Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Dog Days of Summer

It's a warm day here.  No. It's hot.  For the Pacific Northwest it is very hot.  We've had 5 straight days of over 90 degree temperatures.  The saving grace is we don't have the horrible humidity that a lot of you also have to suffer through.  We are able to open the windows when the sun goes down and the temperature almost always drops into the 50's at night which makes very nice sleeping weather.  I have stayed home from the lake this week though, because it's just too hot for me out there right now. 

So I've been busy knitting.  I apologize for the photo heavy post today, but here goes.

First of all, my Knit Picks order arrived!  Oh. My. Goodness.  I love this yarn.  These six skeins are all the Stroll fingering weight that is wonderful for socks or shawls.  It's a Merino/Nylon blend that can be put right into the washer.  I wish you could all feel it and see the vibrant colors.  I used a bit of the green on the bottom to finish the toes on Miss Pipers socks.
I was actually surprised just how much I like this brown variegated skein.  In this second picture the color is more true.  It's gorgeous.
These are tweed sock yarns that I think will make some great socks for Dennis in grey and brown.  Also, at the bottom is the very colorful self-striping Felici yarn that I've been drooling over on other blogs and podcasts.  Those will most like be for Alex because he loves the bright colors. :-)
Here's my take-along baby blanket that I've been carrying to appointments, etc. for quite awhile.  It takes absolutely no thought as it's made with the Granny's dishcloth pattern.
Yesterday I picked up some netting at Joann's to make a new dish scrubbie.  I thought I had bought enough to make two.  One for home and one for the trailer, but it took the entire yard to make one.  I love the color.
All done.  It is VERY hard on the hands to crochet with the netting though.  My hands still hurt today so I think I'll wait awhile to make another.  These work so well on dishes.  If I have a choice, I'll never use a store bought scrubbie again.
And a baby hat for the hospital.
I also finished both sweater/hat/sock sets for the two baby girls that are expected at church.  I think with the blankets I showed you last week and these sets, I have both gifts finished.
Nita gave me this box of 75 squares this weekend.  So today I'll begin putting three toddler blankets together with them today.  They will be donated to the Crisis Nursery.  She has another set of squares almost done so I better get busy.
Onto the lake pictures.  Here is my sweet Hubby relaxing on Saturday.  He's been working really long hours lately and is exhausted.  Looks pretty comfy huh?
....and here's Larry!  This is what the two guys did all afternoon.  It was too hot to do much else.
While the guys slept, Nita and I knitted and crocheted in the shade.  Small projects are nice on hot days like this.
On Sunday Larry celebrated his 72 birthday.  All summer he has been saying he wanted to ski one more time on his birthday.  He's been having back issues so he hasn't skied all summer.

I stayed up here and took this picture from our campsite because riding in the boat this summer seems to trigger my tachycardia.  That's Lori & Paul's boat in the picture.  They said they would pull him from this area so I could watch.  The beach was full of people that we know from here at the lake, cheering Larry on.  It was so nice of everyone.  I could hear them all from the campsite.
That's my Hubby helping Larry get the ski's on.  He almost took a tumble into the water a time or two while he was hanging off the back.
GO!!!!    GO LARRY!!!  Look at that smile!  Who would guess he's 72 today?  Just a big kid at heart.  We were so happy for him that he did this.
And last, but definitely NOT least.  Our two girls.  Piper and Mandy in their aprons fixing dinner the other night.  They sent me this picture because I gave Piper her apron last year.  Aren't they just beautiful girls?  I miss them both SO, SO much.  Piper will be 4 years old next month. Can you believe that?  I sure can't.
I hope you're all having a lovely summer week.  I want to enjoy every moment of it because I know that before we know it snow will be flying.  Ick.  That four letter word.   I've been told by two people this week that the farmers almanac is predicting a severe winter this year for the U.S.  Has anyone else heard that?  So summer can hang around as long as it wants to in my opinion! :-)

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the LORD, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the LORD as a reward. It is the LORD Christ you are serving." Colossians 3:23-24

See you next time my friends!



