Saturday, February 8, 2014

Snowmeggedon in Portland!

Happy Saturday morning everyone!  Is it snowing where you are?  It is here in Portland, OR where I'm still visiting Mandy.  Now what you need to understand is this isn't Spokane. Portland DOES NOT get snow like this. Ever.  The city is virtually shut down. It took Brad over 3 hours to get home Thursday after work.  Yesterday he and Mandy went to work together but it didn't take as long since the vast majority of people didn't go to work and all schools were closed.

This was Thursday night and the little fountain in the back yard.
This was yesterday afternoon.  Even with 4 wheel drive on his pick-up, Brad said the drive home from work yesterday was treacherous. I'm glad they work close together and can carpool at times like this.
This is this morning on the front porch. It doesn't look that deep but there is at least 8-10 inches out there, maybe more.  It's hard to tell the exact amount because of the blowing and drifting with the high winds the past few nights.  I came to Portland to escape the snow and look what followed me. :-)
Can you see my little CRV in the driveway?  This was when the snow started up again yesterday.  Almost all the snow was off of it because it had been driven.  That's Mandy & Brad's house. Isn't it pretty?
This is my car this morning with the snow that fell overnight.  Bleh. I was supposed to go home Monday but I really don't know when I'll leave.  All of this is heading to Spokane and I'm not driving 6 hours in this.  Luckily, Mandy and Brad have told me I can stay as long as I want to.  Hubby is missing me but agrees that the best thing is for me to just stay put. Warm and safe. 
And obviously, staying with this little girl is no hardship.  I brought her this blue bunny and she loves to comb it's "hair".
And kiss him
And just give him lots of hugs and love.  Right Grandma?
One of her favorite pastimes is to read her books. She loves books.
Did I tell you the most important news of this post? She called me Gramma yesterday for the first time. I was watching her eat her lunch and she pointed at me and said "Gramma" clear as could be.  I did a happy dance. Kissed her all over and tried to get her to say it again.  I love this little girl.

Be warm. Stay safe. Happy Birthday to my good friend Taci.  Enjoy your snow day my friend.  :-)



  1. Well you are deffo meant to stay put. How wonderful hearing that from your gorgeous little munchkin xxx

  2. Hi Betsy.. aww.. such cute photos of Piper! And she's so smart to be saying 'gramma' already! Actually, Portland does get this much snow every few years. One time we had 3 feet of it! It's a rare year that we don't get one pretty snowfall. Just enough for the novelty of it but not so much it gets tiresome. Enjoy your time with your sweeties! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Look at that SNOW!! I know you're used to it, but it is gorgeous. We had a dusting here Thursday and Friday and I was excited over that little bit. Ha-ha. You take care and wait until it's safe to get home!

  4. You must have brought the snow with you Betsy! LOL. Yep we tend to have rainy rather than snowy winters here, but snowfalls are not unknown in NW Oregon at all. The last really BIG one that I recall off the top of my head was in 2008/9. I LOVED it and pranced around outdoors taking lots of photos! We also got snowed in that year for awhile which wasn't so fun after awhile. This time we aren't snowed in--yet--but it isn't the best time to be out and about either. On our little road trip yesterday, we saw at least 4 trucks in ditches. Not a great day for them I'm sure, but didn't see anyone with injuries-thank God!
    Your sweet little Piper is looking more grown up every day. She is such a cutie pie and her vibrant personality shines through your photos! That is SO cool that she calls you gramma now:)

  5. Sweet! I loved this post, Betsy! Not only are you popular with Piper, but our little Molly was so disappointed that you left before she woke from her nap the last time you were here, she cried. So if the roads get clear enough for you to come over here to stitch with me I especially hope you will before you head back to Spokane. xx

  6. she called you Grammie!! wonderful i want to be gramma Kate

  7. glad you are safe but I'm sure you are missing home. My sis and fiance are marooned in the snow in Kelso area tonight. I guess they were out snowshoeing and now there's snow and not sure if they can go 1-5 north to Olympia area! Oh dear. But we are enjoying what we have. I've got lots of snow photos. Thanks for sharing and glad your little granddaughter called you grandma. It's such a beautiful moment when they call you grandma. I remember that! email me at snapperbeckatgmaildotcom

  8. I think it is a blessing to be snowed in with that sweetie calling your name. She is adorable, and no you must not move an inch from that home until all is clear all the way back home, treasure this extra time.
    Hugs to you and stay safe,

  9. Oh boy, that is a lot of snow! But at least you are tucked inside, all cozy with sweet little Piper! And hooray for the most lovely sound,..."Gramma!" how thrilling!
    Enjoy every second!!
    xo Kris

  10. You all stay warm and be safe out there in all that snow.

    Awww little Miss Piper is so adorable. I am sure that was music to your ears when she called you Granmma, she is so very sweet and smart. Love that she likes books.

    Blessings to you and yours always sweet friend.

  11. I can't believe how much snow we have had. I'm glad u r staying, I just wish we could have seen you again but we can't leave the house with all the snow. Piper is just a doe able, I'm so glad you get to enjoy your time with her and hear her say gramma is just adorable. Be careful driving back hoe my dear and thanks for the birthday wishes :)