Thursday, September 12, 2013

More Yarny Goodness

Hello friends:

Just popping in for a quick minute to show you what I was able to get with Sherri's wonderful donation for yarn for the mitten project.

Michaels has another sale going on this week so I was really able to score a hit. Thank you Sherri!

I also have completed three more pair of mittens since my last post. Yesterday was my annual physical and I finished one pair while waiting over 2 hours for my appointment! I hadn't expected to be there so long waiting to be seen, so I actually ran out of yarn. That almost never happens to me. When waiting somewhere I always knit or crochet. Oh well. Waiting for blood test results but everything else, (except my weight) looks good. My BP was only 106/62. That made me happy. :-)

I had my acupuncture appt. in the afternoon. She wasn't too happy with the state of my feet. They're full of knots and they ache terribly bad. I haven't been to see her since February so it's my own fault. She left the needles in for over an hour - almost 40 of them! My feet felt wonderful after that, but I'm going back tomorrow for another treatment. Then I think I should be able to just go once a month or so to keep the hot flashes and painful feet away. Goodness! A year ago you would never have told me I would be going to have acupuncture done. All those needles!!!! Ladies, I'm here to tell you that it works. I went to three conventional foot doctors who just wanted to move ALL of the bones in both of my feet. Finally, the last one suggested I try this before he operated. Now, I don't like needles much at all but it doesn't even hurt. I fall asleep almost every time and I'm the person who NEVER sleeps during the day, even when sick. It's so relaxing.

So, instead of going to the lake tomorrow morning I'll go in the afternoon. This has been an absolutely gorgeous week of temperatures in the 90's and blue, blue sky and I'm missing it all by being home! Poor me. HA!

Okay, I'm off to give Miss Chloe a bath. She is a lab that's afraid of water, so I always feel bad when I give her a bath. Her big brown eyes just melt my heart and she looks so sad and scared. But afterwards she runs around like a puppy and smells so good!

Have a wonderful day my friends.



  1. Wow, lots more yarn mean lots more mittens and other things! I bet the kids could use some scarves, too. And hats! Have fun at the lake.. I think we're going to Kahneeta tomorrow!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Look at all that fabulous yarn, wow! Sharri is a blessing. I am so glad you are going to acupuncture, I go about once every 6 weeks to treat my neck/headaches. I love my acupuncturist, she is amazing. And you are so right the needles don't hurt, I think everyone should go.
    Hugs to you,

  3. Glad you found something that works for your feet. Anything is better than surgery! Off to look at your prior post to see what's up with the mittens you speak of. XOXOXO

  4. Glad to hear that acupuncture works for you!

  5. So happy things are working out great for you Betsy! Look at all that lovely yarn....I bet you can't wait to just dive right in. Have fun at the lake...wish I was there!
    Hugs, Shari

  6. Well I am proud of you for following through and going to the doctor and acupuncturist, Betsy!! And hooray that you are feeling better!!! I am diving into small group women's meetings at church and still trying to catch up from all my galavanting the last three months.Enjoy the lake for me too, please :)
    Gracie xx

  7. Well what a great find my friend...and such a nice gesture from Shari. I'm so glad you feel better, now you just need to kee up with your appointments and you will be as good as new :) hope you have fun at the lake. Great job with the mittens my dear friend :)

  8. The yarn is going to make so many pretty mittens for the little ones.

    I am glad you are taking care of your feet, seems like if they hurt it makes your entire body hurt, too.

    Enjoy your time at the lake!

    blessings always sweet friend.

  9. You are making great progress on your project! I've never tried acupuncture on my feet but I do love acupuncture. I will ask my acupuncture doctor about this and maybe give it a try as I have a lot of foot issues. I'm glad you are finding relief. It must be soooo nice!

  10. You definitely need to have pain free feet since you are always on the go. I would try anything before I would do surgery. Seems to be an epidemic these days -- pills and surgery. Yay for all the new yarn. Happy crocheting! Best wishes, Tammy

  11. That sounds like a long wait at the doctors office - the idea of being in a waiting room without yarn and needles is terrifying to me, I hate to wait!
    I'm glad that it's all good news with you and I'm intrigued about the acupuncture. I have never been brave enough to try it but I think I would benefit from it.

  12. Girl if you need any thing else that I can help you with just ask. I can send more cash next month if you need it. Or even if you don't. I love that you are helping the children that gets so cold during the winter months.
    You are a delight and a blessing I'm so happy I have gotten to know your sweet spirit. I love Jesus and I know you do to. Be blessed