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Friday, March 11, 2016

Spring, Snow, Spring, which one is it?

Happy Friday everyone!  

Look who has come to visit Chloe!  Paul and Lori's little baby, Mattie is here.  Oh my goodness there was a great wagging of tails and touching of noses when she arrived this morning.  Her bed is right next to Chloe's and they are happily napping right now.  Paul and Lori are heading to the Mariner's spring training for the next week.  They are avid sports fans, especially with the Mariners and Seahawks.  I know these two girls will have a great time for the next week.  They are inseparable when we're at the lake.
Some signs of spring in our backyard I photographed this morning.  Little rhubarb shoots.  I think those tiny curled up leaves are so cute.
But we have fresh snow on Mt. Spokane.  Photo taken from our back deck.
My rose bush has a few new leaves on it too.  More rain/snow mix is predicted for early next week.  But since it's the middle of March, it won't last.  Today Mandy has her A/C on in D.C.  It's crazy!  We started out with the blue sky you see above, but clouds came to visit an hour or so ago.
Have I ever shown you my knitting fairy?  Mandy gave her to me several years ago and she hangs on our patio door.  She's made by a woman in the Portland, OR area.  The verse says,
"In the rhythm of knitting needles, there is music for the soul."  How appropriate for me. Do you see the knitting needles in her hands?

This is the front.
She's just as beautiful on the back.  On the patio door you can see both sides.
The mitten bag is three rows deep now and beginning the fourth row.  I have great hopes that I'll have them all done by fall and before the first cold weather.
I found the pattern for this blanket on a u-tube video.  You can get it on Ravelry, but I can't remember the name of it.  Written instructions aren't very good and the video is over an hour long, but I like the way it looks three dimensional.  Once you figure out that you work on the WRONG side of the blanket every other row, it was very easy.  I must admit, I only made one pair of mittens in the past three days because I was working on this blanket.  It's about 40 inches square.  It will go to the local Veterans home as a lapghan for the veterans in wheelchairs.  I want to get a few more blankets made soon to donate.  I washed and dried this today and it's so soft.

***edited to add- the name of the blanket is Squared Diamonds Granny Throw
Not much new has happened since my last post.  Alex bought his ticket to come home for three weeks and he bought a house in northern Japan this week too.  I think he will only be at the University in Tokyo for a few more months and then will be self-employed with his translation business.  He's been doing that part time for several years and now he believes it has grown enough to go out on his own.  I wish he had bought a house here in Spokane!  I guess this clinches it.  He's moved to Japan for good.  Sad Mama and Dad.

I'm having more good days than bad days this week.  Yippee!  That's a good thing.  Maybe the new medication is kicking in.  Dennis is doing great, although he's been working 12 hour days all week and is exhausted.  I think he's too old for that but he doesn't want to hear it.  :-). He says he doesn't feel 60...more like 40.  I say good for him, I think I picked those years up this winter.  :-)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  I'm sure enjoying reading all of the blog posts out there.  The overall feeling is happiness and optimism with spring on the horizon, and showing her face more every day for a lot of us.

"I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits, and in His word I put my hope." Psalm 130:5

Blessings always,


  1. What a sweet little visitor friend for Chloe! I bet they love one another to pieces!
    I love your knitting fairy! She is cute, and the verse is nice!
    So glad to hear you are having more good days lately. What a relief.
    My husband is also 60. He leaves the house every day at 5:30 and doesn't get home til about 7. TOO long for old guys!!!
    Sorry to hear that your son will be making his permanent home in Japan. I know we Mama's like our kids nearby!!
    It is pouring rain here. I love it. And we need it so desperately. Summers here are long and hot, and I can wait!
    Hugs my friend.

  2. I'm glad you're feeling better and that you're getting some plant growth there. Your blanket is really spectacular and I'm so impressed with all the mittens you've got done already. Now.. about your son. I would think he'd be just as helpful to the world if he moved here and taught Japanese to people here! :-) Tell him I said so. LOL! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Now that is one good looking pup. Glad to hear you are having more good days than bad. The blanket is stunning, a real delight, you are so generous with your knitting/crochet projects. Take care.

  4. Such a cute pup and I love the knitting fairy
    Clare x

  5. Oh Mattie is a sweetheart. It's wonderful that they enjoy each other's company. So very sweet. :) I love your knitting fairy. Right now all I seem to be able to do is knit. I love the afghan you made. Great colors and what a noble cause, too. Great news about your husband, too. Wonderful news that you will get to see your son soon. Blessings to you always sweet friend. :)

  6. Betsy, Your mittens are fantastic. A wonderful plan.
    Im sorry your son is settling Far away. We feel those pangs of sadness and our DD is only 9 hours away now. We just love having them around huh

  7. Oh Mattie is gorgeous. I love your knitting fairy - I think I could use one of those at the moment - knitting not progressing well :-( The view you have is amazing - you are so fortunate living where it is so beautiful. Glad Dennis is doing well, you take care as well. I can imagine how excited you are re seeing your son. Hugs Anne x

  8. Finally I've turned on my laptop and getting caught up with your blogs. I've missed them :)

  9. Hi Betsy! I just got back from Lincoln City and am catching up with your news. Your visitor looks like a sweetie. I am so glad you and Dennis are both feeling better. I admire your latest makes and your knitting fairy and plant growth:) Now while I am glad Alex is making a housing investment........I tend to agree with Teresa's assessment! Love you xx