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Sunday, August 7, 2011

More Hats!

This morning at church two ladies handed me gift bags and guess what was inside?  More hats!

They are beautiful and I thank everyone for this.

On another note, I think we created Domino monsters when we taught Yoshie, Yu and Miyako to play dominoes the other night.  Both Yu and Yoshie have bought their own to take back to Japan and we all played again Friday night and last night!  Then Yu showed us some magic tricks with cards.  He's very good and we were all intrigued by how he did them.  None of us could figure it out though.

Can you believe he is a 27 year old math teacher?  Both he and Yoshie look so young.  I would love their secrets!

This is a blanket I made for wounded soldiers returning for rehabilitation from the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan.   It is made of 75% wool and 25% acrylic and looks much better than this picture once I washed and blocked it.  I started out making squares to send and ended up completing the blanket.  I owe them all so much more than just one blanket.
If you've read this, please leave a comment so I know someone is out there. Thank you all so much!



  1. Hi! I'm a quiet reader living in Latvia. I do so appreciate all the work you have done to help those in need. Keep it up!!

  2. Kylana: Thank you so much for letting me know you're there. Not many have posted so I wasn't sure if I should keep up the blog. If I know even one reader is out there, I will continue!

  3. Hi Betsy,

    Your afghan is beautiful. I read faithfully when I'm home. Haven't commented for a few days because I was away visiting our daughter and had limited access to a computer.

    Hugs and thanks for all you are doing,


  4. Beautiful blanket. I send Kae squares each month for the wounded soldiers. I also send squares to the Afghans for Pine Ridge Reservation group on Ravelry each month.

  5. I love that you started your blog because of the desire to help those in need in Japan. And that you were able to interact with these young Japanese people that gave you an extended connection to your son so far away. :)