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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

It’s A Bit Chilly...

Good morning my friends. It’s a bit chilly here, how about where you are? I realize our chilly weather is nothing compared to what a lot of you are enduring. Particularly Connie and Gene with no furnace. I am definitely praying for you two to stay warm in that frigid below zero weather you’re having. I know Mandy in Omaha and Alex in Japan are up to their eyeballs in snow. Mandy has certainly had a crash course in using their big snowblower over the past several weeks. Meanwhile, here in Spokane, we blessedly don’t even have a flake of snow on the ground right now, but it is cold! Particularly when you’re living in a trailer and trying to keep the pipes from freezing.🌬🌬🌬

I had a couple more valentine decorations that I hadn’t shown you. I got both of these at the dollar store one morning about a month ago. I was there when they opened and there were no other customers. I had to pick up some birthday cards and a few other things that I get there so inexpensively like foil, plastic wrap and sandwich bags for Dennis’s lunch.

Isn’t this a sweet wall hanging? We have said this to each other since we were dating and always write it in our cards, notes  and letters to each other. I couldn’t believe when I saw it hanging in the dollar store and I had to get it for the RV. It even has the perfect long and narrow wall for it. πŸ’œ

Remember the cute little red truck I had hanging on the outside of the RV by the door that said Merry Christmas? Well, they had one almost like it for Valentine’s Day. Perfect! The children next-door love it. Every time I change the decorations they come over to see what I’m doing. Of course, candy is involved too! They are really good kids.  Praise the Lord! In a campground you never know who you are going to have for neighbors, and we have been blessed to have the same people on either side of us since we moved in last August. Both of them are great neighbors.

Look what I made yesterday in just a few hours! The cutest little bunny ever. She’s made with Walmart Mainstays velvet yarn in the “ballet slipper” color way. I learned about her from Angelia on the “Crocheting House Mouse” YouTube podcast. She gives you the link to the pattern on her video and it’s free!  Angelia is the sweetest lady ever! She’s working on a scrappy shawl right now but she’s also making some of these bunnies at the same time. Her bunnies are much cuter than mine, but I feel that for the first attempt in a long, long time at making an amigarumi, it didn’t turn out too bad. It is so, so soft and squishy. I’m going to put it on the bed in the guest bedroom at our new house for Piper to play with when she visits us. Oh, I can’t wait!πŸ’œ

I also finished one sock last night and cast on the second. I’ve learned that no matter how late it is when you finish the first sock, you must always start the second sock to avoid the dreaded “second sock syndrome.”  I’m using the “Petty Harbour” pattern, which is free on Ravelry and Lion Brand Sock-Ease in the “Taffy” colorway.

I am also still working on my squishy blanket. It is a paid for pattern on Ravelry and it’s called the “Bits and Bobs” blanket. I am really loving it. I think last time I showed it to you I was just a few rows above the pink stripe. It slow going on this blanket as you knit it on size 6 needles, which is pretty small for a blanket. You’re also using leftover balls of sock yarn and we all know how thin that is. I honestly don’t care if it takes me a year or longer to finish this blanket. It is such an enjoyable knit and it takes no thinking at all. I can even knit on this in the dark.

My Bible cover was falling apart and Sunday afternoon when we were reading our Bibles together, Dennis noticed it. He suggested I get a new one if I wanted to, so I went on Amazon and found this one. I love it. It has one of my favorite verses on it and I love the color. Inside there is a place is for pens, highlighters and notepads. It even came with some bookmarks. Would you believe it arrived yesterday morning? Sometimes Amazon is so fast it’s scary!

As you can see, my Bible is taped up in several places. Mandy, Jamie and Alex gave it to me years ago for Christmas. This Bible means the world to me. I would venture to say it is my most precious possession. Not only is it the Holy Word of the Lord, but my children shared their favorite Bible verses at the time and in doing so,  a piece of their hearts. This is precious to me.

I pray that those of you who are experiencing this deep freeze are staying warm, and for those of you that are in summer time... think of the rest of us!

Blessings and love, 


  1. I'm so glad for you that you are not having a heavy snow winter as I know how unhappy it makes you. I also hope you manage to keep your pipes from freezing as I know what kind of damage that could do to your trailer. Your new cover sure is pretty and organized, how nice to get it so fast! Your big blanket will be a fun one, will you keep or donate it? What a cute bunny.. I bet Piper will love having it on her bed in your new house. I wish it could be sooner for you.. but time does move along, doesn't it? Have a super week and stay warm and safe! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. That bunny is OH SO CUTE! Those ears are just perfect for little hands to grab hold. I know Piper isn't oh so little anymore, so it will be just the right size for hugging.

  3. Beautiful projects--the sock blanket is amazing--it looks so squishy soft! And speaking of squishy soft, that bunny is amazing! What a perfect little buddy to sit on the couch or to get a big hug from a kid! Good job!

  4. Cute bunny! Piper will love it. Great colors on your blanket. I should adopt your sock strategy as I have lots of sock WIPs. It's chilly here, too, but not nearly as cold as MN where my sister lives. She will laugh at our temps. and call them short weather.

  5. Oh, that bunny!!! How sweet. Your Valentine's decor makes me happy. I used to love making Valentines with my class and hearing all about the people they were making them for. First graders love to talk. I sure miss that.

