Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Spring has sprung!

 Hello everyone! We have had spring arrive in the Inland Northwest. Finally. Most of the snow is gone from our yard because we had two days of 70° weather last week. This week it’s back into the  40s’s and low 50’s, but I’ll be happy to take it. It’s not snowing! In fact, Dennis and I took Chloe for a walk on Saturday and look what I found a couple of blocks from our house. They were bravely poking up in a patch of bare ground away just feet away from the snow that was left in their yard.  It gives me hope.

We still have some snow in our yard, but most of it is gone. There are big piles all around town and we drove up to the lake on Saturday to check things out there. The lake is still frozen solid and there’s about 2 1/2 to 3 feet of snow all around the trailers. The season starts May 1, so I’m hoping it’s all melted by then. 

 I put some spring decorations out on the kitchen island. I crocheted these flowers several years ago and the bright colors always make me smile. 
 Several years ago I made an Easter egg tree out of a pussy willow branch. I bring it out every year in the spring time. 
 I found this happy little bunny family at Hobby Lobby last year along with my sheepy friends from fellow bloggers.  I have noticed they have the same bunny family this year if you want to get one for yourself. :-)

I’m working on a temperature blanket along with podcaster Anna in Berlin. I’ve always wanted to do one of these blankets but just never got started. I’ve chosen to crochet the blanket with the linen stitch and size I hook.  If you have never heard of a temperature blanket, the idea is that you knit or crochet a row for every day of the year using the color that you chosen for that temperature range. You choose either the high temperature or the low temperature of the day and you use that scale for the entire 365 days.  I have chosen to use the high temperature of the day. There are many websites you can go on to find the temperatures you need for any year. I have heard of people going back and making blankets for their grown children using the temperatures for each day of the year they were born. 

 This is my color chart. Please excuse the scribbles. I was trying to make the temperatures adjust more to our temperature ranges so the same color won’t be used over and over again.   After some thought, I also adjusted the top three colors because we rarely get above 100F.

 I am kind of surprised how much I’m actually enjoying crocheting this blanket. It only took me two days to catch up from January 1 to today.   And here is what it looks like right now.   You can see the two rows of bright yellow near the top that show the 70 degree days. 

  All of that blue! You can tell we had a lot of very cold days. 

The other thing I’ve been working on is using some of my scraps of dishcloth cotton and making dishcloths for the church kitchen.  For some reason they seem to disappear and so I thought I would make a batch up. This is what I have done so far.   My scrappy bin is still completely full  end it doesn’t look like I’ve used any yarn! I think it is a magical bin!

 Brad‘s parents are safely back home and they did not have water in their house. Although there was water all around the shed they keep their camper in, along with several other trailers belonging to family  and several classic cars, the water never got above the floorboards of the cars! A true miracle.

Most of the roads from Omaha to the west and north have major damage and are undrivable. It’s going to take a long, long time to repair the dams, levees, bridges and roads that were destroyed in a matter of hours.

Brad spent the weekend flying people in and out of towns in eastern Nebraska. We’re very proud of him and his dedication to helping others. So many people have lost so much and very, very few had flood insurance because it’s very difficult to get in this area. I have family who are farmers who definitely need our prayers. There are families who have lost farms that have been in their families for over six generations! Virtually everything is gone. Houses, livestock, equipment. Everything washed down river. I appreciate all of the concern that you have shown to the people in the Midwest. Please continue to keep them in your thoughts and prayers. 

Tomorrow I go to the cardiologist for my three month check. I haven’t been feeling very well the last several days and I have no idea what he’s going to tell me.  I have been having a lot of shortness of breath and tightness in my chest, so I if I could, may I ask for prayers for myself?   It probably has nothing whatsoever to do with my heart and more to do with being lazy! Ha! 

 I appreciate each and everyone of you. I’ve been trying to keep up with all of your blogs, but have been a bit “down in the dumps” for some reason, and just can’t seem to pull myself out of the funk.  Reading about the things that you’re doing and the crafts that you’re making brighten my days a lot. I count myself blessed to be able to call each of you my friends.

 I hope you’re all enjoying warmer weather and the promise of spring time up here in the northern hemisphere and for my friends down under, I hope you’re enjoying the last days of summer and early fall.

“ Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.” Deuteronomy 6:5 

Many Blessings, 


  1. Your house is just bursting with spring cheer!!!
    I know about the dumps all too well. I've been trying to climb out of mine by keeping busy but it still has a way of catching up to you when you least expect it.
    I hope you get a good report from the heart doctor. You'll be in my thoughts.

  2. Hi Betsy, I sure am sending you healing thoughts and my best wishes that your back is getting all better. I enjoyed seeing your Spring-y decorations in your house and am glad you're enjoying those two sheep I sent to you for a few Christmases! Enjoy your warmer weather.. we sure are. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Praying for you and all of the people in Nebraska and South Dakota and now North Dakota too. I hope you are feeling more perky soon! Your temperature blanket is awesome! Never get below zero there I guess:)

  4. Love the idea of a temperature blanket. I have a lot on at the moment but it might be an option for next year. Love the Spring decor, I got mine out but have yet to make a display. Hope all goes well at the cardiologist, as always you are in my prayers as are the victims of the flooding. It is heart rendering to think of the families that have lost everything. Take care.

  5. I very much doubt that you are lazy dear Betsy. Love your blanket and so good to hear the news that Brad's parents property is okay. Sending you good wishes for an excellent appointment, I hope the shortness of breath is nothing to be concerned about.

  6. Oh those crocus are a welcome sight Betsy. I can't believe how much snow is still at the campground!! I've seen temperature scarves/shawls, but I like the idea of a blanket - yours is so pretty. Glad to hear Brad's parents are ok. The loss for those in the midwest is just heartbreaking. Keeping you in my thoughts - hoping your doctor's visit today goes well.

  7. May the signs of Spring in your area chase the blues away. Tell your cardio about being down in the dumps: it may be tied to your other symptoms. Great job on using your cotton scraps.

  8. Betsy, I will be praying for you especially today. ! Fireman was having shortness of breath an it was due to a little weight gain and asthma. He had to do the battery of tests first and that is not fun, but the results were great. I'm glad you are reading our blogs and enjoying them. Your dishcloths are darling! May the knowledge that we are praying for you, lift you up.

  9. Prayers being sent your way sweet friend. ((hugs)). That is awesome news about the flooding not getting into their house or cars. How awesome that your SIL did all that for everyone. Bless him. Your blanket looks like fun. I keep saying I am gonna do one of them, but I haven't yet. I also adore your decorations. I love Spring. Blessings to you sweet friend. ((hugs)).

  10. Beautiful flowers Betsy--love them! I have never heard of a temperature blanket before. It'll be interesting to see how yours turns out. So far, I like the color combinations very much! I'm sorry you've been down in the dumps lately. Perhaps it is a combination of your sorrow over the flooding in NE (truly awful), your physical challenges and the winter we just had? I sincerely hope that this spring will be a healing one for you and that the cardiologist will have a good report when you see him. May God be with you and bless you!

  11. Yay for Spring's progress around you! The temperature blanket is a project that appeals to me as well and I will enjoy seeing how yours grows. You are off to a handsome start! You are in my thoughts and prayers with love. xxxxxxx

  12. Sweet friend, I am so sorry you have been feeling down. I can surely relate, and my heart goes out to you. I trust the Lord is comforting your dear heart. I am so glad Brad's parents' house was not flooded when they got home. It is so sweet of him to help so many out. God bless him, and God bless you for all you do for others. I LOVE the temperature blanket idea. I have never heard of it, but what a wonderful idea. Sending love and hugs your way and hopes things get better soon. Trusting you got great results at the cardiologist's office.

  13. Dear sweetBetsy, I’m not well at the moment so way behind.
    How wonderful re the flooding the LOrd indeed is merciful seeing those crocuses reminds me of seeing them in the April thaw in 2012 when visiting with my family.
    Love the knitting of course and praying fro your health.
    Love you Shaz .xx

  14. So thankful that Brad's family did not suffer any major losses during the flooding in Nebraska, such a terribly awful time for those poor folks who have lost so much, we are definitely continuing to remember them in our prayers! I'm sorry to hear about all your health struggles, that is just so tough to deal with. What a blessing it will be to the church kitchen to have all those new dishcloths! And I love the idea of a temperature blanket, indeed there would be a lot of blues, lol! It has been nice to have the warmer weather! Blessings to you sweet friend :)