Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Some Finishes

I have some finishes for you today.  I have the mittens finished for the month of March.  My goal is two pair a week.  All eight of these pair were made with donated yarn from my friend Kim at “Napier Knits.” These make a total of 10 pair knitted since last Wednesday.  Isn’t that blue yarn fun?

Some of you have you asked to see a photo of Dennis wearing his new sweater so here you go!  He chose the pattern and the yarn. It is Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, 100% wool.

He wore it to work yesterday and said it kept him nice and warm. Isn’t he handsome? We will be married 42 years this year and I think he’s still the most handsome man I’ve ever laid my eyes on.  He has a heart of gold too and would do anything for anybody who needed help.

Next up are two hats to be donated to the nursing homes hat project.  The one on the left is crocheted and the one on the right is knit.

I only put a row or two on the “Baby Blocks” baby blanket this week because I was busy with mittens and finishing Dennis’s sweater.

A bit of a closer look at the stitch definition and the border.

I’m currently working on one more hat and then I will set everything aside to work on a blanket for my blog friend. She has it about halfway done but it is unable to crochet because of a shoulder injury. She was making it as a gift, and I told her I would finish it for her. I’ll take a picture of it next time.

Tara arrived safely back in London a couple of days ago and went directly into quarantine for two weeks in her apartment. Alex followed yesterday and he is now in quarantine in London along with her. I guess if they have to be in quarantine at least they’re together. Neither are showing any signs of illness at this time. Thank goodness.

I just heard on the news that we had two more deaths in Washington state today, bringing it to eight deaths here in the past few days from the coronavirus. I don’t mind telling you that this whole thing is making me more than a little bit nervous. In my last post I told you that my friend Nita had an ablation on her heart on Thursday. She ended up being admitted back into the hospital Saturday morning with pneumonia as a complication from the ablation. She is back home now, but I drove Larry to his appointment with the neurologist today because she obviously doesn’t feel up to going anywhere.  He sometimes has problems remembering/hearing things, so I went with him to be a second set of ears. My goodness me, they had hand sanitizer and signs to wash your hands everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Bottles of hand sanitizer were on every flat surface in that medical building. People are really afraid here.  It’s quite a topic of conversation and there are school closures only 70 miles away.  I would like to say that I think the threat will go away soon, but I don’t think it will.

On a happy note, we have temperatures in the high 50’sF today with white puffy clouds against a bright blue sky. It’s absolutely gorgeous. We definitely had March come in like a lamb this year. I’m wishing you all a lovely Tuesday and that you’re all safe and well.

Today I thought I would share what was  my moms favorite Bible verse with you all.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I heard her quote this to me.

“I lift up my eyes to the mountains, where does my help come from?  My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.” Psalms 121:1, 2



  1. Betsy, the very last blog listed on your list is where the two R's are! The one higher up in the list is fine. I was surprised the blog was listed twice.

  2. You did a beautiful job on Dennis' sweater. Yes, both the sweater and the man are handsome! I love your blanket... is that call the basket stitch? It's so good of you to knit hats and mittens for the less fortunate. My goodness but you knit up those mittens fast!

  3. You are enjoying lovely weather!! The coronavirus threat continues to haunt all of us. Pray it goes away soon!
    Dennis does indeed look very handsome in that beautiful sweater.

  4. Betsy, that sweater turned out perfect and fits Dennis like it was made for him.. LOL.. it was! You really are an exceptionally talented knitter and crocheter. I admire how fast and how perfect your stitches are. I love the fun colored mittens and the block blanket is spectacular! I know the purple hats will be loved, too. I want to make a new hat for myself in red, white and blue.. and I have the yarn, a lovely alpaca silk blend.. but I can't find them! But I'm crocheting away on finishing Paige's Dune blanket now that the Dahlia is finished. I'm with you on being very concerned about the Covid-19 virus. We're going to stock up in case we need to quarantine ourselves as we're both in the high risk category. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Such fun mittens! Dennis and the sweater make a handsome pair. Ultimately, I think every state is going to be affected by the virus. Take care and be well.

  6. what a great picture of your handsome Dennis and his sweater! I like the blue mittens too what a fun yarn. good to here the kids in London are doing okay I know you were worried about them.
    I love your Mom verse.
    I think the News is making a big deal some people are panicking. facebook is just filled with unsettling stuff.
    I will be blocking a shawl tomorrow...might be an adventure I have the foam blocks. How did they do it in the olden days! The shawl has points...it was quite a project but after I figured out the pattern I started another one...hope the blocking goes well:)

  7. You are such a talented knitter Betsy! Dennis is so handsome in such an outstanding sweater! I am sure it must have kept him very warm! The C-virus is definitely becoming a bit of a concern. We are trying not to worry too much about it, but being cautious at the same time. One just never knows. Glad that your children made it home safely to London, and will pray the quarantine for them ends without any illness!

  8. That new crop of mittens are certainly eye candy as is your hubby-hubba hubba! You sure have the talent for making sweaters that fit. I wish I did.

  9. Dearest Sis , sweet Betsy you’ve been on my heart and prayers very very much.
    I love your very handsome hubby in his superb jumper as we call them or sweater as you call them, so well made!
    Beautifully made mittens too the children are going. To be over moon come winter. And that baby blankie is so cute.
    Sorry indeed re Nita, I pray she gets over it quickly. And also for her hubby and pray much for your health also dear sis and family in London as well.

