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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

April Showers

After a run of several warm sunny days, April showers have set in for the next week or so. That’s OK. It means spring is here and everything is getting watered so that in May we will have beautiful flowers. :-)

I was supposed to go today for the consultation for the Botox injections in my back, but I had a phone call yesterday telling me that she doesn’t do them. What?! I have waited four weeks for this appointment and the day before, they realized what I was going in for? Crazy! Considering the injections person works for the Doctor who prescribed the injections, it’s even crazier. He doesn’t know that she doesn’t do those injections? So now I have been referred out to another doctor for the actual injections. I wonder how long it will take to get an appointment there?  Just continuing on with this saga......

I have been busy though. I ended up taking 18 dishcloths to the church kitchen on Sunday. I have made two more and have another on the needles. I made a magic ball with all of the tiny, tiny leftovers. It makes some interesting looking dish cloths.

I also started a scarf called the “quick lace scarf,” by Kristen Mangus. You can find it on her blog “” on the March 15, 2019 post.  Vicki over at Stitchy McFloss on my sidebar told me about it.  It’s an easy 20 row repeat with worsted weight yarn.  I added 2 stitches to each side of the border and I also slip the first stitch in each row to try to minimize curling.

A closer look at the pattern. Sorry about how washed out everything looks this morning. It’s pouring down rain and the skies are very dark which makes the lighting very bad.

I went to a baby shower on Sunday and I had a blanket, sweater and hat that I had knitted for her, but somehow I lost the baby socks! I have no idea what happened to them, so I plan to knit a new pair today to give to her next Sunday.   Thankfully, they are a very quick knit.

One of the crafting podcasts I watch is called “Makers Haven.”  It is by a young woman called Amber Crawley.  She knits and dyes yarn along with homeschooling her children and she has recently published a book. I read it yesterday in just a couple of hours. It’s a fun and entertaining fictional book. She’s now working on the sequel and I’m looking forward to reading it when it is published.  I found it on Amazon and if you like light, fictional reading I think you would enjoy it.

Our church hosts a community Easter egg hunt every year. I always volunteer to fill eggs with candy and Monday I filled 147 eggs and taped them shut. It doesn’t sound like much, but it was a very time-consuming endeavor.

There was a family wedding in Omaha on Saturday that we weren’t able to go to, but Mandy sent us some pictures. Here is Piper with two cousins teaching her how to “clog.” She had the time of her life and had to be carried out because she was so tired at the end of the evening.

Mandy and her Grandma, Dennis‘s mom. Mandy was the first and only grandchild until Jamie came along several years later. She and Grandma have always had a special bond, and I’m glad that they are living close to each other again.

It’s hard to miss all of these fun family events but maybe someday we’ll be closer and able to take part in them.

Sorry for the blurriness of this one but I just love the expression on Piper’s face.  This is Grandma, Dr. Kayla, as Piper calls her, (a niece), and Miss Piper.  Kayla is the one who helped me so much with my back when we were visiting Omaha last summer.

Live on Nebraska is the organ procurement organization in Nebraska. For the month of April most of my family have posted photos of my nephew Brian who died unexpectedly earlier this year.  They are trying to bring awareness of the need for organ donor‘s. This is a photo of Brian, on the right, and his older brother, my nephew Doug, in their firefighting gear. When Brian passed, his organs were able to help save the lives of four people and improve the quality of life for over 100 others.  We are all proud of Brian and the way he lived his life so selflessly, even in the end with this final gift. Would do you think about doing the same?

Wishing you all a wonderful and blessed week. 

“And do not forget to do good and share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.” Hebrews 13:16

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”  Matthew 11:28



  1. Those scrappy dishcloths are fantastic.

    I can't believe they called you at the last minute to cancel your appointment. VERY frustrating. Hope you can get another appt. soon.

  2. Love your dishcloths. I need to find out how to make those magic balls. Sorry about your appointment being cancelled. Medical care is so frustrating these days. Hope they get your situation straightened out quickly. Cute pics of Piper!

  3. So sorry to read about your cancelled appointment, another agonising wait for the next appointment I do feel for you. What fun the wedding looks and so nice that the family were able to get together. So wonderful that Brians organs were donated, he was obviously a generous man in life and in death. Love the dishcloths, such a wonderful array of colour.

  4. The scrappy dishcloths will make kitchen duty fun. I love all the colors. I've been listed as an organ donor on my driver's license for decades. I think it's important for everyone to discuss it with their friends and families.

  5. Love the family photos! They were having a blast. I can't believe Son is not having any dancing at his wedding in May. What a humbug.

  6. We are organ donors also...not sure what we have anymore that is in perfect shape but the Doctors can figure it out.
    Some people are not very organized...sorry you have to wait even longer for your injections. Sure hope they help once you get them. :)

  7. Goodness, that does make you wonder about the competence of the doctor's office you are seeing for them to not realize that. There is still a lot of snow up here, although much of it has melted off. This rain we are getting will surely help the melt to continue. Already it was getting somewhat dusty on our road from all the sunshine! Amazing how that can be. Sweet pictures of Piper having such a good time! It must be very hard to be away from the family with these kinds of family events, but I'm glad your daughter is closer to her grandmother, that is a blessing for sure! I will be praying about the health struggles you are facing... blessings to you, and enjoy that time with your sister next week :)

  8. I always say "rejection is protection OR direction" I don't believe in coincidence. So don't be too upset about your canceled appointment.
    I love that scarf! It's beautiful! That will be going on my 2019-20 YOP list! Thanks for the extra tips about it too.
    Did Piper's Mom do her hair? So pretty!
    The eggs are pretty all in a bowl! I like the striped ones...I've never seen those before.
    Great idea on the dishcloths! I have all kinds of little leftover balls of cotton yarn. They turned out so pretty!
    You definitely inspired me this week with all your 'crafty goodness'! Have a great week and I hope you have blooming flowers before too long!

