Thursday, November 1, 2012

Piper Again!

I'm back in Portland enjoying my time with Piper and her parents. Grandpa is driving down tomorrow so he can do his share of spoiling her. He says I'm getting all the fun.

I'm attaching pictures of her in her Halloween costume. I passed out the candy here at the kids house and we had well over 200 trick or treaters based on the candy we gave out.

The tree in the photograph is right outside their front door and I think it's beautiful! So red!

I also started knitting Piper a bonnet this afternoon. I'm hoping to finish it tonight and I'll get a picture of her modeling it soon.

Have a wonderful day my friends.



  1. Precious Piper and a stunning tree! Happy knitting and visiting! We are counting down the days to my youngest daughter's wedding on the 10th ...Eeeeek :)
    xx from Gracie

  2. She is so bright eyed and cute! Can't wait to see the bonnet you make to keep her little head warm for the winter. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)