Thursday, July 22, 2021

Visitors, some yarn and plans

It’s been a pretty busy week. Dennis left early Sunday morning for Spokane and he’s actually on his way home right now. He should be flying over Grand Teton National Park as I type this. His uncle Al and two cousins, Janet and Bonnie, came to visit this week. It was very nice having the two houses right next-door to each other. Uncle Al and Bonnie stayed at Moms and Janet stayed here with me. It was like having a girls slumber for three nights. Janet and I stayed up talking every night until well past midnight. After all, we had 30 years of catching up to do. We had only seen each other briefly at a family wedding during that time. I just wish we had had another guest room so Bonnie could have stayed here too and all three of us could have visited. They left to drive back home to Minnesota this morning. It’s too bad Dennis didn’t get to see them as they are actually his cousins. We hope to see each other again this fall before the snow starts flying.

I did finish another wheelchair blanket for the veterans home…

And made an identical one to the one I made last week.

I also have for stockings done for Piper’s advent calendar. I promised her one like the calendar I made myself last year.  The little socks go fairly quickly. I’m just using a pattern that I found online for baby stockings.

Mom told me she needed some new hot pads so I whipped her up these double-sided crocheted hot pads and she was thrilled to get them.  These things last forever. Usually they get stained and disgusting looking long before they wear out!

Yesterday we picked up Aunt Joyce from her new home in an assisted living facility and took her to Applebee’s for dinner. She just moved in three weeks ago and she’s absolutely thrilled with it. She loves all of the activities and the fact that she doesn’t have to cook at all anymore. She does have a little kitchenette, minus a stove. She has a balcony that overlooks a courtyard with the fountain. I tell you what, I would move there in a heartbeat. The only thing I would change is I would like a full kitchen. That is Aunt Joyce on the left, Mom in the middle and Uncle Al on the right.

Here’s a picture with the two girls. Bonnie is on the far left and Janet on the far right. Uncle Al will be 90 next year, Mom will be 85 in September and Aunt Joyce is the same age as Mom. Uncle Chuck was Joyce’s husband and Mom and Al‘s brother. He passed away last winter. We had so much fun together over the past four days and I’m looking forward to the next visit we have.
Miss Piper spent the night last Friday and I cut hers and Grandpa‘s hair. She swept up the hair as I cut it off of Grandpa’s head and she couldn’t believe how much I was cutting off! She was really getting concerned that he wouldn’t have any hair left! It looked like I had shaved a cat, there was so much hair on the floor when I was done. He has a lot of very thick hair.  All I did with Piper though, was cut the ends off. Not even a half an inch came off.  She was thrilled with getting to wear the cape.

The next morning she decided to do my hair. There’s not much of it there to style but she was putting barrettes in it anyway. I had put her hair into a French braid because it was very warm out. This Saturday we’re getting our toes done again. Oh how I love this little girl.

I spent a few hours on Tuesday and all morning today working on paperwork for our upcoming trip. Now the state department is warning against travel to the UK because of an upturn in Covid cases and a high threat of terrorism?! We are still going to try to go! My thought is I have just as much chance of catching Covid here as I do by going to see Alex. It’s the same variant as here and we will of had the same vaccinations than if we stayed here in the States. I sometimes wonder if this will all ever be truly over, or if it will constantly just be a new variant.

 I am washing sheets and towels right now and then I will go pick up Dennis from the airport. Yay! I’m looking forward to having him back home with me where he belongs. 

Take care everyone, 


  1. So glad Dennis is on his way home. You and Piper are so cute together. Looks like you had fun with the extended family. Safe travels Betsy!!

  2. Isn't it just all so confusing with so much information (and mis-information) regarding Covid. I think with all safety measures we can do, we have to just get on with life. We certainly aren't getting any younger.

    I hope you have a wonderful time in England. I will be expecting lots and lots of pictures!!

