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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Granny Squares

Good Morning to all of my friends in blogland!

It's Thursday, which means Bible study tonight at our house.  Over the years I've gradually begun to do the bulk of my housework on Thursdays so everything is spic and span when our friends arrive for study.  But with the kids gone, it really doesn't get that messy anymore.  Still, old habits are hard to break so I've already cleaned all three bathrooms, vacummed, dusted and scrubbed floors this morning and it's only 8:30.  It's supposed to be hot today so I wanted to get everything done early.  That leaves more time to knit or crochet of course!

And that leads me to my tah-dah moment.  In the past two days I've crocheted 12 squares for Japan.  I hope to mail them off to Maureen this afternoon if I can make it to the post office.  And here they are:

I tried some different patterns from a book I have and made up a few of my own.  I think they turned out rather well and they're brightly colored too.  Do you see the white one with the red circle center?  That reminds me of the Japanese flag!

Still no word of when the work will be done on our trailer.  They do think they have found the source of the leak and have fixed that, but are waiting on things to dry out enough to put back together. camping yet.  Imagine a sad face inserted here.  Nita and I did go up to the lake yesterday for a few hours and enjoy the view and eat lunch.  It was a good time and a nice getaway.

I spent the afternoon with a young lady from our church at a doctors appointment.  She gets shots in her head for severe headaches.  Her mom just had knee surgery last week so I offered to drive her.  16 shots in her neck and head and the relief is only for a few weeks.  This dear girl had brain surgery last year that was supposed to heal her headaches but that didn't happen.  It's a genetic thing and now they are getting ready to test her brother for it.   Please pray for this family.  I can't imagine knowing that this is what she has to live with.  Just yesterday was 3 1/2 hours in the Dr. office. 

On a more cheerful note look how my flowers are blooming!  I have six pots of these in various spots around the outside of the house.  I'm thinking of taking some of them out to the lake.  They didn't do anything for about the first 5 weeks they were planted, but with the recent warmth, they've just blossomed.
 And here is my flowering bush.  It never blooms until late July and then goes crazy until it frosts.  It just started blooming on Tuesday.  By next week, the entire bush should be covered with these beautiful lavendar flowers
 Isn't it beautiful?  I love this bush and wish it bloomed longer in the summer.

For my works in progress I have a shawl on the needles for me.  I have made three identical ones in the past, all for me, and I ended up giving them away.  We'll see if God wants me to keep this one or gift it to someone.  I also have a little dress begun for our 7 year old granddaughter.  I'm not liking the neckline right now so it may be frogged.  It's a raglan style and I want to get a little further into the pattern before I give up.   I also want to make some booties for one of the charity knitting groups I'm in.  The project for the summer is a crisis pregnancy center.  They give a pair of booties to each mother when she has a positive pregnancy test.

Otherwise it will be a quiet day on the Queen homestead.  I've had two calls this morning from some of our new friends at the lake, asking if we'll be down.  We have other plans for the weekend though, even if the trailer was in place.  I'll update you on those plans next time. 

Have a wonderful day everyone and may it be blessed and filled with sunshine!




  1. I love the granny squares! What a great project. How long will this be going on? You flowers are beautiful. Enjoy your bible study!

  2. They have to be mailed to Maureen by the end of September. I really enjoyed working on them and thinking of the people they will help keep warm this winter.

    Thank you for the comments, it's nice to know someone is reading! :-)



  3. Hi dear Betsy! You are so fast on those squares! I was at the falls yesterday, not today (fri). I know Gracie and I would love to meet you for lunch next time you come through. Just let me know and we'll get a plan together. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. You, your granny squares and your flowers are beautiful, Betsy. You inspire me and I look forward to lunch with you and Teresa soon!!!
    Hugs from Gracie =)

  5. Lovely granny squares, yes, I can see one does make you think of the Japanese flag. Fabulous flowers.
    Hope your van is soon fixed so you can take some more trips.
    Carol xx