Monday, March 18, 2019

Unbelievable Flooding

Finally. Yesterday the national news media finally decided to begin reporting on the horrendous flooding that’s been taking place since Thursday in Nebraska and Iowa. Unbelievable. It is unprecedented flooding in our heartland. I realize that the media and a lot of the country considers the Midwest to be “flyover states,” as they call them.   But without the crops and the animals they produce, the entire country will be feeling the effects of this flood. It is an unprecedented flood. Multi-generation farms have been lost. Not just one or two but many, many of them.  Everything is gone. Houses, cattle, equipment, animals. It’s just all gone. Entire towns are underwater.  There was absolutely no time to prepare for this flood. And it still ongoing. The infrastructure is completely destroyed all over eastern Nebraska. Roads and bridges are completely gone. It will take years to recover from this.

The town that Brad‘s parents live in is still completely isolated with no way in or out and it isn’t the only one. There are many towns like this.  Brad spent the weekend flying supplies in and out of airports all over eastern Nebraska. He wasn’t alone. There were many private pilots who donated their time, aircraft and fuel and did the same. It’s what you do in the Midwest. You come together and you help each other. Most of the levee systems have been breached and the Spencer dam  has been completely destroyed. Maybe it sounds a bit like I’m lecturing here, and I really don’t mean it to sound that way. But oh my! I was so disappointed in our national media. I listened Thursday and Friday night to our national newscasts and didn’t hear one mention of this horrific flooding. Plenty of political bickering, and even a few “fluff pieces,” but not one word about the hard-working men and women in the center of our country who have just lost everything.

OK. I’m done now. I usually don’t go on rants, but this is just unbelievable to me. The media silence until Sunday was deafening. One more picture to show you how bad it is. This is Offutt Air Force Base.  Home of the Strategic Air Command. This is where our presidents go in case of national disaster. It has never before flooded and look at it now.

I know you all come here for knitting and happy stuff. And normally that’s what I want to give you. Because believe me, I know that we all need more “happy” in this world that we live in. But I just can’t ignore our friends and family members who are suffering right now. Please, please keep them in your prayers.

And now for some happy knitting!
I finished my shawl while keeping in touch with family members.

It’s nice and warm and toasty and I have it thrown around my shoulders right now.

It is warming up here today. The weekend was nice and sunny and we’ve actually begun to have some snow melt. It’s not quite spring, but that isn’t keeping me from trying to move the season along a bit.  My toes just wanted to feel the sunshine on them! We still have about 2 feet of snow in our yard but I have some windows open today letting some fresh air into the house for the first time in months. It gives me hope that spring is actually on the way.

Thank you all for listening to me vent today. I hope I didn’t offend anyone. Wishing you all a most wonderful Monday and praying that you are all safe wherever you maybe.  

This is one of my favorite verses in the Bible.
 Blessings always, Betsy


  1. Love the flip flop photo!!!
    As for the flooding, here by the Bay it seems to be a fact of life so I know first hand how devastating it can be. Our vet office is just now getting up to speed after having their entire building flooded out during our last big rain event here last fall. They had to gut the entire place and start over. It's the second time they had to do this since we started going to them. What a mess.

  2. Dear Betsy, I am just so sad over all the flooding! And very little news on it as you mentioned! May those that are helping bless them and be blessed also!!
    Hugs, Roxy... Loved the flip flops in the snow LOL

  3. My weather app on my iPhone sent me an alert about the NE flooding. I then texted my niece who lives in West Point, NE, to check to see how they are. She asked me how I knew about the flood and was surprised when I told her. In the terrible destruction around them they feel very fortunate so far. They were able to move their farm animals to higher ground and had a little water in their basement, that went down right away. It is wonderful that Brad is able to offer practical help where it is so needed. Your shawl looks wonderfully cozy, and in contrast your flip-flopped feet in the snow made me lol. Your verse for the day encouraged me. Thanks dear, Betsy. xx

  4. I have an Uncle that lives in a suburb of Omaha. Flooding is so terrible, we went through it in 1997 (not where we live now) 42 days we had water and sandbags. I know what those people are going through flooding gives you such a helpless feeling.
    Never feel badly about bringing up something that readers should be aware of. Bless your son in law for volunteering his time and equipment. You are right midwest people help each other and pray.

  5. I'm saddended to see all the flooding in the midwest! Been to both Nebraska and Iowa 14 years ago in June! Pretty countryside, now underwater. Thankful Brad is helping out as much as he can. Thankful people step up to help in disasters. WE need to share the love always. everyday!!! Your shawl is pretty and enjoy wearing it! Megan's slowly getting better. Back to work but eye still bothers her some, although she's now putting a warm compress on it and it helps. It looks like Spokane is having more warm weather this week, whichi will help your snow melt, hopefully slowly.
    Lots of flooding in Indonesia as well.....goodness! Have a blessed week and keep those toes warm...yep love that photo too! love ya!!!

