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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Finally Coolness

A bit of cooler weather arrived yesterday and is supposed to stay with us one more day.  Would you believe I even had to throw a blanket over my legs as I knitted this afternoon?

Before I talk knitting though, guess who has come to stay for a few days?  Mattie, Paul and Lori's dog has come to visit Chloe while they camp in their tent trailer at a lake in north Idaho.  They didn't want to have to leave her inside the trailer in the heat we've been having so I happily volunteered to keep her this week.  Here they are exhausted after playing outside.  Isn't this funny?   Two sleepy puppies.
Chloe isn't allowed on the furniture because she sheds so much.  She isn't sure what to make of the fact that Mattie climbs right up on the sofa.  Mattie seems quite at home doesn't she?
Tomorrow morning little Sophie will join the menagerie.  Then we'll have small, medium and large dogs staying here.  Larry and Nita have a family reunion in Portland this weekend and will be at a hotel so we're keeping Sophie until Sunday night.   Oh the fun we'll have.  These three get along very well.

Now onto knitting.  I've made ten dishcloths since we last visited last Thursday.  These five are for a blogging friend who likes the color green.  Do you know who you are?
These five are for Toni, the nurse who did my stress test last week.  About a year ago she bought 10 dishcloths from me.  When I walked in for the test, she did a double take and said she was just telling her husband the week before that she needed to call me to get more.  Apparently she's down to one dishcloth out of the ten because her grown children keep taking them home with them.  I wouldn't let her pay me for them this time because she took such good care of me last week.  I love the variety of colors in her stack of dishcloths.
Mandy loves my Monkey Socks I finished last week and I promised her a pair of her own.  These are her's made with Knit Picks Stroll Hand-Painted Fingering weight in the Woodland color way.  Here is the first sock I started this morning.   I love my yarn bowl that I found at Hobby Lobby.  

I also need to confess that I placed an order today at Knit Picks for sock yarn. I'll have enough for ten more pair of socks!  I must admit that I'm addicted to knitting socks.  Sock yarn is not inexpensive but they feel so much better than the socks you buy in the store and I think everyone should have at least one pair in their lifetime.  I would knit each of you a pair if I could.  As it is, I can barely keep my family's feet covered.  :-)
I've never made two socks at one time before but decided to try it this time. I knit both cuffs, now I'm on the leg of the first sock.  I will then do the other leg, then both heels, both feet and then the toes.  That way they will both be done at one time.  Miss Piper wants a pair to match Mommy's so I'll have to see if I can find a pattern I can adapt to be similar that will fit her.
Speaking of Piper.  Here she is with her Daddy with her own aviator's headset.  Yes, it's FAA approved.  You can tell how happy she is with her own headset.  It has the microphone that she can talk through, just like Daddy's.  She has her hand on it in the photo so you can't see it well.  They are going on vacation to Nebraska to visit family and Daddy plans to take her flying quite a lot.  She loves listening to the control tower and can imitate the "tower speak" very well.  She is a budding pilot for sure.  Her dream is to fly a Cessna, or as she says it "snessna".  :-).  Did I ever tell you all that Brad proposed to Mandy while flying over the Portland area?
She even has her own real pilot's logbook where Daddy will help her keep track of her flying hours.  Yes, it is really an official logbook.  And it's pink!  This little girl has my heart in her little hands.
Thank you all for your sweet thoughts and prayers for me this week.  The nuclear stress test was awful while it was happening but the results turned out very well.  I am considered low risk for blocked arteries at this time, so they really don't know what is causing the chest pain and light-headedness.  I have had a couple of days of not feeling well again yesterday and today but hopefully that will resolve very soon.  It is definitely NOT a fun test to have done and I was miserable, but Toni and the other two ladies that were there administering the drugs and performing the tests were absolutely wonderful.  It also helps that the hospital that I went to is only five minutes from our house, so I didn't have to drive far to get home and collapse afterwards.

I hope you're all having a great week so far and enjoying sunshine wherever you may be.

I'm trying not to have an anxious heart and am asking for God to give me peace as I go through these days that frustrate me because I can't do the things I want to do each day.

"Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts" Psalm 139:23



  1. I just love all your colorful dishcloths! I just made a little set recently to have on hand for gifts; they are such simple fun things to knit and give away! I am sorry that you had to endure such an unpleasant test and hope you can find answers without too many more unpleasant experiences. Health mysteries are always stressful but they are no mystery to out Father who loves us. Blessings.

  2. Betsy, I pray for you every time God brings you to my mind. Your Piper is such a beautiful little girl so sweet looking. What a treasure! The puppies look exhausted after playing so hard. I have 4 and they ate my delights. I've made a few more mittens for you, but I'm going to stop now so I can start my Christmas lapghans for the seniors. I just finished making a sweater, baby afgha, booties and a little toy for my doctors nurse whom is due at the end of August. Ok enough now be blessed my friend! Enjoy your days.

  3. Goodness girlfriend! You are always knitting but how fun that is. I like the sox idea. Piper is so cute and growing up. Glad she's interesting in flying a plane. I liked it when Phil was taking flying lessons while he was in the military. But quit after we got married, which I didn't like but he seemed to think it would cost too much, Oh well. Hugs and prayers that you get to feeling better!

