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Monday, January 25, 2021

Snowy Day☃️❄️☃️

We had snow off and on most of the day today. Luckily it didn’t accumulate very much, only an inch or two. Not so back in Nebraska. Piper was out of school today and she’s out again tomorrow because of a blizzard that they have had and are still getting snow from.  I think their final predicted total is somewhere between 14 and 16 inches!  Mandy got to run the big snowblower by herself today.  I think it will really help take a load off of her shoulders.

I made two more pair of mittens with the last donated skein of yarn from my anonymous benefactor. I couldn’t find any patterns I liked that used just one skein  of the cupcake yarn, so I unraveled it from the skein and made individual balls of each color. Then I knit the mittens holding two strands together since it was a thinner yarn than I usually use. I think they turned out great.  I also think there is enough yarn to make two more pair.

I have been admiring the blanket that my friend Teresa has been crocheting. You can see it by clicking on “Teresa Kasner” over on my sidebar. On Saturday, after studying the stitches,  I decided to try to make a baby blanket using the same stitch. This is what I came up with.

It is a very pretty and simple cross stitch. I don’t know if I made it exactly like hers, but I like the way this one looks too.  I am ready to put the border on now.

I went to pick up our mail this morning at Larry and Nita’s and I had a package that I was not expecting. It was from Lorraine, who lives on a little island off the coast of Scotland. You can find Lorraine‘s blog on my sidebar if you click on “Mama’s Mercantile”. It appears she has been a busy little elf, sending packages far and wide all over the globe!

I received a beautiful bag that I am assuming she sent for a project or knitting bag, but I am tempted to use it as my handbag because it’s so beautiful. She also enclosed a needle holder. Both of them have the sweetest little lambs on them.
Lorraine does the most beautiful sewing work. Her stitches are perfect. Look at this cheerful lining and the sweet little rabbit fabric for the pocket inside. I am in love with this bag.

Inside the needle holder she even included three pair of knitting needles! Look at the fabric she used for the pockets. Isn’t this perfect?

What can I say? I feel very loved and spoiled by all of my friends here. Lorraine, I don’t know how to thank you. I feel like I’m having early birthday gifts. The snowman from Cindy last week and this beautiful bag and knitting needle holder from Lorraine. Thank you both so very much.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and you are all doing well. I have heard of three more friends who have the dreaded virus.  We still can’t find any place for Dennis to get the vaccine, but believe me, I am checking every day to see if there’s somewhere I can get him an appointment.

We had a very quiet weekend here. We spent most of it just reading and watching videos.  We attended a couple of online church services. It was very cold and snowy so we didn’t go out much except to walk Chloe.  This morning I talked to my sister for quite a long time. It was so nice. She took a personal day from work because of the bad snowstorm. I don’t have anything to complain about when I see the snow that they’ve had this year. We’ve had a very nice winter so far.

Take care and I’ll be back soon.



  1. Lorraine has been busy. I just saw Teresa's post where she received a surprise, too. The postal system here is anything but functioning and reliable. :/ The mittens are really pretty. And nice work on the blanket, too. I think my Colorado boy is getting some snow. I'm not a fan of being cold so am grateful for our mild weather. Take care.

  2. Hi Betsy, What lovely gifts you have received! That is a beautiful bag and needle holder. Glad your show did not amount to much. We have not gotten the vaccine yet, but Fletcher's (younger) brother and his wife (no medical issues) in VA have both gotten the first shot. It seems like every State is different.

  3. Oh that bag!!! What a treasure. She certainly is talented. Anything with pockets just mystifies me.

  4. The bag is lovely and I agree, it would be a perfect handbag. I buy cans of Scotchguard and spray my fabric purses before using them. I helps to keep them from getting soiled.

  5. Oh your bag is so pretty! Lorraine knows you well! It's snowing here too. Yesterday my daughter who works at the college day care where she attends classes had a snow day and they have another one today so again the college is closed. All the schools are closed too due to snow. Unfortunately my husband Tim probably won't be able to have his much needed dental work done today due to the weather. He's going to call this morning. He's in so much pain I feel really bad for him.
    Well enjoy your day and the blanket is so pretty!

  6. What a wonderful present! We are pretty far east of you. Last night was an ice storm and the snow will be coming soon.

  7. I am so glad it finally arrived. I posted it mid December, so it has certainly taken awhile. Love the stitch you are using to crochet the baby blanket, so very pretty. Hope you manage to get a slot for Dennis. Take care sweet friend.

  8. That bag would make a perfect purse. What a lovely surprise.

    We were supposed to get a "wintery-mix" last night, but it just started about an hour ago. From the sound on the window, I'm guessing it is sleet. Of course, Steve has to go out. :::sigh::: Thankfully, he is not driving far.

  9. We woke up to a snowstorm here today - it's supposed to go all day. I can't really complain though because we've had a very mild winter so far.

    I love the pink of the baby blanket. That's a beautiful shade.

  10. It’s been snowing for several days, and I’m thankful the wind hasn’t been creating drifts. The bag you received is delightful as are the little sheep.

  11. I'm so glad you are enjoying your projects while the snow falls outside-Let it Snow!
    The new bag is beautiful!!!!

