Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Yarny Things

Hello my friends out in blogland.  I thought today I would clear up some misconceptions.  Lest any of you think I'm a super organized person with my yarn stash, today I will be completely transparent with you.   My name is Betsy and I LOVE YARN.

This is my main yarn closet.  Many of you have seen this before.  Neal surprised me one year while Dennis and I were gone on vacation and put these wonderful shelves in our office closet for me.  On the left side of the closet where you can't see, is about a 3 foot of hanging space that he left for me.  I have all of my seasonal wreaths and decorations for the kitchen island hanging on it with a little plastic set of drawers holding my cross stitch supplies, buttons and some fabric underneath.

On top of these shelves you see are two bins with odds and ends of yarn in them.  Then it's categorized, (believe it or not), by type of yarn.  Baby, worsted, chunky, sock, cotton, etc.  Two shelves on the right hold my stock of cards.  Below that are finished objects yet to be delivered to the recipients.  There are baby hats, blankets and sweaters on the two shelves.  It looks like a mess, but I know where everything is!  I think I need a bigger closet because I've begun stashing other places in the house too!
These are the ends of balls of cotton that I have in a bin on the floor of the closet.
An older lady at church just gave me this bag of Red Heart yarn last week.  I'm not sure what to do with it as I'm allergic to Red Heart. It is a lovely tweed and would make a nice lapghan for a male.  I may just try to use it and deal with the allergy symptoms.
Next to that is a bag with the leftover yarn from the blankets I made for the Veterans last week.  They don't fit in my closet. :-(
In the living room is a basket with the ends of the balls from the mittens.  Now these I do use.  There is about enough for one mitten in each ball.  When I have two of the same color, I take them out of this basket and make another pair.  By the way,  I counted last night and I have 53 pairs made for next fall. I thought it was more but I was WRONG!  Only about 45 or so more pair to go by fall.
Here in the living room under the television I have drawers full of just mitten yarn.  I keep this separate from my own personal stash because a few of you have helped buy this specifically for the mittens and I don't want to use it for anything else.
One more drawer on top!  All six of these drawers were crammed full at one time but it's slowly getting made into mittens!
Now on to the basement coat closet.  Hidden way in the back is my bin of dishcloth Cotton.  In the plastic bag is my very favorite cotton of all.  Knit Picks "Dishie."  Hobby Lobby's "I Love This Cotton" is a close second on my list of favorites.
A few odds and ends on a bookshelf in the family room.  I'm telling you, there is yarn everywhere in this house.  But I do use it up.
There.  I have confessed.  My yarn isn't neatly stored away.  It oozes out of every nook and cranny.  It makes me happy.  :-)

I made another farmhouse shawl this weekend.  I always like to have one on hand for a gift when I feel someone is in need of a hug. This one still needs blocked and I don't know what that strange bump is in the middle of the bottom.  Hopefully it will block out.  I always add few more rows of the edging than the pattern calls for because I think the shell pattern is so pretty.
I also started a pair of socks last night for Alex.  He wears my hand knitted socks all of the time so I wanted to be able to send a couple of pair home with him after his visit.
I have absolutely no idea about this underline thing.  It did it a week or so ago too.  The only buttons at the top of the screen are for italics and bold.  No underline, so I don't know how to turn it off OR how it got turned on!  Blogger strikes again. 

We have amazingly blue skies today.  Yesterday was cold and it even snowed, but didn't stick around.  This weekend is supposed to be 68 degrees so guess who's going camping Friday?  Me!  We went out to the lake Saturday and Dennis put in my new kitchen faucet with a sprayer.  Gosh, I feel like a very posh camper now.  The water is hooked up so we can shower and use the bathroom.  I made the bed and took some food out.  Tomorrow, Chloe and I plan to go out and spend the day.  I'll turn the refrigerator on and we'll be set for the summer!  Yippee!

After a talk with the pharmacist on Sunday, it seems virtually all of the strange things I've been experiencing are side affects of the two new medicines I have.  It may be that I'll just have to learn to live with them.  And maybe they'll get better after awhile as my body adjusts.  I so appreciate the love and prayers you have all been sending to me.

Have any of you watched any knitting podcasts?  I think I'm becoming addicted to them.  There is one Mother/Daughter podcast that I especially enjoy very much.  "LegacyKnitz". Oh my goodness.  I was laying in bed last night watching it on my iPad with headphones in so it wouldn't wake up Dennis.  I think it was episode 5 that I was watching.  I was laughing so hard the bed was shaking, (I really WAS trying to be quiet),  I woke Dennis up with my hysterical laughing.  Oh my goodness they are funny.  I would love to have the talent to do something like this with Mandy, but I'm not funny at all.  They finish each other's sentences and use the same expressions.  Love it.  And the yarn.  Oh my goodness, the yarn.  They are definite enablers.

You should go check them out.  Apparently there is a whole world of crocheting and knitting podcasts that I never knew existed.  I have a whole list to watch.  Much better than TV in my opinion.

