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Monday, July 23, 2012

A Challenge for You

Good Monday Morning My Friends!

It's a beautifully cool morning here in Washington State.  I drove to the lake bright and early this morning for the pick-up of our trailer to go back to the dealership for warranty repair.  They were there right on time and I got to spend an hour enjoying the early morning birds.  I purposely got there around 7:15 and took my breakfast with me to enjoy while waiting and enjoying the view at the lake.  There was a beautiful sailboat out already and it was so peaceful.  "sigh"  Hopefully the trailer will be repaired by the weeks end and I can spend some time there next week again.

I was asked if I would post a request on my blog for you all from a Ravelry friend who does a lot of charity needlework too.  Here it is in her words.

"Thought that I would update you about Knit for Japan’s granny square project. At Monthly Crochet for Charity, I have “issued” a challenge to beat the number of squares (64) that were sent at the beginning of July. The next mailing is at the end of September; therefore, I will need them by September 27th.

Would you mind spreading the word on your blog and to your friends? You have my permission to give them my address:)))))"

And here's her address:

Maureen D. Aube
19 Mountain View Drive
Franklin,  NH  03235

This is such a worthy cause.  The squares need to be 8 inches and will be joined to make blankets for the people still in shelters.  There are many.  There is sinply nowhere for them to go, especially the elderly.  The radiation situation at the Fukushima Diachi plant caused many, many people to have to simply walk away from their homes, livestock and all of their possessions.  Their homes are still standing, but they are not allowed to return.  Then, there are of course, all the people that lost everything in the earthquake and subsequent tsunami.  I know you are all wonderfully giving people and even one square will make a difference.  Winter will arrive again before we know it and they have severely cold ones in northern Japan.  Thanks a bunch.

We're having guests for dinner tonight and I think that I will attempt chicken parmesan with spaghetti.  I made it before and it turned out fairly well.  Hubby likes it and I like to make him happy!  :-)  I also have the first picking of green beans from the garden.

Thanks for joining me today.  Sorry I don't have any pictures.  Nothing exciting to report at all.  As always, I love your comments and suggestions.




  1. I have one crocheted for them and a couple that were in a batch of yarn that was given to me. I wanted to make more, but my funds are too tight to mail to Japan. Would love to mail to NH instead. Thanks.

    By the way my parents are RVers. They started with a small rig, upgraded several times. bought a park model, and now have downsized their rv. They love the lifestyle.

  2. Thank you so much for making the squares for Japan. I know each and every one is appreciated and cherished.

    Yep. RVing is addicting. I would love to live full time in ours, (if everything worked properly :-)) However, hubby isn't ready for that step. There's a lot less to clean which makes more time for knitting and crocheting!

  3. Betsy, this is a great project - but frankly I'm swamped with summer stuff and preparing for our camping trip in a few weeks.. maybe in the fall? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Oh no problem Teresa. I was just asked post about the project. Everyone is too busy to do every project that comes around, but do what we can, when we can.

    I hope you have a wonderful time camping and I can't wait to hear all about it.