  1. There is NO way that sweet little Miss Piper can be turning 4 in September! No:) That lake water looks SO good--nice and cold! Love the way your friend spent his birthday--too neat:)
    You always have such neat and interesting projects going--you truly use the gifts God has given you.

  2. It is fun to see your beautiful yarn and knitting and resting and skiing and your aproned girls, too! Netting really is hard on the hands. So far I have wimped out making a scrubby. I love the color of the one you made, too. I have been trying to appreciate the really hot days, also, because I know winter rain and snow will be here before we know it. Thanks for posting, Betsy. Love to you and yours. xx

  3. Good day Betsy, it's been hot here in Vegas as well. Earthen I ever remembered, but this too shall pass. I love your knitted and crocheted items. Your girls look like they are having a great time!
    Thank you for the verse I needed it today.

  4. Great post... Can't believe it's so hot there---but as you said, you don't have the humidity and it does cool down at nights... We are having one of the hottest and driest summers I can remember... NO FUN....

    Love your knitting projects... You certainly are a talented lady...

    Congrats to Larry for getting up on skis.... I've never done that in my entire life... He's amazing...

    Enjoy your summer because we'll be wishing for warmer weather in no time!!!!! ME??? I'm ready for Fall....


  5. Look at him go at 72! It gives me hope. I've been feeling that time is running out but just looking at him makes me think 70 is the new 40.
    Love those project. Those baby things are just too perfect!

  6. How wonderful for everyone to gather to help and to cheer for Larry as he completed his birthday wish! Well done.

    Love the luscious yarn you ordered. Happy crafting!

  7. I would love to know what pattern you use for the scrubbie, I have never come across a crochet one before. I can't believe Miss Piper is almost 4 time is certainly flying by. I loved that everyone came together to cheer Larry on, a great community. Take care.

  8. What a great birthday for Larry! Love that picture of him up and grinning. Your new yarn stash is so pretty. I've enjoyed knitting with some KintPicks Stroll recently -- really like it. You have been so productive Betsy!! The little sweater/hat/socks outfits for the expected new arrivals are darling.

  9. Great water ski birthday . I can hear the roar of the crowds. Friends indeed. Funny the boat triggers your heart...oh well knowledge is power. Great crafting going on there! Love daughter and Grand daughter....so beautiful. My heart aches for you for them being far away

  10. We sell those scrubbies in the thrift shop. They are always a hit! People ask for them if they don't happen to see them... we have to keep them on hand all the time! One of the cashiers makes them for us. And guess what - we just got a camper again - can't wait to go! (been a number of years...)

  11. Love that you are back at the lake. Yay. Looks like you all have been having a blast. Happy B-day to little Miss Piper. Blessings always sweet friend. :)

  12. That little Piper is getting so big! My, time does fly. I trust you are feeling better, Betsy. Praying for you.

  13. Wow! You have been busy! I've missed catching up with my blogging friends. I love all your projects and how gorgeous are those baby sets you made? Happy Birthday to Larry and so glad he got to ski! My daughter brought me a scrubbie that she bought but I'll have to make some as my old Scoth-brite pads are ready for the trash. What a great gift idea too! I'll have to order from Knit Picks soon. I've ordered from Deramores and Webs but need some "reasonable priced" colored yarns but washable for gifts for the grands. I would love to use wool but I know they would end up in the dryer as they are too busy to hand wash and just plain too busy! LOL! Piper is getting big...for her little petite size...what a cutie pie and her mother is too! Thanks for all the pictures...I love them!

  14. Hi, You knit much more than I do but I think the yard you are making the baby blanket from is just like the yarn I used to make one. I got mine from Joanne's. I started a baby bonnet but it has been put aside for now. It is nice to have something easy to knit while visiting with someone. Enjoy the rest of your summer. Nancy

  15. Yay for getting back out on the skis and double yay for no injuries! The yarn is beautiful and oh how I wish I could knit again. It strains my eyes too much! Have a blessed day, and hopefully the almanac is wrong, wrong, wrong!

  16. Betsy, I am so sorry I am so far behind in reading. You have been in my thoughts even though I have not been in blog land. Piper is getting so big, and oh my that beautiful long hair of hers. Wasn't it just short and in pigtails? You are knitting like the Queen you are!
    Sending you a hug,