Wednesday, August 3, 2022


Wow! We’ve been in Spokane a week today and time is flying by. We’re meeting friends for lunch, then another group for dinner. We’re taking boat rides and having breakfast at ZIPS, a local fast food place that serves amazing breakfasts on real tableware. We only have four days left and we’re cramming all we can into them. Every moment is full to the brim with laughter, love, and memories with good, good friends who are like family to us.  

I AM reading your blogs, but am still unable to comment. Please do know that I will be back visiting with you all as soon as I’m back home to my computer. Blogger has beat me again in the commenting game.😢

Last Wednesday we headed up to McDonald pass outside of Helena and then back down the other side. The next two pictures show you the beautiful vistas that we saw. The sky was gorgeous without a cloud in it. Sorry about the spots. Those bugs sure do seem to like our windshield!

Heading down the other side! We can’t even tell that the camper is behind the truck. We go up and down the passes with the cruise control set and the truck never shifts gears. It’s really amazing to me. I hope and pray that the trip home goes just as well.

Thursday night found us meeting with our Bible study group that has now met together for 29 years! We met at our house the entire time we lived in Spokane and now Dennis still leads this group over ZOOM! They just wouldn’t let him go! Thursday night, which is our normal meeting time, we had a potluck dinner and a time of love and laughter! It was so good to be together again after so long.

Friday night was pizza night with our lake friends. Every Friday night in the summer for the last 10 years Dennis has brought pizza to these three couples at the lake including us. He continued that this week and will do it again tomorrow night! Larry, Nita, Paul and Lori and us. The six musketeers!

Saturday morning found us at ZIPS for breakfast with the same people and off we went to “our lake” to go boating in Paul and Lori‘s boat. It was hot that day! I think it got up to 107°F. But we had a wonderful time reliving old memories and making new ones.

Here are Lori, Nita and Larry. Nita and Lori braved the water and were just getting back in the boat after a swim.

I almost didn’t get a picture of Paul, the boat captain. Here he’s in the water swimming and waving as I take the picture.

What a beautiful morning we had. We cruised the perimeter of the lake twice and even went past the place where we had our camper for almost 10 years. We sure miss this place. We couldn’t have asked for a better day or better company.

And this is the resort we’re staying at! Ha! Actually we have our camper parked in Paul and Lori’s driveway. This is known as mooch-docking in the RVing world. They are providing us water and electricity. So far Dennis has only had to pull the camper out once to dump the tanks and we’re hoping we won’t have to pull it out again until we leave. They have a beautiful deck and backyard with a saltwater pool.

Dennis looks like he’s having a serious discussion with Paul after a dip in the pool. The weather has been very, very hot, well over 100° every day since we’ve been here. Tomorrow is supposed to be only in the lower 80s which will be a very nice change. The chair he is sitting in is part of the set we had at the lake. We gave it to Paul and Lori when we moved because we had planned to be traveling and we wouldn’t need any patio furniture. It’s perfect for their deck and we’re glad they have it. The set is two chairs, a loveseat and a coffee table.

This is the view from the door of our camper. Isn’t it great? Lori says it’s just like being at the lake and so right to look out her door and see us parked in their driveway. She says the only difference is her camper is bigger!🏡 They keep saying they don’t want us to leave and I admit it’s going to be very hard.

Tonight we headed up the mountain, Mount Spokane, to Alicia and Jeremy‘s house to have dinner with them and the boys. It was wonderful to see them and the drive was absolutely perfect.

We had so much fun visiting that I completely forgot to take any pictures. I will regret that for a long time to come.

And here is a picture of Miss Piper that Mandy sent to me today. She has made the guestroom closet into her “living room.” This afternoon she was playing a game of Battleship with Lizzie. 😂🤣😂 Lizzie sure looks pretty comfortable to me and just look at that sweet smile on my Piper.

I hope all is well with each of you. There have been a few crisis’s at home since we left and it makes it difficult to be away, but we have some great people there taking care of Mom and our house. We appreciate them all. Thank goodness they’re there and willing to help! 

I’ll be back again soon and meanwhile I’ll keep reading your blogs.

Blessings and love,


  1. I was just beginning to worry about you since you hadn't posted in so long and I am very relieved it's just because you are having so much fun!

  2. So happy that you are having fun! Enjoy your time with your friends! :)

  3. Good to see a post from you this morning and to hear you’re having a great time.

  4. So glad you're having such a good time! What a wonderful way to travel!

  5. I've read backwards on all your posts since I've been MIA this summer, just haven't had time or ability to comment... and anyway, am still on "Jesus leave" (as I've been calling it lately, lol) for a couple or so weeks yet. Many years ago, before Jerry's medical conditions began interfering with life, we had once thought we'd move to Montana to live, but, well... you know. Now we're glad we didn't - milder winters of Kansas are easier to take than what we see happens in northern states. Ohhh, to have such a backyard as Paul and Lori! I would never go inside, haha! So happy you and Dennis are having such a great time traveling and the blessings of being with friends and family. Sending you lots of prayers for a continued safe and happy trip! Hugs!

  6. How wonderful to hear from you---I'm so glad you are having a blessed time!

  7. So glad that you are having a wonderful adventure and getting to visit with old friends.

  8. I'm glad you and Dennis are having a great time. I enjoyed being with you when we visited and were at the bible study. It's in the high 70s today which is so good. Phil and I are trying to figure out where we're going in October for our anniversary getaway for 1 night. Or just go to a city close that's fun. Stay safe and blessed.

  9. What a terrific message, Betsy......thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to write it! Wow....what fun you're having with old friends and old favorite places to go and visit. Glad your trip has been going so's fun to see the pics of you and your friends. Sorry your weather has been so hot ....but sounds like you've been having a great time anyway. Safe travels back home where I hope the crises are small ones. God bless you safely.

  10. You sound so busy and happy seeing old friends and having loads of fun. A great way to spend some time away from all the usual problems. Keep having fun. Travel safely.

  11. I
    I started a comment and got kicked off, I hope it didn't print half of it and then this. Blogger has been driving me crazy lately. I am so happy that you're getting to see all your old friends and having such a great time you both deserve it. I'll be praying for a safe trip home.

  12. Sounds like the perfect trip home. What good friends you have, and are. The pictures are just wonderful. And that Piper, she remeinds me so much of myself when I was that age. Seriously. Mama always gave me a closet in the house to be mine, to decorate and practically live in, with my dolls. She is such a sweetie.