Thursday, August 11, 2011

An Amazing Delivery!

I was contacted several months ago from Karen who coordiates an outreach program with the Oregon State Correctional Institution.  The inmates had heard of the project for Japan and wanted to take part in it.  They do all the knitting and crocheting of the items.  Just take a look at the pictures below-it'll knock your socks off!  One of our church's pastors was in Portland yesterday and he picked up all the boxes from my daughter's house and brought them right to my door.  Such a blessing!  I didn't have to pay for the gas to drive all the way to Portland and since the group didn't pay for postage to mail them to me, they sent me a very generous check to help with postage.  Since each box costs me between $190 and $220 to mail, I've hobbled my pride for the time being and have generously accepted any and all donations!

Take a look and you'll be as amazed as I was.  It is my understanding that Karen taught every inmate to crochet these items.  These are numbers that they donated.  They included labels for each item.

HATS- 204

 These hats have matching scarves tucked up inside them.

 Shawls and Scarves!

Isn't this just wonderful?  Now I just have to label, repack and mail!  My dear mother-in-law is flying in from Nebraska in about 2 hours and then we're headed to Montana to babysit our grandchildren for the weekend.  My first project on Monday morning will be heading to the post office to send these goodies off on their way to Japan.

Thank you so much for the blessings you've shown me with your generousity.  You are all so wonderful!




  1. Absolutely amazing!!! I'm left speechless...
    And what was your original goal?
    So many helping and caring hands. May ALL be blessed!

  2. My original goal was 400 hats! We've far surpassed that number. When I have everything in, I'll do a grand total. I know of one more box on the way from Ginny.

  3. What an inspiration! Thank you for sharing opportunity to help with all of us.