  12. I like how the 2 strand mittens turned out, what fun! And I do believe the stitch you used on your blanket is exactly right. Lucy has the pattern for free on her blog in case you want to read it. Wow.. Lorraine sent you an amazing gift.. what an amazing bag and needle holder, she must hold you in high regard. I hope you can get Dennis his shot, Dayle has his but I am worried it will be forever until I get one. Our Governor Brown has decided us older Oregonians are not worthy of getting one and I'm very unhappy with that. And they keep pushing us back and back. sigh. Well.. keep well my friend. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  13. I would definitely use that gray tweed bag as a handbag. It's so pretty. And I think Granny J has a great idea about using Scotchguard.
    You have such talent, being able to look at a project someone else has made then be able to duplicate it. The pick blanket is super cute.

  14. Oh Me too. That darling gray bag would be my handbag!

  15. Love your new bag, Betsy. Wow....what a sweet friend that is. In the south of our state, they've been getting hit with snow...up here, where we usually get a ton of the white stuff, we've had little bits of it this year. So strange....but also it hasn't been as cold as we'll take that. We're a tourist area though, and need the snow to get the snowmobilers and skiers up here. Ah well.....We're getting to the end of I'm happy about that.

  16. Wow that is one beautiful bag!! Is Dennis a Veteran? I cannot recall if you have mentioned that...if he is the VA is giving shots to Veterans.
    Your mittens are such a pretty color...and that blanket is every so pretty what a nice stitch! Stay safe and warm!

  17. Wow, indeedy, Betsy, your snow is snowy! But not as bad as blizzards so that’s good you’ve not moved there yet! Wonder if is as snowy where you will live, as Mandys?
    Re my blog, thanks for your comments maybe resubscribe for Christian blog as possibly you fell off the list for it, does happpen sometimes think.
    Aren’t they pretty makes, those two mittens they are very very special, all that work well rewarded! As is that rug your very clever, I popped across and looked at Teresa’s I think you have it right on!
    And what a bag all the way from Scotland how utterly wonderful a loving gift sis, and yes is an early birthday pressie.
    I pray you can both get the vaccine soon, and also friends and family who need it also too please LORD... I know some folks are distressed about it so pray for them especially.
    Thanks for sharing, and God bless, Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  18. Wow, that's neat -- I have that same bag pattern!! The sheep sure are a cute finish to yours. I think the baby blanket is very pretty, such beautiful work you always do, Betsy! The blizzard that went over our part of the country just barely missed us, everyone and their dog had prepared to be stuck at home and then it didn't pan out. We did get an inch of snow overnight with this second one, but its already melting. We're supposed to have mid- to upper-50s by Thursday! Ha! Crazy Kansas weather. Ah, well. Hugs and blessings, dear friend!

  19. Nice work on the mittens and blanket. No snow here, but we did have some hail on our walk the other day. Your Scottish bag is beautiful! Lorraine is very talented!

  20. Hi Betsy, what a lovely gift, I believe so many just love you and you are always so kind and generous people just want to bless you!
    Your comments and your post are always uplifting and inspires us to create!
    We are having very cold weather here also, but Spring will come again...
    Hugs, Roxy

  21. Your mittens always turn out so nice and your baby blanket is turning out beautiful. The bag your friend sent is so pretty and I would use it for a purse also. We had our covid shots on Monday. My hubby is feeling fine except for a sore arm but even that is getting better. I am not feeling so good and hope I perk up tomorrow. We get the 2nd ones February the 16th. Nancy

  22. Thanks to you I am listening to 🎶Sounds Like Reign🎶 as I type this, dear Betsy...wonderful worship music! I admire the sweet mittens you knit. So glad you are able to stay cozy and stitch on your many beautiful projects, like the pretty pink blanket you are working on. From your previous posts I enjoyed seeing how wonderfully outlining the sheep in brown worked out. I admire the cute snowman and the wonderful project bag you received as gifts. I am so pleased your moving plans are progressing even though I do not want to think of you being further away. As it is, I wish we were able to sit in the same room knitting and crocheting together instead of being hundreds of miles apart.
    However, I am grateful the Lord allows us to have the technology that helps us stay in touch. 🤗 💜🙏

  23. Oh, I love the mittens! And, the bag from Lorraine is just adorable. What precious gifts you receive from so many friends! The baby blanket you are crocheting is so pretty, too. God bless you, sweet friend!

  24. You deserve wonderful surprises for wonderful friends. Stay safe Betsy.

  25. Nice bag you got from Lorraine. The fabric is Harris tweed. I got a different item from her with same color you have. She's a sweet gift maker and sender. We had snow on Tues but not much. Its winter and we never what weather will give us a surprise!! That's quite the snowstorm in Nebraska!! ❄⛄❄☁ take care and God bless you and Dennis!!💜🙏

  26. How nice it is to be spoiled once in a while. I have followed Lorraine for several years she is indeed a talented seamstress. The bag is lovely. We are to get a snowstorm with 6-8 inches of snow overnight tonight. We are to go around noon tomorrow to stay with our grandsons as their parents work the 7 to 7 shift at the vaccination clinic so I'm hoping that the roads aren't too bad. Have a great week!