And now I need to get my ironing done so I can knit socks!  Have a lovely Tuesday my friends.

"I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits, and in His word I put my hope." Psalm 130:5

Blessings always,


  1. I cant wait to check out Legacyknits THANKS for the tip. Oh my you have lots pretty yarn! mine has to be hidden in any number of places so the wooly loving cat doesnt get at it!@

  2. Now that is an impressive yarn stash, some beautiful yarn in array of colour. I would have been tempted to. You can never have too much in my opinion. Glad to hear you are all ready for your trips camping again, that certainly came around quickly. Take care.

  3. Thank you for sharing Betsy- I have taken over the whole house with my craft stash and supplies :-) Must check out Legacy knits. Hugs Anne x

  4. Your yarn, my dolls. Your yarn seems organized to me.
    Don't use the yarn if you are allergic. That could be dangerous.
    When is your first camping going to be.

  5. Oh I love your yarn stash places! :) Thank you for the podcast info, too. Wishing you a most lovely day sweet friend. Blessings always. One quick thing. Up at the top of your blogger posting, do you have the B I and U? If you have the U, click it, for it's the underline...if you don't have the U then something is wrong. Are you posting from a new post form each time? Hope this helps in some way sweet friend. :)

  6. OK, I think I have figure it out. Up at the top of a new post page, look in the top left where it says "Compose" and "HTML"...if you click the compose button it will give you the B I U and then you can unclick the U. If you click on the HTML button it does not allow for the U. I am not sure why you'd want to post from HTML, and not compose, but if you still need to post from HTML, then first go back to compose unclick the under line button and then go back to HTML. I hope this works sweet friend. You know I only know enough about computers to turn them on, so please forgive if this does not help. :)

  7. I loved seeing your yarn. I try to not have yarn in every room, but I am not very successful. Thanks for sharing about the podcast, I will be sure to check it out. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I think we may be toe-to-toe on the amount of yarn we each have. But I am not ashamed.. like I said to Meredith.. we're fiber artists and the yarn is our "paint". ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. I understand your stash. I am a quilter, spinner, knitter and crocheter - and we live in a small house with no basement. I had plastic totes full of fabric, fiber and yarn all over the place, in closets, under the bed, and the spare bedroom was a storage room. So, we built a 12 x 16 storage building with loft space front and rear - and now we have our house back!

  10. You have some really beautiful yarn!

  11. Oh, wow! I LOVED seeing all of your yarn! What an amazing collection you have, and it is so sweet that you don't mix the donated yarn into the rest. I have been trying to use up all of my yarn to make gifts for this coming Christmas. It is so wonderful to be able to make things for others, and it is such good therapy to take our mind off troubles, isn't it? You have such a dear, giving heart, and you do so much for so many. Surely God will bless you abundantly for all you do! I want to go and watch the videos you were speaking of...it made me laugh to think of you laughing so hard!! LOL! Sending you much love across the miles!

  12. Hey Girlie, My name is Betsy and I love ROSES..... ha ha ha.... I will know where to go when I'm looking for YARN. You could open up your own little shop!!!!!

    Side effects can cause so many problems. The past couple of weeks I have struggled with Bursitis in my shoulder/arm. My doctor put me on a Steroid (Prednisone). WELL--my Bursitis is better (not great but better now)---but that Prednisone about killed me. I experienced a few days of depression (which scared me). I lost myself ---and it was weird... As you know, I am usually positive about life --but that disappeared and I lost my love of life... CRAZY side effects. Hope they can get your medication straightened out.


  13. Hmmm, I think I will come shopping at your house :) The thing is, you produce so many great projects I know you will use all that yarn sooner rather than later! The shawl is lovely, and even if the bump does not get blocked out I imagine no one will notice when the garment is worn. Thanks for the podcast suggestion. Wishing you happy, healthy days and fun at the lake! xx

  14. Me again. That bunny bunting came from Target's three dollar bin.

  15. beautiful yarn stash!!! i love yarn too and have many boxes full of yarn.
    love the color of the socks!
    greetings from germany,

  16. Hello dear girl! Your yarn stash is quite impressive!! Who cares if it is all over the house. That way it is accessible for when the mood strikes!!!
    Your charity knitting is so lovely.
    Oh, and guess what? We are off to pick up our new trailer today. I wish my sink had a spraying faucet. Some we looked at did. But I guess we can put one in. I am so excited for you to be able to go back to your spot on the lake again.
    Hoping that those nasty side effects wear off soon, and your body adjusts to the meds you need to take.
    I think of you often.
    XO Kris

  17. Your yarn stash is amazing my friend. I am glad you showed us all of your beautiful yarn, I love how it is all over your house, it is all over mine too! So happy you will be at the trailer enjoying the lake very soon. Dear Betsy, I am sorry those meds are causing your trouble. I tired new medication for my headaches last weekend and was so ill. I'd rather have the headaches. I would love to be visiting you at the trailer, knitting and chatting away.
    Hugs to you Betsy,