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Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday Musings

Happy Monday everyone.  I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend.  We had ridiculously high winds Saturday night and most of yesterday, but we were warm and cozy in the house and had no damage from the wind.  We had a nice morning at church yesterday, lunch with several friends and then Larry and Nita stopped by with homemade cookies and goodbyes for Mandy and Piper.  

Mandy knitted a pair of mittens for Piper while she napped on Saturday and she's worn them almost constantly since she saw them.  Piper picked out the yarn when we went shopping a few weeks ago.  With the arrival of cold weather they were finished just in time.  Show and tell....
She also loves a character on the Disney Channel named Doc McStuffins who takes good care of and fixes all the toys in the neighorhood.  So she's going to be Doc for Halloween.  Brad will take her to a party at a friends house on Halloween while Mandy and I unpack.  We fly to DC on Thursday.  The plan is that we will sleep on the floor in the new house that night and the movers are supposed to be there with the furniture, etc. at 8:00 a.m. Friday.  Let's hope all goes as planned.

Here is our little Doc!
This morning on the way home from the grocery store we stopped at Dutch Brothers Coffee and Piper got a coconut milk hot chocolate.  She loves it.  Since she's very allergic to all dairy it's nice that they have an alternative for her.  Lots of places don't have anything she can eat or drink.  We hope she'll outgrow it someday, but it doesn't seem very likely at this point.  It's amazing how many things have dairy or whey in them.  Who would have thought a jar of spaghetti sauce would have dairy?  It's definitely been interesting learning to cook for her.  Our other two grandchildren have celiac's disease so no gluten/wheat for them.  They have had the blood tests and everything so it's not just that they are trying to avoid wheat like many people these days. They both get very sick when they eat it.  Family dinners are interesting when everyone is here!
Here's a sock I made for Mandy this weekend.  I actually had the leg of the second sock done and the heel halfway turned before I realized I was off 4 stitiches.  Bother!  I had to rip out the entire sock.  Unhappy Betsy.  :-(  I've started it again but only have about one inch of the leg done.  I bought a skein of sock yarn yesterday at Michael's with a 50% off coupon.  That pair will be for me.  I like to take socks to knit on when I'm on an airplane because they don't take up much room.  How much knitting I do with Piper as a seatmate remains to be seen.  HaHa!
Isn't this yarn pretty?  I got it at Paradise Fibers for my birthday last year.  I don't usually spend this much on sock yarn but I loved the colors.  The yarn is called "Zitron Trekking XXK" Color 480.
I'll finish these in the next few days and then have mine to work on in my spare moments at Mandy's and on the way home.

I just hung up from Verizon phone service.  My hotspot is now activated on my phone so I can use the internet for my Ipad while I'm gone.  They won't have internet yet at the new house and with my hotspot they can also use the internet with their Ipads and laptop.  We can have up to five devices at one time using the internet from my phone.  It's really convenient and it's what I use at the lake in the summer.  You can turn it on and off whenever you want and only get charged for the time you actually have it on your phone.  I'm having it turned on Thursday and turned off the day I get home so I'll only have to pay for 15 days instead of an entire month.  I know people who have been unhappy with Verizon, but we've had them for well over 10 years and never had a bit of trouble.  The lady today was actually the nicest person I've ever talked to there and very helpful.

It's a damp cold day today and a good day to stay inside and warm.  Dennis has gone back to work today and trying to play catch up.  Since he worked quite a lot while on vacation he was able to just jump right back into the fray.  Piper is lost without Papa.  When I got her out of bed this morning and took her to cuddle with me in my bed for awhile, she wasn't happy that Papa wasn't there too.  We've spent the last nine mornings cuddling and watching Mickey Mouse in the mornings and all three of us liked it that way.  Mandy brought her Dad coffee in bed every day and made us all breakfast most mornings.  Today was a rude awakening.  I refuse to even think about how quiet this house will be when I get home.

And now I'm off to read your blogs while Piper naps.  I'll be back soon.

"Therefore as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers."  Galations 6:10




  1. So happy to hear that you are all safe and sound after what sounds like very stormy weather.

    Your socks are incredible, so skilful!!

