Monday, October 29, 2012

Busy, busy, busy!

Good Monday morning to you. Life has been pretty busy since I returned home from Portland last week and today isn't any different. I think I may be returning tomorrow to help out awhile longer. Little baby Piper isn't getting any better with the colitis and dear daughter could use some reinforcements in the form of Mom! I can at least keep up with the laundry, cooking and other housework and let her focus on this sick little girl. You would never know it by her photos would you?
Those are the two proud grandpa's up there! They both look pretty proud of their little angel don't they? Now for a change of scene. I had to go to the trailer on Friday after I got home to get some warranty work done before winter. My, but it's quiet up there. The colors of the trees were amazing. I was the only one at the campground and it was beautiful but rainy and cold. I just wish I could live in my little trailer permanently.
The bottom two photos are my knitting for the past month! I actually had a few more pair of mittens completed after this picture was taken. I delivered 21 hand knit hats and 22 pairs of mittens to the crisis nursery here in Spokane this morning. They shelter little ones when a family is in an emergency situation, but the families often need warm items for older children too, so I made hats and mittens in a range of sizes, from infant to teen. They were very happy to get them today as the mornings are getting pretty chilly here in Spokane. The last picture is a blanket I'm just making for no particular reason. It's mindless knitting to pick up late at night when I'm up with the baby. It will probably go to some charity or other. It will be a very warm baby size blanket make with Loops & Thread yarn. It's a simple block pattern I made up of seed stitch border and 10 knit, 10 purl across to make squares. What do you think? The blocks don't show up very well with varigated thread. I have made it before with solid color yarn and the blocks pop out very nicely. Well, I just got confirmation from hubby that I'll be on my way back to Portland tomorrow morning bright and early. Please keep little Piper and her Mommy and Daddy in your prayers. Also for safe travel for me. This time of year you never know what kind of weather you'll find as you drive! Have a wonderful week everyone! Blessings, Betsy


  1. Betsy, you're so productive and so generous to make these things for the less fortunate. I adore all the mittens! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Lovely photos! Have a safe trip!

  3. Ah, poor baby Piper and her mama. Be safe on your drive up. And all the mittens. What a kind and generous person you are.


  4. Oh poor little girl, yes, sending prayers for her and her parents and for safe travel for you.
    You have been busy! What lovely mittens, they will be so welcome.
    So sad seeing all the devastation on your East coast, just terrible.
    Stay safe.
    Carol xx