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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I took the last three boxes to the Post Office today.  Those guys are getting to know me quite well.  The grand totals of items sent to Japan as of today are:

Hats - 957
Scarves - 263
Cowls - 21
Socks & Slippers (pairs) - 15
Mittens (pairs) - 40
Washcloths - 86
Baby Sweaters - 23
Baby Blankets - 11
Full Blankets - 9
Baby Pants - 5
Baby Diaper Soakers - 2
Adult Sweater - 1
Headbands - 5
Shawls - 3
Legwarmers (pair) -3
Wristwarmers (pair) - 3
Towels - 3
Baby Layette (Sweater, hat, booties, pants) - 1

Total number of pieces - 1,451

Isn't this just amazing?  I told my husband that I wish I had the time to knit or crochet 43 more to make it an even 1000 hats.  He looked at me like I was crazy.  Not only is he ready to be done paying postage on all these boxes, he reminded me of my original goal.  Which was 400 hats.  None of the other items were even considered at the beginning of this project.  Just look what happens when yarn lovers get involved!  Our house was bursting at the seams a few times with boxes and boxes.

My dear mother in law worked very hard yesterday, helping me tag all of the new arrivals and packing them up.  Then hubby provided the muscle to tape everything securely.

I appreciate each and every one of you.  Whether you crocheted, knitted, provided yarn, prayers or encouragement, this would never have happened without you.  God placed you in just the place you would do the most good and I thank you for it.




  1. Wow! What great totals!
    Thanks for organizing this!

  2. So impressive!!! What an amazing effort. And someone knitted an adult sweater -- that is awesome commitment.

  3. How wonderful! Thank you to you and your family for organizing all of this!

  4. This gives me chills. Thank you for organizing this. God bless you!

  5. Awesome awesome awesome! So glad you did this so we could contribute all these goodies. Thanks.

  6. So happy to read about all the hand knit goods! Thank-you and your family for pulling together an awesome project.


  7. Thank you all! I can't wait to get to Japan to give out all of these goodies.