    I have to say, Miss Piper is getting SO grown up looking. I'm so glad you have all this time to be with her. Those hours are PRICELESS!

  3. I really do enjoy reading your blogs. I don't usually respond. I am thinking about knitting some dishcloths for my family. Did you use cotton for the hot pads? Do you ever make dishcloths? What cotton yarn do you use? Hope you have a great trip to London. My email address is thank you

  4. What nice lap the colors! Piper is so cute...she will keep you young! So glad you had a good visit with relatives!

  5. My sister gave me three of the hotpads several years ago: I love them! One really should be thrown away, but I keep using it. Gorgeous afghans for the veterans, Betsy. My Mom used an older cotton skirt as a cape when she cut my brothers and nephews’ hair.

  6. I bet your lap blankets are much appreciated. What lovely thing to do for our veterans. I love your posts about Piper, she is such a sweetie. I love catching up with my cousins... it doesn't happen nearly enough now that we are getting older. Have a great weekend!

  7. You have been busy! Love all the yarn work - and Piper is such a cutie!

  8. I have the exact same Vera Bradley bag design as Aunt Joyce but as the small tote! DIL Amanda gave it to me years ago. // Those wheelchair blankets are beautiful! I especially love the shape of the veteran's blanket. // What fun to have the cousins around for yackity-yacking and doing things with... and then Miss Piper doing your hair! When my older granddaughters were little, we used to play "hair salon" all the time. Such fun! // That dish washing clothe you sent me way back (oh my, how long ago was that?) is still going strong!! I love it so much! // Keeping you in prayer for your trip - just go and have fun and see your son and his soon-to-be-wife!! Much love and many blessings, my friend! 💖 🙏

  9. Gosh you are one busy lady!!! The sleepover and guests sound like so much fun. I bet there was a great time at Applebees, too! Piper is a treasure and I am sure she is enjoying this time together as much or more than you are. What a ray of sunshine!

    I wanted to tell you, my dad was a resident of the VA home for a few years and those guys really, really appreciate the lap blankets. He was a gruff guy over there and just brushed off the gifts, but he sure liked snuggling up with his lap afghan and his quilt. There was a motorcycle group that would come by with deodorants, razors and shaving cream and he always thought that was Christmas (even though we kept him more than supplied with sundries.) He would brag to me that they were "free"!

    I keep telling myself that the fact that we are vaccinated means that the people that need to worry and be more careful are the ones that are not vaccinated. We aren't planning anything wild and crazy, but we are resuming more and more activities. Your trip will be wonderful!!

  10. Looks like you had a fun time with family. Piper is always helpful. Hopefully you get to go to UK as planned. I guess you have tickets already. Friends of Megan's got to Scotland safely this week. They flew to see his parents as he grew up there. You're in my thoughts and prayers. 🙏🌹Becky

  11. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your cousins chatting into the early hours, such fun. Miss Piper is growing up so quickly. I am so excited to be visiting my grandchildren so soon, they are such a joy. Loving all your knitting projects you have such a talent. Safe travels and God willing we will see each other soon.

  12. Pretty sure your lap blankets will be well used. Have you invented a crochet machine? How do you get them done so quickly? Wonderful to be able to have your family to stay. You Uncle does not look his age at all. Piper is a dream of a grand-daughter she obvious loves to spend time with you I am so happy for you that you will be off to London very soon and even though there is all that paperwork to sort out it will be well worth the bother once you are there and see your son and his bride. Where terrorism threats in the UK are concerned you might like to check it out on this page beforehand .
    Take care Amanda x

  13. How nice to have family visit!
    Your little baby socks are so darn cute.
    Those variants are so worrisome. It seems like everyone I follow on Twitter is coming down with a nasty case of Covid in spite of being vaccinated and so are their kids. I worry so much for my Grands who will be going back to school in person for the first time in a few weeks. Our numbers have gone way up here again. O cases for almost three months and now 10 right here in this little area and we have a decent vaccination rate.