  6. I think we all wish we could squeeze that cute little bunny! It is very cold here. It is the type of weather where you are so grateful for your warm home and so worried about others that may not have a warm place. I know they were setting up what they call warming spots, in our area a church that will remain open during these low temps so that the homeless or those whose homes are not warm enough can stay overnight, or just stop in during the day to warm up. They were asking for blanket, coat, hat and glove donations.

  7. That really is the sweetest little bunny! Piper will love it. Bet you are excited and can't wait. Can't believe what a cute Valentine wall hanging you found at Dollar tree! Makes me want to stop by our Dollar Tree and look around. Your new Bible cover is very pretty. I love my Bible too and even more so because it belonged to my Mother. A few years before she died, she asked me to go with her to a Christian bookstore, that she needed a new Bible. So I now have the one she bought and read. Enjoyed this post very much.

  8. Your bunny looks so sweet! What a cute project! I have never tried animals! Yes it is getting closer to Valentines Day, I made cards for the great grands using up some old stickers! We MAY get a furnace tomorrow, we shall see if not it should happen soon. Thanks for the prayers! :)

  9. I really like your new Bible cover. Your old one was falling apart and my Bible itself is finally coming apart. I don't want a new one. This one has all the markings and underlinings . I'll just have to be very careful when I pick it up. Of course I have other translations but I think we all have one that's our favourite.
    I like all your knitting too. You're a fast knitter too. You might as well knit now because once you start moving you'll be kept busy with that.
    Keep as warm as you can in your cozy RV.

  10. Love your blog Betsy. You make knitting and crocheting look so easy. I'm sorry that I never learned how. I used to do crewel work and made alot of clothes when the kids were little. I love that bunny that you made...I think he turned out great! I love that little red valentine truck too. And I love that Bible verse on your new cover. Take care and stay warm!

  11. Your little bunny is absolutely adorable. You certainly are being productive and keeping yourself happily busy or busily happy. :) My thumbs and left wrist are giving me pain right now so haven't been doing much crafting. Got a bee in my bonnet about organizing some areas at home so have been moving stuff around, making messes and often breaking things. :/ My NY boy is not so happy with the snow they are getting this week. Mild weather here, with clouds that have just rolled in. Take care of yourself. Hugs, Tammy

  12. So glad that you have not had snow and that you are warm and cosy in the trailor. Love the bunny, such a cute make and wonderful to have something ready for Piper when you move. Love the colour combination of the blanket, its nice to have a long term project. Love the bible with your childrens favourite verses, such a treasure. Take care and stay warm.

  13. The bunny is so cute and ready to be hugged by Miss Piper when you get settled in your new home which will happen more rapidly than you first thought it seems! I'm glad you found a lovely cover for your favorite Bible and the verse on it and your parting verse on this post are such encouraging truths, aren't they. The sun is shining here, but we are being warned to look for some ice and snow over the next few days. I have my snowman blanket over my legs while I sit here typing to you and I hope you are cozy and having happy days πŸ’œπŸ€—πŸ™πŸ§Ά

  14. Your bunny looks so cuddly. I am sure Piper will love it. I love your Bible Cover! My Bible is old and looks awful but I don't want a new one as I have underlined in it and wrote in it. We have snow and cold her both. Nancy

  15. Aww the bunny is so adorable. I know he will be well loved by Miss P. The words you wrote about your Bible reflect your heart so clearly. So sweet they wrote their favorite verses in there for you. Yes, you certainly do carry a piece of their hearts everywhere you go. You are such a blessing sweet friend. A true reflection of His love. Blessings to you always dear friend.

  16. I love your post today. We are freezing here. It is much colder here than in Jefferson City. We will venture out for church on Sunday.
    I love the bunny... so cute. Just everything is so sweet. Amazon is so convenient for sure. I hope you are warm and cozy!

  17. Oh your bunny is adorable!!!!!!! your sign is perfect. My friend Kath and i say that all the time.
    Beautiful Bible Betsy!!!!!!! We are staying warm and I even went outside for an hour today. I worked hard shoveling a woods path so we can try to have a campfire to kick of Valentines Weekend tomorrow! Hugs

  18. Look at all your wonderful projects. It is way, way to hot here. Almost 80 degrees and very humid, I am not ready to give up a light sweater. Stay safe Betsy.

  19. That bunny looks decidedly huggable! I bet the first thing Piper will do when she sees her new bunny is to give it a snuggle.LOL! I so like your selection of sock yarn; more gorgeous colours :-) stay safe Amanda x

  20. My Bible is old and taped too. I keep so many treasures in the side pockets of the cover and it has so many side notes and hi-lited scriptures. I love it, when I hold it I'm comforted. Love that your kids wrote their favorite scriptures in yours, what a wonderful treasure you have. I also fell in love with your bunny rabbit, so cute!! Sure hope you enjoyed a great Valentine's Day....stay warm!!

  21. Wow so many wonderful things?love the hanger, and that blankie too with the white knitted in amongst all the bits and bobs, and that rabbit... oh how a I want to hug him, he’s (or she’s?) sooooo cute!
    Love your bible cover and agree re the verse on the cover. “I can do ALL THINGS through Christ, Which strengtheneth me”.
    Amen! Glory!

    I remember one black night badly injured on crutches hopping back to the lounge in lounge room, which was my bed that night, saying that verse in between my gasps of utter pain.
    I was staying unexpectedly at a friend’s because had fallen there and mended by Dr but not well enough to go home...

    Ah, those verses mean the world in that bible don’t they Betsy? I’ve a number of bibles now but all are special.

    Thanks for Sharing, God bless and keep you safe, and all those you love, hugs Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}