    May I recommend that you do some research of your own re the coronavirus, dear sweet Betsy, instead of believing our headline grabbing news reports.

    By definition NEWS is required to be new, to catch our attention it is dramatic and intensifying in its presentation to get our attention!
    Oh boy.
    Truly I sometimes I wish we didn’t not have 24/7 media and be like the 1960s or 1970 or so when we hard things in a more moderate rate.
    I looked just now for you... loads of links.
    Here is a link:
    It’s a virus.
    The flu virus spread in cold weather, it likes cold. You say warm weather is coming. That’s good it’s coming earlier.

    PLEASE NOTE DEATH RATES in middle of this article:
    “In the case of the coronavirus, the data shows that women have higher survival chances than men. At 2.8%, the mortality rate of men is significantly higher than that of women, at 1.7%.”
    So that means 98.3% of women survive.
    And 97.2% of men survive.
    On this scientific page you’ll find a graph showing how this is so not as contagious as most other diseases in our planet today.
    It’s blown out of proportion.
    Confusion is not of God.
    We know where it’s from don’t believe it.
    Key really most of all is not wearing masks or using hand sanitiser, etc.
    The VERY BEST thing is use the old fashion “Wash you hands! Wash your hands, all over hands like having an op, for 20 to 30 seconds under running water”, long enough to sing happy birthday all the way through.

    People who catch it, AND EVERY VIRUS, haven’t breathed it in but touched a rail or handle second else has touched with the condition in most cases.

    Love your mummas verse, our help indeed does come fro the LORD Who made heaven and earth.

    Wait upon the LORD,
    Rest in the LORD
    Trust also in Him and He shall bring it to pass,
    Fret not thyself in any wise... Psalm 37

    Thanks for Sharing, God bless,
    Praying much, big hugs Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  10. I also admire all your beautiful work! The sweater on your handsome husband - loved the Hubba Hubba remark! The basket knit baby blanket is gorgeous. Mittens are so cute!! I wish I were half as productive as you. And what blessings you give to all who receive.

  11. It is amazing to see the number of mittens you can produce! These are all beautiful and yes, the blue yarn is very fun! Do you use worsted weight for the mittens?
    The sweater looks great on your DH!!!! What a satisfying accomplishment!

  12. Dennis does look handsome in his new sweater! The sweater looks good too! LOL! All those mittens and hat and sweater and baby blanket? You are "the fastest knitter in the west"!
    Glad Alex and Tara are back in London and healthy, I pray. They had stats yesterday that there are more deaths from other things here in the US than from this virus so far. As a friend of mine used to say "sit down in the boat"! LOL!

  13. Betsy, It is so nice to see how that yarn is working up. Those mittens are beautiful. I also like Dennis's sweater. I am glad for the good health of your loved ones. Take care my friend.

  14. Wonderful finish on Dennis' sweater Betsy! It looks so nice on him. And great job on so many mittens (the blue yarn is very fun!!). Glad Alex and Tara are ok and back in London. Do take care - you've been in my thoughts.

  15. What a joy to catch up with all your news and see Dennis looking so handsome in his new jumper, it fits him perfectly. Sorry to read your son and partner are in quarantine but better to be safe than sorry, bless them. This virus is certainly stirring things up its headline news daily.

  16. You are such a blessing to others. Your talents over flow with HIs love in your heart that is shared with everyone. Beautiful mittens, sweater, hats and sweet blanket. I am with you on being nervous about the corona virus. I am thankful that Alex and Tara made it safely back to London. These are such dark times we live in, such hate fills the world, so much sorrow. Let us rejoice and be thankful for Him. Easter is next month, and reminds us all of His blessings, of His sacrifice, of His love, of His forgiveness...of His Salvation. Blessings always dear sweet friend. :)

  17. I am glad Alex and Tara are doing well. Not bad to have to be together if they have to be quarantined. My son and his girlfriend leave for a cruise today. I sent them with some great anti-bacterial and anti-fungal oils for their hand and to rub on their lymph nodes if they start to feel ill. They are hoping lots of people cancel so they can get an upgrade on their bottom of the boat room! Stay well Betsy and indeed Dennis looks wonderful in that sweater.

  18. I can't get over how professional your work is - Dennis's sweater and everything else you make are absolutely perfect! You are an angel to finish the project for your friend who is unable to - that is just like you, always thinking of others. Often through the day, I speak God's Word and insert our names - "There shall no evil befall (each of our names), neither shall any plague come nigh our dwelling - neither our bodies nor our home. A thousand shall fall at our side and ten thousand at our right hand, but it shall not come nigh (our names), in JESUS' name." Speaking God's Word out loud is powerful. He is surely in control, even though the world around us is reelng out of control. So many people die from the flu each year, and they seldom mention it. We just have to keep our eyes on Jesus, claim His promisesm speak His Word, and believe it with all our hearts. Many blessings on all of you, my friend.

  19. The mittens are really so nice. Definitely love that blue yarn. I definitely thought about you when I heard about the deaths in Kirkland. What bothers me about the news is that they often don't tell you much about who died and what their underlying conditions were. Obviously, with the deaths from the nursing home, we know they were elderly and at risk. But the media still isn't giving enough information on anyone else. People are losing their marbles and doing the craziest things. Panic surely doesn't help anyone. I'm sure Alex and Tara will be just fine. You take care of yourself and don't go out more than you have to. You have mittens and blankets to make. :) Have a blessed week.