Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Is spring coming....please?

Is everyone as ready for spring as I am?  The weatherman predicted snow flurries for us yesterday.  This is what it looked like when the snow began.
Big fluffy beautiful snowflakes.  At times it looked like a snow globe.  My house looks like someone poured a jar of mustard over it.  Eww.  I think it's the light and not quite that color!
This is this morning.  I ventured out into the backyard to get this picture.   I just love this little tree.
And there is blue sky peeking through today.
Our woodpile is definitely covered isn't it?
Last but not least.  I took this from our bedroom window looking down.  All told, we recieved about 8 inches of "flurries".  This is on top of the 4 inches we got on Sunday.  I am definitely tired of winter.
It wouldn't have been so bad, but our snow blower keeps "throwing it's belt", whatever that means, so then the shovel has to make an appearance.  I know that compared to some in the eastern U.S. this isn't much, but keep in mind I just came through Portland's "great blizzard" a few weeks ago, and I'm sure the snow isn't over for us either.  March is due to "come in like a lion", so I'm hoping there will be a great turnaround in the weather and it will go "out like a lamb" and spring will be here.

Hubby wants to go look at new snowblowers this week and I've been putting him off, but after this latest dumping of "flurries".  I think I'll take him up on it.  It's really for me since I do most of the snow removal while he's working.  

And now a little knitting.  Two washcloths done for the "Days for girls in Africa charity."  I made one while getting my oil changed yesterday.  Silly me, I thought with the snow no one would be out driving and I thought I would get it done during a slow time.  I forgot.  I'm in Spokane, not Portland.  Everyone was out driving around and the oil change took two hours, there were so many people there.  Thank goodness I always have a project in my purse.
And here's Teresa's doily.  I'm on row 32 now and its really looking pretty and lacey.  I had a boo-boo awhile back and had to rip out 4 rows but now I'm rolling right along.   I can only work on this at home when I can concentrate, so not much will be done today as I have errands to do.

Isn't it pretty?  Vicki aka Stitchy McFloss is crocheting right along with me on her own doily.  I'm enjoying comparing notes with her.  I now have a deadline to complete this doily though.  Hubby says I've gotten to see Miss Piper way more than he has and Grandpa is a bit jealous.  :-)  We're planning a trip to see them around the middle of March.  I can't wait!  More hugs and kisses from Piper.  Grandpa is even planning to take a vacation day so he can have more than one day with them.  Yippee!

I guess it's time for me to venture out into the winter wonderland that is Spokane this morning.  I don't mean to complain about the snow.  I know the moisture is much needed, and we haven't really had all that much snow this year.  I'm just ready for some warm weather and sunshine.  And camping weather. The lake is beckoning to me!  :-)  

Have a lovely, wonderful day my friends.  




  1. I think you're entitled to complain a little, Betsy. This has been some winter! I hope the new snowblower makes your life easier. You certainly have my blessing. :) Your knitting and crochet are looking lovely. I'm glad you have some nice handcrafts to keep busy in the snowy weather.

  2. Your snow looks good to me! I'm starved for snow. Ha-ha. Of course, the fact that I've never had to shovel it might have something to do with that. It sure looks pretty though! Did you ever say what pattern you're using for Teresa's doily? I'll have to go back and look. It's beautiful so far. I asked Teresa to email you for me and give you my email. I want more info on that tea potion and where you ordered yours.

  3. Hello Betsy, I am with you about having had enough of the bitter cold of Winter this year. My 4 foot garden fence is under snow. I am truly hoping for a early Spring. Your knitting and crocheting is lovely. Take care with the snow blowing. Sunshine and warm would certainly lift my "My Cabin Fever" blues. VBG Hugs Judy

  4. I know it is a pain but it does look beautiful. So does the doily xxx

  5. I agree with Jennifer above, you are entitled to complain about the snow. I am sick and tired of all the snow...and our weather guy says more is on the way for us, too. Oh well, at least we have something fun to do while we are stuck inside.

    I am only on round 22, I had to rip back...it appears that no I can not watch TV, listen to Hubby, and follow a crochet pattern! :)

    Blessings to you always sweet friend.

  6. Oh Betsy.. not more snow! I'm with you on being "over" winter.. I have daffodils with the buds moving towards the sky. I hope you'll have time for a lunch with the girls when you're in town next! Good job on the cloths for those girls.. I know it will help them. The doily is looking so gorgeous! I'm very excited about it! Woohoo! Sending warm weather thoughts to you. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. We could sure use some of that moisture here...we haven't had much of a winter...in the 70's today. I heard rain may be on the way soon though. Your pictures are so pretty of the snow...makes me yearn to live in a colder climate...sometimes! Have a great day!!

  8. Uhhhh, I have to confess that when I got to the part about the 8inch snow flurry I laughed out loud...not that I mean to be insensitive to your plight, but you did a good job poking fun at your misery :-) I join Teresa hoping that if you get to visit Piper that means we get to have lunch with you! Love your needlework!!! wishing you a strong back and good health in general and God's best blessings, Betsy xx

  9. I think the snow is so beautiful, I know it is cold, wet and needs to be shoveled, but it makes staying inside and working on a doily so much more fun. I am excited you get to see Piper again in a few weeks.
    Hugs to you dear Betsy,

  10. It is beautiful Betsy, but I know all of you who deal with the snow, are ready for Spring! We have had a very Spring like winter here. But rain is forecast for the end of week and weekend! We certainly need it!
    Thank you for your prayers for my Mom!
    xo Kris

  11. Wow Betsy I can understand why you are tired of winter my friend. We don't have any snow ( anymore), but lost of wind and rain....so excited that you are coming back. I'm always so excited to see you again . Gesticulating washcloths and absolutely gorgeous Doyle.
    Have a wonderful rest of the week my goos hr

  12. I agree, we need spring pretty soon. More snow today, Sheila got stuck at work an extra 5 hours because her replacement couldn't get there due to the roads! Skip spring...I need summer!!!!

  13. I agree with the exception of one thing...skip Spring, I need Summer!!! After all the snow today (Sunday) I am so done! Sheila got stuck at work for an extra 5 hours because her replacement couldn't get through the roads :(