  9. I really can't believe that it took them all that time to realize you had an appointment for something they couldn't do. Doesn't sound right at all. :/ All of the projects you are making are really so lovely and useful. Anyone who receives a handmade gift from you is very fortunate indeed. Love that you were able to fill all those Easter eggs. My Aunt Dot always did that for us cousins. We gathered at my Mammaw's house in Mississippi every Easter. She had a huge backyard and we always dyed eggs and then had an egg hunt. Aunt Dot always filled plastic eggs with candy and money. :) Your nephew surely was a blessing to so many in life and in death. Sending hugs your way.

  10. The dish cloths looks great. Love, love your scarf. What size needles are you using? I might have to re-start mine, again. : ) Wow, on the doctor's office thing, again, Wow. Wishing you a most lovely day dear sweet friend. Blessings.

  11. Wow, Betsy--so busy! And good to hear you've found many good things to do. Everything you're making is beautiful as always. I'm sorry the injections didn't work out-- would've been nice if they'd told you sooner! Thanks for being such a blessing to us all .... Debra

  12. Hi, Glad you are getting some Spring... That rain will bring flowers to you in May!!!!!!

    Hope you go get to move to Nebraska (or closer to where the family is) once retirement comes.

    Crazy story about the botox.... Goodness ---they weren't communicating, were they????? Hope to you don't have to wait another month... Mercy Me!!!!


  13. Dear Betsy, your industry is both interesting and inspiring to me! You accomplish so much, and I so enjoy how you share your life through your posts. Your outstanding knitting quality and quantity inspires I poke along with my little projects :) I am also inspired by your nephew's life, and his continued generosity in death. I enjoyed all your family photos! Tomorrow my nearly 83 year old friend plans to come over so we can celebrate her bday which is on this coming Tuesday. Today I found some flowers for her at a nursery on my way home from the church Beth Moore study, "Entrusted" based on 2Timothy. You and yours continue to be in my prayers with love. xxxxxxx

  14. My goodness.. your hands must fly to make so many things. Did you show us the baby blanket you made for the new baby? I loved seeing Piper having fun clogging.. my goodness she has such glossy thick hair and it was braided so pretty! I do hope you retire there to be close to her and your daughter. I can't believe the doctor messed up your injection situation that bad. He might need to hear a piece of your mind. Have a super weekend, my friend. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  15. I hope those Botox injections will help you when you finally get them Betsy. They do help me although they don't keep all the pain away, but I am better off when I get them. Piper looks like she had a wonderful time at the wedding. Your project are beautiful as always my friend.

  16. Oh, my, I am SO sorry to hear about the mix-up at your doctor's office and to know that this will delay your injections even longer! SO, so frustrating, and you just have to wonder how much people care when they do such things. I know we all make mistakes, but when it comes to someone else's suffering, you would think people would be more careful and attentive. I hope you are able to get relief soon, and I continue to pray for you. Little Piper looks like she was having a ball! And, I love her hairdo/braid. It is so sad to think of your nephew, Brian having left this world far too soon. Things like that are so hard to understand, and I am sure your family misses him so terribly. What a blessing that his death brought life to four other people and improved the health of so many others! May God bless you today on this Lord's Day, sweet friend!

  17. I love the colorful washcloths. It's been raining and cloudy alot lately in our area. Chilly afternoon as the wind came up and later in afternoon at work I actually had to wear my sweatshirt and turned on heat by register. Hope you have a blessed week as well and you get your back feeling better. Can't wait to see in a few weeks! Hugs!

  18. Ha!!! a quick lace scarf with a twenty row repeat is NOT Easy!!! That's an amazing looking pattern. What a scarf it will be! i love seeing all the Mandy and Piper photos. I know the pain of living apart!!!!!! I want you to feel Better !! So much better! You know Allison works for Oklahoma Life share and we area all for donating organs. Bless you nephew and family. The people who work in organ donation are so special to me! !! Hugs

  19. Just popping for a visit via Thistlebear's blog, I love your dishcloths, they look very cheerful. Take care, Cathy x

  20. Good to finally catch up with you! Sure hope you finally get those shots you need! Have a good week, too. It's pretty wet on this side of the mts.

  21. Hi dear Betsy, been missing you in blogland then when I looked at this post again I found I hadn’t even commented on this post, read it several times but thought I’d commented. Hope and pray you’re okay and that injection fiasco has been sorted for good for you, claiming Rom 8;28.

    Some lovely images, can imagine the filling of eggs very very tedious, indeed. It also seems wrong to have all that plastic out in the environment, as they’ll jus be thrown away. Coming from Oz I’ll be honest was a little shocked at some practices in US in respect to plastic, so wasteful. We use our own bags when shopping or need to pay for them, and so when I popped out my fold up silk bags at stores they were always surprised. Am against single use bags, we are to be good stewards of what we are given. Oops, I am really sorry didn’t mean to go on so!
    Did see though, on the way home, that in Hawaii they’re an island and they’re very watchful on waste. No single use bags there.

    Piper is very very cute doing her clogging with her cousins, you can see the love in their eyes. And that scarf is really really pretty. I am signed up for our donor programme here too, Betsy, it’s very valuable and important.
    Praying for you in your health in all aspect, dear Betsy,
    Hugs Shaz in Oz.x

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    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}