Tuesday, March 6, 2018

New Computer

Happy Tuesday my friends.

Here I am, typing happily away on my new computer, but there is one HUGE problem.  The hard drive on our old one was corrupted and we lost EVERYTHING!  All of our documents, pictures, etc.  I'm worried, but not overcome with worry yet, because bless Jamie's, (our oldest son's), heart.  He installed an external cloud device in our office last year that backs up from my phone, iPad and computer every. single. night.  At least it's supposed to.  I just don't know how to get this new computer hooked up to it.  Hopefully it will transfer everything once we are able to sync it all.  I just picked it up an hour ago and I have to say I love it already.  I've texted Jamie and asked if he can help me via phone after he gets off of work.

So, I'm sorry.  No photos again today.  Just boring me, typing.  I've knitted some mittens and a couple of cozy memory 9 patch squares along with a BUNCH of crocheted squares for baby blankets.  I do have something to show you if I'm ever able to.  And the best part is that the new computer is a laptop so I should be able to take it to the lake this summer and blog from there too.  Yeah!

Nita is recovering well from her hip replacement surgery last week.  We took care of little Sophie all week for them. I have to say that I miss having her on my lap.  Larry has been put on antibiotics because his flu turned into bronchitis as a secondary infection.  Dennis seems to be doing well right now, although he has several co-workers out this week with influenza.  I sure hope this stuff stops soon.  :-)

My doctor called last week because he wanted to do a follow-up on my back.  While I was there I told him about some pain I had been having all week in my side.  He diagnosed divericulitis and wanted to put me in the hospital for IV antibiotics.  I convinced him to let me try oral meds first because we had a funeral on Saturday.  I also was on the calendar to prepare meals for three different people who were either sick or had surgery.  He agreed to try it and I think I'm better.   After all of that, I don't think he was too concerned with my back anymore. :-)

But...I got a toothache over the weekend.  I went to the dentist this morning and guess what?  I need a root canal in a tooth that has already had a root canal because there is an abcess at the base of the tooth.  How does that happen?  Only to me.  It's crazy.   He was going to put me on antibiotics before the root canal, but I'm already on them so he doesn't have to.  It's insane my friends.

Sometimes I truly feel it's one step forward, two steps back.

But...it's getting a touch warmer here and that means spring is really going to arrive at some point and then I'm going to go to my happy place at the lake and just stay there permanently. :-)

I hope this is finding you all well and warm.  I truly am doing fine and I know these are temporary glitches yet again.   Hopefully next time I write, I'll be able to show you some pictures too.

"Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God." 2 Corinthians 1:3-4



  1. Oh, no....computer problems are so frustrating. Sorry to hear you all are still under the weather. We all need SPRING!

  2. Oh, Betsy! That is more than anyone should have to deal with. I've had diverticulitis and it is NOT fun. Hopefully, the antibiotics have kicked it out of your system.

    Thinking of you and sending healing wishes your way!

    P.S. Congrats on the new computer! Enjoy!

  3. I hope you're able to get everything straightened out with your computer stuff, Betsy. It's nice to have a new computer, though, isn't it? I got a new laptop a year ago Christmas and it's been a huge relief to have it. My old one was so much trouble, a huge problem every time I needed to use it. I'm sorry to hear about your tooth, how frustrating to need another root canal. I haven't had one, but my dentist said I almost needed one on a tooth that she had to drill an old filling out of and put a crown on; the filling had cracked and there was decay happening underneath. I was lucky she was able to get all the decay out with drilling. I hope your mouth is feeling much better soon. Take care and enjoy the warm up!

  4. I'm sure you will be able to access your files from the cloud easily once your son walks you through the process. It's a blessing that your devices have been automatically backing up data.

