Thursday, April 25, 2019

Sea Time

Our time on the coast has gone way too fast and we’ll be heading home tomorrow.  But we’ve had a wonderful time.
We had lunch on Monday with fellow blogger Teresa, “Teresa Kasner” on my sidebar, and her husband Dayle.
We both took photos of each other at the same time!

We seemed to duplicate each other footsteps, only we were a day later than they were.  When I saw her latest blog post I realized we had done the EXACT same things.  Of all of the things there are to do and see here, that is amazing.

Apparently both Teresa and I love the Yaquina Bay lighthouse. The last several times we have visited it has been pouring down rain. We had a gorgeous day yesterday to see this beautiful area.

When you turn around and looked the other way, the architecture of the bridge takes your breath away.

Of course, no trip to the Oregon coast is complete without a visit to the Newport bayfront to see the seals. We spent at least an hour there watching them fight for spots on the docks. You could hear them barking from several blocks away.

We visited the beautiful Yaquina Head lighthouse.

We enjoyed reading about the history of the lighthouse at the visitor center.  We also bought our senior “America the Beautiful” pass while at the park. For the rest of our lifetime, we will have free access into all national and US forest service parks. Many other parks are included in the past. We think it will be well worth the money we spent.
The visitor center had these neat panels and all of their doors. You could even buy some of your own to take home if you wanted too.

This seagull was pecking on our door Tuesday night. He was back again Wednesday morning trying to get our breakfast. He seriously would not leave. It was a little bit freaky. We even closed the window because we were afraid he was going to come right through the screen. We were eating popcorn and Doritos Tuesday night and I think he smelled them.  He was a persistent guy.  Cute as he is, that beak is pretty strong.
We are meeting Dayle and Teresa in Depoe Bay in about an hour for lunch. Then we have to go home tomorrow.  My back has not cooperated well during this trip. If we do anything in the mornings, we’re stuck in the hotel room in the afternoon so I can sit in my rocking chair with my feet up. At least we have an absolutely gorgeous view out our window. Honestly, I have been very frustrated this week because I know there are a lot of things Dennis wanted to do. Typically when we come to the coast we do a lot of walking and hiking and I just have not been able to do that this time. I sure hope they get this figured out soon.

Here was the sunset last night from our room.  Stunning, isn’t it?

Thanks for coming along with us on our trip. Wishing you all a wonderful Thursday.

“Let the sea resound, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.”  Psalm 98:7

Many blessings,


  1. I wish you back had behaved better! Love seeing you and Teresa. Love the sunset. And ALL THOSE SEALS???WOW

  2. You got some great photos in this post. We enjoyed having lunch again with you and Dennis this afternoon. Tidal Raves has a great view, doesn't it? I'm glad we got to get together twice since it's so long between your visits to our area. I hope they figure out how to make the pain stop forever in your back. We did a bit of sightseeing after we parted and now we're back in our caravan with the door open, listening to the waves crash on the shore. Have a safe trip back home, tomorrow. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Well glad you got to the coast even though back hasn't been cooperating very well. Nice sunset! Off my feet for a while as it's been a busy day again at work. I'm glad warmer weather's finally here. Yep those sea lions are quite noisy. There were some in Astoria too! Orororrrooo! Have a safe and painless drive home.

  4. That photo of the seagull made me laugh out loud!!! Too funny!

  5. Sorry you are still having back problems on your trip. I am home for a short time, Far Guy is in the hospital with respiratory distress and acute bronchitis, he was a tad better today but will be there for awhile. I still have the crud but am on meds now. Feels like you know what. Probably like your back feels. Prayers for healing for you...I will be back to blogging one day:)

  6. Hi dear Betsy, wow that is some view, how utterly wonderful, and agree re seagulls, persistent blighters!! When I was in Cornwall in 2012 on nearly nicked the ice cream on my cone, thankfully my reactions beat him! But over there they’re bigger than ours and scarey.. yours looks big too.
    It was simply wonderful you and Dennis were able to visit so many interesting and beautiful places, in lovely fine weather too and catching up on folks.
    I’d be tempted to buy one of those lighthouse handles and have underneath it “Jesus said, I am the light of the world.”
    You know your resting in arvo was possibly what Dennis needed too, you said that you hoped it would be a good rest somehow on your trip away as he needed it. Sounds like he did. The LORD knows all things and He sees our longing, prayers and heartache. However His timeline is never ever ours, we must wait on HIm and that’s the really really hard bit, waiting on Him.

    I’m not great at mo, but grateful as better than last night, as saw dentist today, been suffering from toothache last two nights, whole clove on tooth surely helps but was grateful to have it fixed temporarily. It has to come out but with crook leg and then other one having skin cancer cut out off right shin on the bony bit next Wed I decided get it out later.. fill for time being. It needs a double crown and bridge and yes that’s not cheap. Life is certainly never dull, is it, dear sis?

    I’m praying for a real solution ASAP and that you’re having good news re appointment next week when home and the injections will be beneficial indeedy.
    Lord bless dear Betsy,
    Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  7. Very sorry to hear that your back continues to give you problems but so nice to see that you are Teresa were able to see each other. Looks like the weather was just gorgeous!

  8. What an amazing trip!!! That seagull photo is just too cute. They are persistent little buggers aren't they?
    So sorry to hear about your back. I've got the same issue coming up with the wedding in Michigan this coming week. Mine is still iffy. I need to sit more than I like at the moment which is frustrating.

  9. It looked like a wonderful trip. I especially love the seals and the sunset. I am sorry you weren't able to enjoy it fully.

  10. Great photos of your time at the coast. Have a safe trip home.

  11. LOVED your pix from the coast Betsy! Sad to hear that your back is still not better and that restricted your activity, but agree that the views there are gorgeous! Lol on the hill 😉 Safe travels back home.

  12. I love the Oregon Coast, all of it! Glad you had a nice time but sorry you are still hurting.

  13. Yikes! My "wonderful" iPhone spellcheck did it again! I meant lol about the gull (seagull) not hill. Silly iPhone 😉😜😳 Aimee

  14. Betsy, your trip sounded wonderful, well except for your back not cooperating. I am so happy you were able to see Becky, Phil, Gracie, Teresa and Dayle. What fun! And to see the beautiful water and smell that gorgeous salt air. I am jealous or can't you tell?

  15. Oh, my goodness! That bird! The nerve of him/her! That would be freaky to me, too. :) I am so sorry to know you suffered on your trip and were unable to do all you wanted to. So thankful you were able to do some things and also to visit with your friend. May the Lord bless you richly, my friend.

  16. The photo of the seagull is so cute even though I know he was a bit of a worry and and a pest. Folks must have fed him which trained him to dare to be so bold. I really enjoyed all you photos and am glad you had great weather and got to do so much, but am sorry that back pain limited your activities. Thanks for posting! Love and hugs and prayers for blessings