Friday, August 26, 2016

Smoky Friday

Happy Friday everyone!

Well, here we are.  The fires are still burning, although the firefighters have made much progress this week with the cooler weather we've had.  Strong winds and high temperatures are predicted for tomorrow and so we are under a "fire warning" for the weekend...just like last weekend when the current fires began.  Paul and Lori's house is just fine.  That particular fire is 80% contained.  I stayed at the lake all week until yesterday, to avoid the smoke in town.  It wasn't bad last night, but we woke up about 3:00 am coughing and our throat's were stinging and the house was full of smoke.  The wind must have shifted again.  We're heading back to the lake this afternoon and plan to stay for most of next week.

I do have a baby shower on Sunday after church so Dennis will mow and get things ready at home for us to head back out.  I've made a taco salad and macaroni salad this morning.  I also have strawberries ready for strawberry shortcake for all of us after dinner tonight.  On Wednesday evening, Barry, who does the garden at the lake gave me 3 grocery bags full of green beans, a huge bowl of strawberries, 5 zuchinni's, a spaghetti squash, 6 Walla Walla sweet onions and a bunch of potatoes along with a bouquet of mums.

After I came home yesterday, I spent much of the day blanching and freezing the beans and shredding zuchinni.  It's such a great feeling to put food away for winter isn't it?

Here are a few photos of my week so far.

This was my view as I read my Bible every morning this week.  Can't ask for much more, can I?
I baked a coffee cake on Tuesday and had it for breakfast all week.  I love my little oven in the trailer, it bakes just as well as my big oven at home, just smaller.
Another blanket finished for the Crisis Nursery.
I started a sweater for Miss Piper.  This is the back and the right front.  I have a sleeve begun on the needles you see on the right.  She went "shopping" in my yarn closet via the iPad and chose this yarn.  It's a larger version of one I made her in white a few years ago.  She wore that one all of the time.  We called it the magical sweater because it was supposed to be a 9 months size but she wore it for 2 years!
My bouquet of mums from Barry at the lake garden.  He is almost 85 and works in the garden for hours and hours every single day.  He's the nicest man you could hope to meet.
Gorgeous.  He knows my favorite color is purple so he tried to find the purplish colored flowers for me.
I just got this picture a couple of minutes ago.  Piper is flying with her Daddy again this morning.  Look at that face.  I think we have a budding pilot on our hands.
So, I did go to the cardiologist last week and was told no, I can't fly yet.  They're going to call me next week and see how this week has been.  I'm monitoring my BP and my heart rate, (tachycardia) is tracked via my Fitbit.  It was really disappointing, but I'm not giving up yet.  I still have a few weeks to change his mind and buy a ticket.

Our anniversary is next Thursday.  38 years!  We're going to cancel Bible study and go out to dinner that night and then head straight out to the lake.  Dennis is taking the next 7 Friday's off to use up his vacation or he loses it.  He can't take more than one day off at a time because he's too busy.  So we're going to have lots of three day weekends at the lake over the next two months!  Fun!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend planned full of fun, end of summer events.  I'll be back soon and I'll try to catch your blogs when I can.

"But the Lord is faithful, and He will strengthen you and protect you for the evil one." 2 Thessalonians 3:3



  1. HI Betsy, Your grand daughter is adorable! It's been hot and dry here, too, so fire danger is high. It is, however, supposed to cool off tomorrow. The garden sure will be happy with cooler temps. Love the blankets you've been knitting; I am sure they will be appreciated and put to good use. How long have you had tachycardia? I had it first at the age of six and it's persisted off and on over the years. Hope yours continues to stay under control! Have a great weekend.

  2. Wow I'm praying the fires go away quickly for you all. I love that Piper went shopping in your stash. She looks like she is totally enjoying the flying lessons.
    I'm still praying that God will heal you. Enjoy your weekends.

  3. Those fires are so scary. It's hot here but not dry so other than small roadside fires we don't see things like that here.
    The flowers and the sweater beginnings are just gorgeous! Your little pilot is so adorable up there in the clouds!

  4. Your photo at the lake is relaxing, so I can imagine how wonderful it is to have that view all day.

    It is wonderful when neighbor's share their garden produce. I'm glad that you were able to preserve everything.

    Enjoy your smoke-free days at the lake.