  4. You inspired me to make two dishcloths this week and I'd forgotten how fun they are to make.
    I'll be kitty sitting all weekend. It's that time of year when I get asked to pet sit and for me it's a vacation since I go there with plenty of knitting to keep me busy.
    Your little cutie is so adorable! She's really daddy's little girl isn't she? How sweet.
    Feel better soon. You are in my thoughts.

  5. So glad your awful test turned up good results Betsy! Hoping you are feeling much, much better. Meanwhile, you are a knitting machine! Your socks and dish cloths look wonderful. Piper certainly is a cutie!

  6. That looks a happy pile of doggins', that's for sure! I love the dishcloths. I need to knit some more too. Mine are getting pretty shabby.
    But I can hardly tear myself away from knitting socks. I adore them!
    I agree, everyone should have a hand knit pair of socks!
    And that Piper.....she is so adorable!
    I want to try that monkey sock pattern. I hear it is one you really have to pay attention to.
    I keep you in my prayers. I am glad your stress test results were good.
    xo kris

  7. I'm glad to hear the test turned out well and I hope you FEEL better really soon. Those socks look so difficult and fancy.. how nice of you to make a pair for your daughter and Piper too. What a good mom and grandma you are! Thanks for sharing a photo of Piper, she's growing up! Now I want to knit a dishcloth! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Seeing Mattie lounged on your couch made me laugh out loud :) I know from personal experience that you and Dennis are the best hostess and host and I am blessed every time the Lord allows us to be together...wherever! I love knitting dishcloths and never tire of making the granny pattern. I think it is pretty and I feel good making something that is both pretty and practical. Somehow using a handmade cloth brings joy to whatever task I am doing. I love the verses the Lord has you share at the end of each post, and the one in this post is so perfect for your circumstances! I miss you Betsy, and treasure our friendship. xxxxxxxx

  9. I am of course thrilled that your tests results were good but hope you are not too anxious about what is causing the pain. You are in my prayers and hope you feel better soon. Love the beautiful array of colours for the dishcloths. Take care.

  10. I KNOW WHO got those gorgeous dish cloths! ME! And now I want to make a dishcloth swap . See what you've started?
    Pilot love to that little one. :)
    Okay so the test results are good. have you seen a pulmonologist? Sorry. Perhaps its a lung issue. Asthma? I'm probably going over something you have looked into already.
    Prayers: Matthew Mark Luke and John Bless the bed that I lay on
    there are 4 corners round my bed
    4 bright angels round them spread
    Matthew Mark Luke and John Bless the bed that I lay on

  11. The dogs are precious! And I really love the cubby unit in your 1st photo. When you said 'finally coolness' - I tho't you were saying you finally got a 'cool' piece of furniture! :) (It is 'cool'!). You are quite the knitter! As for the lady in my yard sale story for today... sadly I don't know her and will probably not have any more contact w/ her unless the Lord were to do another miracle and our paths would cross again. Thanks for your wonderful comments!

  12. I've been MIA for a while because of several things going on in my life and I'm just now getting around to catching up. I'm so sorry you are having health issues but very glad that it's not blocked arteries. I've had the drug stress test because I don't walk well enough to do the treadmill and I have to agree, it's awful. That rush of intense heartbeats is really scary. I hope you find the cause of your problems soon.
    You have been very busy on the knitting front. I love your dishcloths. I'm working on some crochet and cross stitching now as my hands allow.
    Take care of yourself.

  13. Bless you, dear Betsy. I have been praying for you and trusting God to take care of you. I am so thankful your test results came back good. Praise God! I just hope you feel better soon and are able to relax. That little Piper is a doll, isn't she? My, she is growing so fast.

  14. I will keep praying for you that all is well. I've had a stress test once, and it definitely was not fun! Your grand is such a cutie and I can tell a daddy's girl! I hope this week is better for you- blessings!

  15. Oh my, I am praying not to worry too! Have an ultrasound on my neck today. Dr. found a lump in throat. Maybe a goiter or??? Praying it won't be serious. Hope your stress test is not as stressful as you fear. Going to the cardiologist tomorrow. "Thou wilt keep him in perfect piece whose mind is stayed on Thee" Isa 26:3 I think. Trying! You reall go to town on knitting those dish cloths!!! I knitted two rows on mine yesterday! LOL Enjoy those sweet furbabies! Nancy

  16. That Piper is an absolute doll. She looks like she's full of spunk!

    Your dishcloths look so nice and new and cushiony-soft. I love knitted dishcloths and have a pretty good collection. My only complaint is that they never wear out! They just fade and live forever. :)

    Wow, nice sock work going on! Knitting two at a time seems like a great idea, both to keep even tension and to discourage the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome.

    I'm glad your test went well. You don't happen to have seasonal allergies, do you? Mr. M sometimes gets chest pain and light-headedness during heavy allergy season, and it's always a little scary. I hope they can figure out what's causing your problems. It does help to know that even if the doctors are mystified, God knows exactly what's going on and is working it for good.

  17. I hope you are continuing to feel better. It's so frustrating when you don't feel well and can't find the cause!
    I am amazed by all those washcloths. You must have strong hands to knit up that much cotton.
    I agree that everyone should have at least one pair of handmade socks. They are just the best gift. And non-knitters are so impressed!