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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dinner Time

 As you can see from the above photo, we don't eat fancy at our house.  Our guests, Yu, Makako and Yoshie wanted to have homemade chicken & noodles and biscuits when they heard my husband say he loves the way I make them. the midst of 95 degree weather I mixed up and rolled out a HUGE batch of noodles and made baking powder biscuits.  Also on the table are cantaloupe, pineapple and cranberries.  They were all hits!  They loved the noodles and couldn't believe I made them myself. :-)  The biscuits did me proud and raised up nice and high.  Whew! 
 Then, part of Makako's homework was to ask us our favorite inside game, which is dominoes.  They all wanted to learn so we spent a few hours playing dominoes.  They all caught on right away and Yoshie beat us all severely.  I have gotten pretty good at counting in Japanese and this really helped cement it in my brain.  At least one through ten.
Yu is the math teacher and he is staying with Dan, who you see above.  Since they are both guys in their 20's they haven't argued about eating dinner at our house every night!  It's nice to have young people in the house again with our children living so far away.

Ginny has emailed me that she has more hats on the way so I'll be sending another box to Japan around August 15th.   If there are any latecomers who still wish to contribute, there is still a short window of time.  Please leave a comment and I'll get my address to you.  Meanwhile, I'm having a great time with the kids that are visiting and they are all so grateful to everyone who has sent something for their countrymen.  You are all wonderful!



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  1. Do you still remember how to count to ten in Japanese? ;)