Friday, March 25, 2016

Good Friday

It's Friday.  Usually I would say Happy Friday, but today is Good Friday and when I remember the significance of this day and the suffering that took place for me and for you, I can't utter those words. Although, because of that suffering, I can rejoice in knowing that there is a place for me someday in Heaven!  Unbelievable that He would choose to suffer on that cross like he did for me, but I am oh, so grateful that He did.

And now a few photos of the past few days.

I repotted an African Violet that was not doing well.  I hope it perks up here in it's new little pot.  I don't seem to have much luck when it comes to violets.
Piper's other Grandma and Grandpa are visiting them and I'm SO jealous.  They wanted us to visit at the same time for Easter, but I'm still under "no fly" orders for a few more weeks. (I see the cardiologist again next week.)  We so enjoy visiting with Dennis and Marilyn and maybe you remember they even came here to see us for a week two summers ago.  It's nice to get along with your in-laws so well.  We often try to time our visits to Mandy & Brad's so we're there at the same time.

You can tell Piper is thrilled Grandma is there.  Marilyn worked at an elementary school in the library for years and she always keeps Miss Piper supplied in books.  Fun!
A friend from high school that I haven't seen in years asked me to send a picture to her.  I detest pictures of myself but here it is.  A selfie.  I look scared or something.  Ha!  Look at all of those chins!
Our friend Pam has been living in Spokane for about 10 months while her and her husband were trying to flip a house they bought online.  Her husband was back home in Indiana.  She visited our church and started coming to the Bible study we have here at our house on Thursday nights.  What a wonderful gift we have been given with her friendship.  Unfortunately it hasn't been a good house flipping experience for her.  Several contractors have taken the money she provided and ran, without completing the work.  They are  giving up and listing the house as is, because she misses her husband and wants to go home.  Last night was her last Bible study with us, so I got her a cake.  It's supposed to say, "Safe Travels Pam. We will miss you."  The writing isn't the best, but goodness, the cake was delicious.  White cake with raspberry filling.  Yum!  Dennis and Neal are going to load her Uhaul trailer tomorrow and she'll leave after church Sunday to begin her drive home.  We will sure miss her.
Wednesday I got a "bee in my bonnet" to make a crocheted bunting for the island.  Here it is about 5 hours later.  So simple.  So easy.  Such a LOT of ends to weave in!  Seriously those ends were the most tedious part.  But I really like it...what do you think?  I think the flower garland will remain on my Hoosier cabinet and this one on the island for the summer months.  Bright and cheerful. 
I'm going to close today with one of my favorite hymns of old that reminds me of what happened on that Good Friday so many years ago.  I pray that each of you will take a moment to remember the reason that we celebrate Easter this Sunday.  HE IS RISEN!  For you.  And for me.

Lead Me to Calvary

King of my life, I crown Thee now, Thine shall the glory be;
Lest I forget thy thorn-crowned brow, Lead me to Calvary.

Show me the tomb where Thou was laid, Tenderly mourned and wept;
Angels in robes of light arrayed, Guarded Thee whilst Thou slept.

Let me like Mary through the gloom, Come with a gift to Thee;
Show to me now the empty tomb, Lead me to Calvary.

May I be willing, Lord to bear, Daily my cross for Thee;
Even Thy cup of grief to share, Thou hast borne all for me.


"It was now about the sixth hour, and darkness came over the whole land until the ninth hour, for the sun had stopped shining.  And the curtain of the temple was torn in two.  Jesus called out with a loud voice, Father, into your hands I commit my spirit." When he had said this, he breathed his last."
Luke 23:44-46

But this wasn't the end.  Sunday came.  He rose and He lives today!  May you have a Happy Easter.



  1. It is good to see Miss Piper, even though I know you wish you could be beside her, too. I hope Pam's house investment is profitable for them, even if disappointing in some ways. The new bunting is very cheery as is your lovely smiling face. I too am grateful for Jesus Christ's death for all sin for all time and that He lives and empowers us to live now and forever in HIs love through the Holy Spirit. Amazing! Happy Easter! xx

  2. Such a shame that you weren't able to travel to visit Miss Piper the same time as her other Grandparents. I am praying that you will get the all clear on your health soon. Love the new bunting. Happy Easter.

  3. I am loving that bunting, I think it looks fabulous right where you put it. The selfie looks much better than I think you think it looks, you are beautiful my friend inside and out and your kindness and beauty radiates from you. Miss Piper is growing up, I see she is enjoying Pinkalicious, that is a funny book.

    Have a wonderful and blessed Easter Betsy,

  4. I love your bunting AND your photo.. you're very pretty. Thanks for showing us cute little Piper. I water my African Violet from the bottom.. never from the top.. and it's been doing fantastic for years now. Mine is in my south facing kitchen windowsill.

    ❀.•❤•.✿.•❤ Happy Easter! ❀.•❤•.✿.•❤

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Sorry to hear about your friend's experience. Such a shame that there are so many deceitful people out there. Your bunting is great. I've gotten very lazy with my crafting so often just go with what's easiest. Those color changes probably would have done me in. :) Several of my husband's friends have recently been diagnosed with heart problems, all in their early 50s. The most recent has two arteries that are 100% blocked and surgery is recommended but he doesn't what to do it. Not sure what will happen. Scary either way. Take care of yourself. Easter blessings, Tammy

  6. Happy Easter. Im sorry your new friends plans were not what she expected and worked for.
    God has a plan right?

  7. Love the bunting. It is very pretty and cheerful. :) Aww little Miss Piper is so sweet, she has such a sweet little smile. I am keeping you in my prayers that you will be well soon sweet friend. Very sad about your friend's troubles with the house. Will say a prayer for her safe travels back to Indiana as well. I think your picture is great. It shows your pretty smiling face that reflects your love of Jesus, just like your heart does. Happy Easter to you and yours sweet friend. Blessings always. :)

  8. Love your picture... You are a beautiful lady --on the inside and outside... Love the new look on your 'island'... Gorgeous!!!!!

    So sorry about Pam and her experience trying to 'flip' the house... There was a man who bought a house not far from us, to flip it.. He worked and worked and worked trying to fix up that house. Then he tried to sell it... NO BITES for a long long time. I 'think' it finally sold --but I have always wondered if he made (or lost) money.

    Beautiful cake!!!! YUM...

    Hope you all have a very Happy and Blessed Easter... Christ is Risen INDEED.