    Hope all your preparations go well, sending you very best wishes for a safe and comfortable flight.


  2. Aw.... that's so sweet that she tries to play Doc McStuffins!

    Love the yarn color you chose for the socks.

  3. Sounds like your trip is well organized! I do hope it goes well!

  4. You all are doing a great job making good memories! I have never seen Doc McStuffins, but Piper persuades me that I would love him. I very much admire your socks, Betsey, and the mittens Mandy made for Piper. Praying for safe and happy travels and moving. I am working on another bunny for my other grandson. xx

  5. Hi Betsy, I so wish you could have been here at the beach with Gracie and I! When things settle down for you, we need to plan a trip together. I am so happy for you to get this great long visit with your girls. I will be keeping you three in my good thoughts for this trip. Please let us know how your trip goes! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Hi Betsy, I love that color BLUE in the socks. Sorry you had to rip some out and start over... BUT--they are gorgeous!!!!

    I hope everything goes well during the trip/move/unpacking, etc.... You will be busy. AND I'm sure that you will be sad once you get back home --since you have enjoyed having Piper around SO much... I'm sure you'll make LOTS of trips to DC.....

    Didn't realize that 3 of your grands have some kind of food allergies. Is that common? I haven't heard of that many members of a family having so many problems with foods.... Sorry about that!

    Have a safe trip.

  7. LOL! Piper makes an adorable little doctor--love it! Your socks are awesome! Love the colors and they look really warm. On Saturday we had a windstorm--thank God there was no damage here:)
    Blessings, Aimee

  8. Nice sox you knitted. I have to start mine soon or the one I want for Phil won't be done by his birthday in mid Dec. Enjoy your sweet Piper and Mandy and the trip east. An experience for sure. We had alot of wind and then rain here on Sat. Today was beautiful til mid afternoon when clouds came in. Not raining tonight when Phil and I were on a walk, in the dark. But it's supposed to start again tonight but be a bit warmer. Hugs and prayers and keep in touch as you go out and about. :0)

  9. Hope all goes well with the move for your daughters family, a big wrench for you. My grandson is not allowed dairy either I was really surprised by the contents of some things, sauces particularly. \it really does make you think about what you eat and in fact eat a lot healthier by making things yourself. Safe flight.

  10. What wonderful socks! I am praying for a safe trip for you all.

  11. I love the color of those socks! Very pretty. Piper looks sweet in her Halloween costume. It will be fun for her this year at her age! Have a good trip to DC.

  12. We used Verizon for a very long time and even had FiOS through them ten years ago when we lived in the east, while they still don't have FiOS service today where we live now. I have no complaints about them at all. Piper's Halloween costume is cute; I know a few little ones who are into Doc McStuffins. I hope you have a safe trip and that moving in goes smoothly for everyone.

  13. Oh I love the socks...and the color is awesome. Miss Piper looks so adorable. Sending prayers your way that you will all have safe travels and not too long of a lay over. Blessings always sweet friend. :)

  14. My dear friend Betsy I miss you so very much, but I'm glad you are having so much fun with Ms. Piper and Mandy. I know it will be quieter when you come back but think of all the great memories and pictures you will have. Such a wonderful time in your life. And the fact your daughter wants you to be a part of it all it's just wonderful. I hope you have a wonderful trip and it will pray your trip is just perfect. Miss you friend :)

  15. Much love and prayers to you for a safe and wonderful trip! I know you will cherish every moment. And Piper in those mittens...oh, my goodness! What a doll! :)

  16. MM will be hard no two ways about it dear Betsy, but the LORD is our comfort in in all.
    How much harder it would be without Him??
    I love the blue colours too, good choice. I love the mittens travel safe my sister, every blessing of the LORD be upon you while you are away those 15 days, Shaz in Oz.x
    PS warm, sunny and summery here in Oz

  17. I love Doc Mc Stuffin's, one of the little girls I work with was Doc last year for Halloween. So glad you are in D.C. safe and sound although a night on the floor does not sound like fun. It would have been a long flight, hopefully Piper took a nap so you had time to knit. Love the color of those socks.
    Hugs To you Betsy,