  6. Hi dear sweet caring Betsy, never say sorry for caring! It’s what the LORD Jesus commanded us to to do dear sis! Bless dear Brad for his giving too. We will pray and intercede for them.. dear hurting folks.
    My friend went through Michael in Florida two weeks after I visited her, and her house was inhabitable for five weeks or more can’t recall now, but it was same for them they were in eye of hurricane but bigger centres had all help, her son and his mate cleared as much of the land as they could so trees too big to remove for them so still there. She says even now it looks devastating all around still. She comfy again but took ages.
    I just had email fro AIM mission I support, and there has been a massive cyclone in Mozambique they fear death toll will be over 1,000! They’ve 300 sheltering at their compound. That’s a lot to house and feed! So praying for them all.
    So much suffering, may these folks all over the world call out to their LORD God Who loves them and longs them to know Him.
    Oh Lord draw them to a saving knowledge of Thee and met their physical needs as well as spiritual!
    Prayer hugs sis,
    Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  7. My heart was so heavy when I read your "rant". Please know that those affected have been in my daily prayers since you told us about it and will remain in them. My heart is heavy with the loss of so much for families. I smiled at your flip flops in the snow, such a fun photo. Loved your shawl, so pretty.

  8. The flooding is just so sad and so scary! With Offutt AFB being flooded, you would think that at least would have prompted coverage faster. The picture of your feet in flip flops in the snow makes me feel cold - lol.

  9. Oh, sweet friend! You are NOT ranting. I am SO very thankful for your defense of those who are suffering. Do you know what? Your blog is the only place I have heard anything about this! I am not sure what is going on, either, but it is just despicable that the media is overlooking such a painful, horrific situation. They would rather spend their time attacking our President and bashing Christians and conservatives than to focus on helping those in need. I have never heard of such an upside-down world as the one we find ourselves living in. My heart just breaks for the dear people you mention here. Please don't stop. I don't just come here to read about happy and knitting. I come here to listen to your loving, caring, Christlike heart. Please don't ever stop being you.

  10. YOU VENT !!! I agree with you. Praying for you and all.
    I am a Wisconsin Farmer .. I hear you!!
    Love and Prayers,

  11. Oh Friend, it truly breaks my heart to see this. Prayers being sent. I am just at a loss for words. You would think that the national news could at least let everyone know about this, but as you said, they are far too busy with their political stuff to worry about all of us who live in the mid-west or near it. The mid-west is our bread basket, and like you said, with out all that food, exactly what are we going to eat? It's heart breaking to think of all the farmers who have lost everything....there really is no recovery from something like least not short term. I am praying with you in agreement for everyone there. God Bless those who are helping, too. Love all your knitting. Snow? Oh gosh, I don't even want to see that stuff for as long as I live! Wishing you many blessings dear sweet friend. ((hugs))

  12. Ha, love the flip flops in the snow. The news can be rather disturbing on how and when and what they chose to tell us about. Have a fantastic week.

  13. Betsy.. there is no need to worry about offending anyone when you want to speak your mind! I'm sure we all agree with you about this awful flooding.. I hope all your family are okay. If you do retire there, be sure to buy a house on high ground. You shawl looks so warm and cozy!! I hope your snow melts.. all ours is gone and I have gone out the last two days with just a shawl, no hat or coat.. wahoo! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  14. the flood is so devastating and sad. love the shawl. had xrays at two weeks today and the arm is healing ok. bout 4 more weeks and then therapy. nancy

  15. The flooding was reported tonight on the CBS News. I live in TN and we had flooding a few weeks ago but not as bad as NE. We have. more tornados than floods.

  16. Hello, I haven't heard anything about the floods in the UK. I am so sorry to hear about it, it must be devastating.. The part of England I live in is farm country, and I just cant imagine what it would be like for land that has been farmed for generations to be ruined like that. I am thinking of you all...

  17. I love that Bible verse, too. I sure hope your family is OK; that flooding is awful. I agree that the results of it will be felt by everyone eventually. That looks like a toasty warm shawl! Hugs!

  18. Betsy, I am well aware of the flooding, it has been on our news and it is horrific. It has also been on the news I get on my computer and phone. Such a horrible disaster for so many. My heart goes out to all affected and believe me I have been praying for your family. You are a real person, with real concerns, never apologize for writing about what you care about.