Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Updates

All of these items were in a box that arrived today!  Aren't the hats and scarves nice?  And just look at the cute puppy slippers!  I love opening the boxes that arrive.  I know that August 1 was the deadline but I fully expect some things to trickle in at least this week.  I  still have seven boxes at my daughters house in Portland that I need to pick up later this month too.

This morning I took three huge boxes to the post office and sent them off to Alex in Japan.  I wish I would have thought to photograph them for you.  They were very, very full.  I spent almost an hour there filling out paperwork.  My local post office guys are very familiar with me since I mail a lot of stuff for charity, but even they are astounded by the volume of things I'm mailing to Japan.  They said to tell you all congratulations and way to go!

I'll be back soon with more pictures as items arrive.  Thank you all so much!


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