Friday, March 15, 2019


Good morning my friends. It’s Friday. I’m writing a short post today to ask you to be in prayer for our family and friends who are smack dab in the middle of the flooding in Nebraska and Iowa. We have family members who have been evacuated from their homes. If you haven’t heard about the flooding, entire towns have had to evacuate. This all happened very, very quickly as the result of the huge storm that has crossed the middle of the country in the last day or two. I just spoke with my brother and he has a friend who told him that they had no water in the house and 20 minutes later 3 feet of water was in their living room! I’m asking you if you will pray for all of these people and for the water to go down quickly, as it is still rising right now! The Missouri and Platte Rivers are not expected to crest for another day or two.

***** A quick update. I just talked to Mandy and Brad‘s parents are stranded. There is literally no way in or out of the town they live in. They had left for a doctors appointment this morning and now can’t get back home. It sounds like there is water around their house but we don’t know how much. We have other family members in the same situation. Please keep them in your prayers.

And, as I turned the computer on this morning I saw about the horrific terror attacked in New Zealand. I also ask that you keep the people of New Zealand in your prayers. I haven’t read or heard very much about that situation, but I know there are hurting people. My heart goes out to them all.

It feels silly to even talk about knitting when so many people are struggling today. But I thought I would show you Pipers two completed sweaters that I mailed off to her yesterday along with a few Easter goodies in the box.

The sleeves are even in the correct places!

I began another shawl last night for myself to replace the one I gave away to my friend last week. I’m not as thrilled with the color changes in this colorway, but it will be OK for me. I’m using Lion Brand Homespun Thick and Quick yarn in the Granite Stripes colorway.

I’m wishing you all a peaceful and quiet weekend.

Many blessings and much love to you all, 


  1. Both sweaters are beautiful Betsy. Piper will love them! And your new shawl looks so cozy (I like the color changes).

    Such horrific things in the news today. My heart aches.

    Hope you can have a good weekend.

  2. Sending good wishes to your family. We went through a flood in Jacksonville. The clean up is awful. Hoping for the best for all of your family and friends.

    Piper's sweaters are so sweet. I know she will love them.

  3. How terrible for your friends and family. Flooding is so scary. That thing in NZ is just terrible. No matter how many of these mass shootings we have, I never get immune to them. Not after my son was in the Navy Yard the morning of that massacre. Worst few hours of my life. No one should have to go through that.

  4. So many prayers are needed today, there are so many people that need them. Pipers cardigans are a delight, such pretty colours and pattern. Take care.

  5. Those affected by the flooding and the mass shooting are in my prayers as well. Piper's sweaters are so lovely and I imagine your new shawl will hug you beautifully, also. Thanks for posting, dear Betsy. xx

  6. That is one of my favorite verses. It brings so much comfort.
    Your sweaters are so pretty. It's so easy to see all the love you put into them. They will be treasured.
    God bless you.

  7. Mercy me! Flooding! People being shot in New Zealand! God bless this earth with God's love as we share and show it everyday. Scripture verse is great! Prayers for Brad's family. It's warmer weather these past couple days. Hugs and prayers my sweet friend. Shawl on!

  8. Oh, my! This sounds just awful! I am SO sorry to hear about Brad's parents and all of the others who are affected by the flooding. I hadn't heard of it until now. My, things like that can happen so quickly, and there is just no time to prepare. Makes me think of the 2nd coming of our dear Lord, and how it will catch so many unaware. Oh, I do want to be faithful to Him and be in that number He takes away with Him to Glory! Little Piper's sweaters are just so pretty. I love the way the bottom branches out and looks so "finished" for lack of a better word. Everything you create is so beautiful. SO sad to hear of the awful shooting in New Zealand, too. Oh, dear Lord, have mercy on all who are hurting tonight!

  9. Praying dear sweet sis
    49 were killed in Christchurch massacre. One died since then. Twenty injured some critically.
    Praying for all men everywhere to cling to the one true Lord God. Oh let us look up to Him. Only He is trustworthy!
    Prayer hugs esp for dear ones dear Betsy.
    "Our God IS ABLE to do exceedingly abundantlyabove all we can ask or think, according to the power that lieth in us!"
    TRUSTING in Him alone. Xxx

  10. Love that verse! So sorry to hear about your relatives and the flooding in Nebraska; I think that MN is having problems as well...all that snow and then rain. So much sadness everywhere! Your Piper sure has a fast knitting Grandma! You are amazingly productive. And such pretty projects, too. Hugs to you and yours.

  11. Prayers for all those struggling. That flooding is so sad. That was one heck of a storm. Your sweaters are lovely, so very pretty:)

  12. Floods are so very scary! I will be in prayer. The New Zealand shooting was horrible!
    The sweaters are really cute! I'm working on some shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day but I probably won't get them done before tomorrow. So the story of my life. Have a blessed Sunday!

  13. I Felt silly righting a short post on St Patrick's day because of all the tragedy in the world. I am sending positive thoughts and prayers to your family and all those involved int he flooding and these senseless attacks.

  14. Oh its terrible what is happening in Nebraska, and it seems hardly a word on the news about it! I feel so bad for those poor people, and I do hope and pray Brad's family was able to return to their home, and that they didn't have any flood damages! Such a horrible thing for these folks to go through, and how scary that water can rise! And such a tragedy in NZ, just senseless!!!! Like you, my heart, my thoughts and prayers are with these folks who are hurting so much, and I am lifting them up in prayer. Sweet little Piper will love the new sweaters you have sent to her, they are gorgeous! I love the new one you have started, it already looks lovely! Hoping you are enjoying the gorgeous sunshine we are having this week, isn't that such a blessing! Hoping we don't experience flooding though. Blessings and hugs!