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Monday, April 18, 2016

Oregon Friends

Well, we made it to Portland and safely back home to Spokane.  Right now I'm snuggled in bed in my trailer at the lake...just for one night.  We have dinner plans with my cousin and his wife tomorrow night back in Spokane.  Dennis had two late meetings after work, so it's just Chloe and I here tonight.

We had a lovely time at Tad's Chic Dump.  Here's the crew.  The back row is Phil, Dennis, Teresa, Dayle. Front row is Becky, me and Gracie.
We laughed, talked and told stories until we really felt we should give up our table since there was a long, long line of people waiting.
The view was gorgeous and they had the window panes open wide.  Truly open air dining.  It was time to leave much too soon.  The food was delicious.
We visited the church Mandy attended for years when she moved to Portland. She and Brad were married there and I always enjoy seeing Mandy's good friends and they seem to like to see us too.

At the last minute Taci was available for lunch on Sunday after church services, so we all met at Elmer's restaurant for a quick lunch before Dennis and I left town.  

Gracie, Me, Teresa and Taci.  Goodness! It was hard to leave these girls.  Again, we laughed and talked for two hours!  There is never enough time.
Mt. St. Helens from the interstate.  Does anyone remember the eruption?  It left this beautiful dome.  It's still an active volcano and has steam venting quite often.  Brad took us flying around it a few years ago and even let Dennis take the controls for awhile!
Another of Mt Hood.
A tugboat on the Columbia.
The twin smokestacks at the Steamplant Grill in downtown Spokane welcomed us home with their bright colors.  An unusual sight for sure!
Sorry these last photos are out of order.  I'm blogging on my phone and don't want to try to move everything!

At lunch we had small gifts for each other. Gracie knitted that beautiful washcloth. Taci gave me handmade soup, a facial scrub and hand crocheted facial scrubbies.  Teresa gave the Knit Picks yarn and a gorgeous necklace and charm she made from glass blown in Venice, Italy.
A closer look at the charm andnecklace. 
One of the gifts I gave the girls was one of these sock needle holders.  I love mine. No more worries about stitches falling off of the needles when you set them down for a minute or two.

This is Dennis' sock that just needed the toe kichenered.  It's now done and off of the needles and the second sock started.
We had a fantastic time with these wonderful ladies and their husbands.  Dennis says we can go back anytime.
He's a keeper.  How many husbands would willingly drive 12 hours in 2 days so their wife can see her internet blogging friends?  He is a sweetie and I love him and not just for that reason!  Ha!

Alex will be home Thursday night and Jamie and the kids are driving over from Montana Thursday after school. We'll have two kids and two grandkids here and I can't wait. I just wish Mandy and Pioer could be here.  They have commitments at home they have to attend to though. I'm sure face-time will be busy this weekend.

Have a lovely week everyone!

"I shall mount up with wings like eagles. I shall walk and not grow weary, I shall run and not be faint." Isaiah 40:32



  1. Betsy I am so excited for you to have such a family gathering next weekend, so much to look forward to. You are certainly blessed with some amazing blogging friends, what a great time you had and some spectacular gifts. Take care.

  2. Wonderful pix Betsy...the snow capped mountains are so pretty! Glad you and your hubby were able to meet up with your blogger friends :-) Have a blessed family time!

  3. I am so glad you and Dennis made the trek over to Portland in order to have time with your friends. The best thing about life is love and friendships and it's good that you take the time to spend time with us. We all had such a fun time talking around the table at Tad's Chic Dump! And the beer battered prawns were delish! And a bonus was being able to see Taci after she had to miss Saturday. Thank you again for the gifts. I know you'll have fun with your two sons and two grandsons there. I can't wait to see photos. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Looks like a great time with Teresa and friends!

  5. Glad that you were able to all meet up and had such a special time.Thank you for sharing your journey. Have a wonderful time with your family. Anne x

  6. What a fun time you had! You have wonderful friends. I need to find a pattern for those sock/DPN holders. I've been wanting some of those as I hear they are really nifty! Lovely pictures...except for the good food I was almost like being there! LOL!

  7. What fun to meet up with the ladies and everyone. I would love to, one day, be there among all of you!!
    How are you feeling?
    XO Kris

  8. Ohhh how wodnerful to catch up with bloggie friends like that Betsy even if you r drive half way across the country for it :D good on Dennis too very kind! loving the fact you've your family coming home too .. enjoy dear friend!
    Thanks so much for sharing your joys with us .. and the rougher times too, the LORD bless you all!.
    Shaz in Oz.x

    {Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}

  9. So nice that you could see your leggy friends. I love all your gifts. Your husband is a keeper. About the dad that whacked the sports bag, I just thought his reaction was so funny.
    Beautiful pictures.

  10. I am so glad you had a wonderful time visiting those wonderful ladies. I know they were thrilled to see you Betsy. And instead f being sad that you left them you now have family coming to visit. Have a lovely time and enjoy each precious minute with them.

  11. Hi Betsy! This is Heather from Compared to Who? I just wanted to say hey and thanks for putting my links on the side of your blog! You are sending women to my page every day and I'm grateful for that. I pray they will find help with their body image and comparison struggles when they arrive. I couldn't find a way to message you directly, so I thought I'd leave a comment here just to say thank you!! I appreciate you! (And, it looks like you had a fun trip! I've never been to Oregon...but someday!!) :)