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Monday, August 15, 2011

Last Mailing for Japan!

Oh my, what a busy day we had today.  Mom and I spent the morning on errands.  You know, mundane things like buying groceries and going to the bank.  Oh yes, four loads of laundry were done, floors were mopped and vacuumed too.  I've been so busy with the Japanese students, the house has been sorely neglected.  Between Mom and I, many of the chores I've left undone were completed.  I even got some green beans harvested from the garden, blanched and frozen before we left the house.  Mom treated to me lunch at Taco Bell while we were out and about.  That was really a treat. 

Then...we came home and spent the next six and one half hours tagging all the goodies from my previous two posts.  Plus another box that arrived today from Ginny at her Small Things blog.  She has been such a blessing to this project.  Today's box had 76 hats, 2 baby diaper soakers, a complete layette and gaby blanket.

I'll add the grand totals up for you all very soon but meanwhile here are pictures of todays arrivals.

Hats, hats and more hats.  Isn't the blue layette just beautifully done?  The boxes are filling the back end and the backseat of my CRV.  This is the third shipment like this that I've sent to Alex.  I talked to him on the phone yesterday.  He said we need to deliver these as soon as I arrive or I'll have to sleep on top of the boxes.  There isn't any room for me in his apartment now! 

Thanks for everything.  Keep watching and I'll let you know how preparing for the trip is going.  I thank everyone who helped with this project for Japan.  I couldn't have done any of it without you.



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  1. A shame so many of these beginning photos are gone, but you have done a good job writing and explaining what was going on. :)