  5. Thanks for showing us the lovely view you are have when you are at the lake, Betsy! I'm so glad you are able to enjoy it, and I love your plan for Dennis's three day weekends, and your plan to celebrate your 38th wedding much to celebrate! Piper is starting learning to be an internet shopper early :) and is getting an appreciation for the wonders one can see while flying at an early age as well! The flowers you were given are so pretty and it is great that you are able to preserve so much fresh food from the garden. I can't remember if I told you the girls in our household canned strawberry and raspberry jam last week, but we did, and even Joy and Rosie helped put the berries in bowls and mashed them! Happy stitching and healing until you can fly again xxxxxx

  6. Hello my friend! What a nice and busy and positive post.. I adored the photo of Piper in the plane, what a lucky little girl to get to go flying at her tender age. I would be amazed if she did not become a pilot after her upbringing. I hope you can fly to see your girls very soon. I'm very impressed with all the blankets you and your friends have made. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Hoping that you can fly really soon, I know how much you want to visit your daughter and granddaughter. The fires are a little worrying I pray that they manage to get them under control and there is no further damage. You are certainly blessed with a wonderful friend to share all that produce, its lovely to be able to store things away for the Winter a beautiful taste of summer through the winter months. Take care and enjoy the extra time with Dennis, have a wonderful anniversary.

  8. Your view at your morning Bible study is lovely. Sigh!! Glad you can enjoy it. It's going to be a quieter weekend than the last few. Had a wedding to attend this evening outdoors. From where we sat at receptiom we could see Mt Hood and looked so pretty at sunset. Of course I left my zoom lens home. Oh well. Do some things at home and get groceries once I figure out what I need Hopefully Dr. will let you fly soon to see family. Happy weekend my friend. Hugs!!

  9. Just caught up a month of posts Betsy. I really enjoyed it.

    Good to see your health is improving on meds and I pray it's still the case and the doc says it's ok to fly see your girls. :)
    The flowers you call mums we all dahlias. They are very beautiful as are your other creations.

    And I love how you didn't have to make another scrubbie in earlier post but God sent it to you via Nancy how good is ourGod. Hugs Shaz.x

  10. That lake home is a saving grace for you two... When you can't travel, that is the perfect place to be... So sorry about the fires near you. I know that it is SCARY--but at least, you have somewhere else to go... Love that lake view and your flowers --when you sit and have your Bible Reading. Can't be better than that, can it?

    Sorry you can't travel yet.... Being patient is HARD.. I know... We have been SO dry here (no fires though) ---and the heat and humidity have been worse this summer than I can remember.... SO ready for some Fall weather.

    Love the color of Piper's new sweater.


  11. I hope you are all safe from the fires. I love your crisis blanket and the square in the middle really sets it off. What a great idea for Piper to look at your yarn online. She's going to love that sweater! Sorry about your no-fly issue but is Piper's dad a pilot? I noticed the ear phones on Piper. I wish I had a neighbor like yours! What a lovely man to share all of that produce and beautiful blooms. Have a great weekend and Happy Anniversary to you 2 lovebirds! Hugs.Sam

  12. Sorry about the doctor report my friend, but so glad you have time at the lake and your friends house is okay, what a mess all of those fires are. Hang in there with all the heart issues, there will be a healing I am sure of it. Love Piper, boy she looks so much older.

  13. So thankful you are doing well, Betsy, and trusting the tachycardia will soon improve. God bless you to enjoy each moment of your anniversary! Congratulations!!

  14. The flowers are beautiful Betsy! Happy Anniversary my dear! Such lovely flowers from your friend Barry. So thoughtful of him! I hope your heart improves so you can fly again. Piper looks so happy in that plane and so I hope you will be able to go too!
    Thank you so much Betsy, for your sweet comment on my post. It is so lovely when you come over!
    Sending hugs your way....

  15. So awful to know the fires are still burning. Hope they are contained very soon. It's good you have the lake house to get away, too. So fun that Piper gets to "shop" for the yarn of her choice from your stash. Love the baby blanket. Take care of yourself. Happy anniversary.

  16. So great to know you are doing well Betsy! You will get the okay to fly soon.
    I love your view as you read your Bible. So wonderful!! How nice of your friend to share his harvest from the lake garden with you. Such thoughtful and pretty flowers too.
    Piper is looking so much older! It does happen! I know she will love her pink sweater!!!
    I will think of the two of you, celebrating your anniversary, as Greg and I will be out celebrating ours as well.