post!! I do like the look of your new house and how exciting it will be for to make it your home. That will be fun.It will also be so nice to be able to have your family nearby. That sampler is really something now that I can see a full image of it all. What a cute addition to your snowman collection. Such a lovely gift. keep well Amanda x

  24. Hello sweet Betsy. It's been awhile. We have moved back home after our four years of work in JC. I was excited to see you are still at work making your beautiful hand work. It was good to see you are well.

  25. Yes dear Betsy those sheep look really great outlined ... a beautiful piece of work don’t think I commented on her.e if I did... you have two!πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‚
    Love Shaz.s