  14. What a wonderful visit with family! The pic of you and Piper is precious!
    My vaccinated daughter is down with Covid, the Delta variant, right now. There is no escaping it! (my youngest son and his wife are just getting over it and they already had the first covid, too!) Go on your trip and have a wonderful time with your son!!!

  15. So glad you enjoyed a good family visit and are moving forward with your plans to visit Alex! It seems to me that much more is known about how to successfully treat Covid now and we need to be careful, but not fearful about taking any risks in living. Bravo on all your amazing stitching...
    and hair cutting too!💜🙏🤗

  16. Family is such a blessing no matter if it is yours or Dennis's family.
    You have been very busy with your creativity. The story of cutting hair was great. I used to cut Randy's all the time but I don't think he trusts my arthritic fingers anymore. lol
    You have a great week and talk to you next time.
    HUGS and blessings,

  17. I am praying you get to go overseas. I 1ove Piper adventures with you. How nice that you can enjoy your extended fami1y . I agree with Deb, those baby socks for advent are so darn cute

  18. Sounds like you're enjoying being close to Piper now! Great projects, especially like those hot pads since a friend made a couple for me long ago. Would you consider sending me the pattern? Hope Dennis's plane landed on time! I'know you're glad he's back home.

  19. I'm always inspired when I see or hear about people in their 80's and 90's who are still 'with it' and doing reasonably well. I'm turning 76 soon and often wonder how it will be. My Mom died at 70, way too young.
    I hope all works out so you can go on your trip. I think your attitude is a good one. You can catch Covid here or there.
    How lovely that you had guests and fun times with them.

  20. Glad to hear your news dear Betsy, and that you had such a wonderful week, God is sooo good, all the time!

    I read your posts as feedburner still delivering till August now, after that will have to hunt up, as Lord reminds me.
    Very busy with ill one, church family nearby and other things no time for blogging, sadly miss it… lots to share when do.
    Pray for you and yours each night.
    Thanks for Sharing, God bless and keep you safe, and all those you love, hugs Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  21. Que hermoso que puedas estar nuevamente con tus familiares es una bendicion poder verlos en estos tiempos de pandemia. Tu manta es tan linda y caliemte, se que la disfrutaran mucho. Todavia no llego tu envio, volvere al correo para ver si hay alguna novedad. Dios te bendiga dulce hermana. Cuidate mucho del covid, cuando viajes a Londres.

  22. You life sounds so full and happy Betsy. I hope you can visit Alex. I swear I am the only ne in the stores wearing a mask these days, I'm not giving mine up yet. Stay safe my friend.

  23. The little blankets are so pretty and so are the socks and hot pads. You make the prettiest things. That Piper is such a beautiful girl. Glad you have this time with her. Reminds me of the time I spent with my granddaughter Madison. We had so much fun together. I loved picking her up for the weekend. She used to say, Grandpa, I'm sleeping with Grandma tonight, can you sleep on the couch? Then all of a sudden she was gone away to college. Enjoy every minute you have with sweet little Piper...I'm sure you do. You have such a nice family. Everyone looks so happy.

  24. Hey Betsy,, have a lovely visit to London... stay safe.
    I am sure your hubby told you about the weather here in Spokane,, It was horribly hot in the 100's for almost 2 weeks then it went back down to the mid 80's... and now we are back into the mid 90's

    Your lap blankets for the VA are just lovely... I wish my crocheting were as nice as yours.
    Tell us all about your trip when you get back and share lots of photos... My son-n-law just returned from Switzerland,, and the COVID rules/restrictions were not to cumbersome. Hopefully you won't have any issues...
    Have a wonderful time...

  25. Wow! Just 2 weeks away and I feel like I missed a years worth! i love the blankets you made and the socks are so cute! What fun to have visitors and now you're going to London? You are a whirlwind with all you do and all you get done! Stay safe!