  5. I hope you're able to get someone to help you hook up the new laptop to the backup and get all your files and photos on the new computer! Sorry to hear of your diverticulitis attack.. I also have it but I'm glad you stood your ground and didn't get hospitalized. I let them put me in and it was horrible, no food or water for 4 days and a whopping bill of $12,000 and I was uninsured at the time. The next attack I had a doctor actually came to our house and gave me a shot of antibiotics and I got well. I haven't had an attack since. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Oh Betsy that happened to us awhile back and we had to buy a whole knew computer. It devastating to lose all those memories on the computer. I'm glad to see you back to posting again.

  7. I'm really terrible at tech stuff and don't backup or sync anything. I hope that you are able to find all your photos and information with Jamie's help. I only use a laptop but never take it with me anywhere because it's so big. I had a mini HP years ago that I loved, but my husband made me really angry one afternoon, so I slammed it shut and that was the end of that little mini HP! Oops! Ha! I am very sorry to hear that you continue to have one little health issue after another. What is up with that? Most doctors never talk about the nutritional side of things, so I hope you've looked into what you need to do for the diverticulitis, things you should/shouldn't be eating. Hope you are able to get to the lake very very soon. Take care.

  8. I LOVE the Scripture you shared today! It is such a dear blessing to me so many times. I am SO sorry to hear about your loss of the pictures and all of your documents and hope they are on the cloud so you can get them back. And, SO sorry to hear about the diverticulitis...oh, my, that is something that is very close to my heart, having been there for close loved ones so many times as they suffered through bouts of this. If you ever want any natural remedy advice, please feel free to email me. I am praying for you, sweet friend, and so thankful you were able to get a new computer. You are sorely missed when you aren't able to blog. :)

  9. Hi Betsy,
    Glad that your computer had arrive fed and pray all your data is there soon.
    I s need to back mine up.. overwhelming the thought of it. But need to do it.
    I had root cancel in top tooth. It developed an abscess and the infection spread to my sinuses. I had to have day surgery cos the specialist had to cut a flap of skin from side of my mouth and stitch it over the sinus hole once tooth was extracted... yes I lost it after all that money and multiple infections. That’s the hardest bit. It’s happened to two root canals.

    So dear Betsy, no you’re not only one with complicated teeth .. if you’re immune compromised as you are and I am you are prone to infections.. mercifully my teeth seem better since I changed medication for my bone density. They reckoned the one I was taking couldn’t affect my teeth but no infections since change proved them wrong as far as I am concerned. I was having three infections or more a year.
    Glad hubby is better.
    Pryaing for you.
    I’m not blogging at moment, need to refocus and get more organised I think!!! What’s that?
    Hugs, and prayers Shaz.x

  10. Yay for new computers and cloud back-ups. Boo to more ailments. So sorry Betsy! HOpe you are feeling better soon. Sending plenty of healing wishes.

  11. What would do without our children to help us with these computer glitches. I am blessed with a son in law who is a computer wizard, he is a keeper. You are in my prayers Betsy, hopefully the Spring weather will make you feel better. Take care.

  12. That's a beautiful thought from Scripture. I hope I made a friend happy today. We met for lunch and i just adore her. Hooray for your computer life being back. Sounds like you got hit hard between tummy and teeth. Praying a little prayer for you

  13. You poor thing! I hope it all goes away and you get your computer back!

  14. Bless your heart! You've certainly had your share of difficulties. Computer problems are so annoying. I'm having issues with my phone and looking to get a new one but dang, they are expensive. I'm sorry to hear you've had more health issues. I was diagnosed with diverticulosis several years ago but luckily I've never had any problems. I've just been through a battle with my blood pressure. Thankfully it is straightened out now but it took 3 weeks to get it under control again. I hope Dennis gets better quickly and you stay healthy.

  15. Sorry I am so late responding! What a blessing your new laptop will be. All we have are laptops, a kindle and our phones. I am sorry for all your health problems. Doesn't rain but what it pours sometimes. I am feeling the same way. Hope your feeling better soon and miss the pictures of all your things you make. You accomplish so much. Get well soon, Hugs, Nancy