Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Snow? Really? Again?

We've been spoiled and have enjoyed almost springlike weather for a couple of weeks. more.  It was 40F when I went to bed last night and this is what we woke up to.
 I have snow-blowed about 10 inches so far this morning from the driveways.
 And it's still coming down!
I haven't used the snowblower OR shovel since I fell last January and fractured my back.  They x-rayed it AGAIN  a couple of months ago and now are saying it may never heal.  So onward and upwards.  Dennis is really sick AGAIN with something.  He thinks this is just a bad head cold that he probably picked up flying home from Austin, TX last week.  He's at work today with no voice to speak of and I definitely didn't want him outside shoveling this icky stuff when he gets home.
I'll have to go back out in a little while for another round of shoveling, but if I keep up with it as it comes down it's not so bad.  I did the sidewalks on both sides of the block and our neighbors triple wide driveway since she's so nice and letting Jeremy park there while he stays with us.  It's not very cold and there isn't any wind so it really isn't so bad, but the snow is a heavy one, not light and fluffy.  Great snowball snow!
Have I mentioned how much I detest snow?  Yep.  I do.

I finished Piper's sweater and mailed it on Monday.  She should get the package today and I REALLY, REALLY hope it fits her.  It looks really small to me.  As I said before, I got gauge and it measured exactly as the pattern specified.  It just really looks small.  Oh well, we have two great-nieces that are a younger than Piper in Omaha, so maybe someone will wear it.  I do love how it turned out.
Back View
 The smocking was fun if tedious to knit!
 Pretty, pretty!
The post office said it would cost $.01 more to airmail it and have it there in 2 days or pay a penny less and it would take 5-7 days by truck!  I thought that was rather an easy decision.  Now she should have it for Valentine's Day.

This is my current project.  Another stash busting baby blanket from Caron Simply Soft yarn that I had in my closet.  It's just an easy crochet shell stitch.
 I like how it's turning out and I think it will be perfect for a little boy don't you?
I won Kathyb and Al's blog drawing over at Compassion Knits on my sidebar!  Look at all of the goodies.  Beautiful yarn, a weighted bookmark, a cute sheep bookmark, a beautiful butterfly needle gauge and a postcard of a church where her son lives.  I love it all.  Thank you SO much girls.  Now to decide what to do with the yarn?  Any ideas?
Sophie is here again while Nita and Larry are on a Jamaican cruise  Yes, it's their third cruise so far this winter!  Do you see Sophie on the left with Chloe?  She blends right into the quilt on our bed!  She's quite the snuggler and I really enjoy having her visit us.
Dennis bought me these pretty Pioneer Woman storage containers for my birthday.  Those lids make my heart go pitter-patter.
 And look at the pretty designs in the glass.  I'll use these in the trailer for flour, sugar, etc. storage.  They are the perfect size and so pretty.  Meanwhile, I just have them sitting on the counter top where I can look at them and smile. :-)
Finally, a couple of Piper photos.  Their sweetheart Polly gave them quite a scare last week.  She had bacterial pneumonia and they almost lost her.  The vet believes she aspirated some food into her lungs and it caused the pneumonia.  She is getting better, but this poor sweetheart has so many health issues.  It's a wonderful thing that Brad and Mandy rescued her, because the costs for her meds. that she takes daily are astronomical.  Most people would not have taken such wonderful care of her.  She absolutely adores Piper and is her shadow.  She loves her Grandma too!  :-)
And may I present Queen Piper the First!  That's what the text said when I got this photo last week!  She is growing up so fast!  When we talked on the phone this morning she informed me that she has a new name for me.  Grams.  I quite like it.  Dennis is and always has been Papa.  I've always been Grandma.  But I really like Grams.  I hope it sticks.
I was going to cut out and start sewing a new dress today but snow blowing has removed all of my mojo.  I have no desire to sew now.  Maybe I'll just sit and crochet and watch some movies.  What do you think?  A nice cup of hot tea and my crochet hook.  Sounds good

I hope you are all doing well.  I realize this is a photo heavy post and I'm sorry about that .  There isn't a lot of news.  At least not good news and I don't want to dwell on negative stuff.  So many are sick and hurting this winter.  The flu seems to be never ending.  Every day I hear of someone else who is sick with it.  We need spring.  Not snow.  Spring.  Now.

I'll be back soon and hopefully everyone we know will be better, including my sweet husband.  I feel so bad for him.  He is NEVER sick and to have something like this twice in less than three weeks is unheard of for him.  Please say a prayer if you would.  And also, for my brother-in-law Mike.  He went in for his Chemo infusion today and they had to delay it again because his blood count is too low.  They will wait two weeks and try again.  My sister Melanie would never ask for prayers for herself, but please lift her up too.  She is an amazingly strong lady and I am so blessed to have her for my big sister.  This has been a long, long journey for her too.  She never complains and is always there for everyone else.

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28

"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love."
1 Corinthians 13:13

Blessings always my friends,


  1. I love the storage jars. I have the glass cups they make (Pioneer Woman brand). My hubby went to work sick, but I hope my soup and gingerale will cure him. I can't believe you got more snow. Ours is finally melting today. I'm about to make a cup of tea and grab a crochet hook too. Have a wonderful week.

  2. Wow....that is a lot of snow!!! Hope hubby is on the mend soon. It's been such a terrible year for that sort of thing. I don't think Daughter's been well one day since early fall.

  3. Betsy you are all in my prayers. Praying that Dennis will recover quickly and that Mike will be able to have his chemo session soon. Also praying that your sweet sister Melanie is given some comfort and indeed that you remain strong. As always it was a joy to see Miss Piper, hopefully the gorgeous cardigan made with love will fit her. I sent Valentines cards to the six Grandchildren the four older ones knew I was their secret admirer they recognised my writing, so they all called to let me know that I was loved. Take care.

  4. Queen Piper I is going to adore the sweater. It's beautiful.

    Sounds like you like snow about as much as I do! I often shovel two or three times during a storm to keep the amount manageable for me and my shovel. Sure wish I had a snow blower, but it's one more machine I'd have to maintain.

  5. I hate snow, too. I feel your pain sweet friend. Little Miss P's sweater is adorable, and so is she. Always smiling. Take it easy out there and stay warm. Prayers for Dennis that he'll get to feeling better soon. Blessings always sweet friend. :)

  6. Piper's sweater is gorgeous Betsy - love the smocking detail (and I bet that was fiddly to do). Sorry about the snow. This certainly has been a rough winter in so many ways. Hoping Dennis is feeling much, much better. Take care of yourself and be careful with the shoveling.

  7. That is so much snow. Please take care when clearing it, I remembered how much you suffered last year with your back, I cannot believe it may never heal. I’m sorry to hear your husband is poorly again, as you said, there is so much of it around, it seems to clear up and then return a week or so later. And princess Piper looks wonderful, she’s even got the shoes to match! Her cardigan is very pretty and fit for a princess.

  8. Wow, you got a LOT of snow! I can't imagine having to shovel or blow snow.. we had some here but we just walk over the snow and drive over it and it's never a problem. It was fun to see the Piper photos.. she really is a darling child. I hope Dennis gets all well and fast. This flu is a scary thing. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. Hello, I found you over at Regina's blog :-)
    Thank you for sharing your pretty snow pictures, I am in north Texas so we do not see it a lot :-)

    Blessings, Renee @

  10. Healing vibes being sent for all of your family. We will be in your situation on Saturday --- tomorrow and Friday will be in the 60s and Saturday we are expecting quite a bit of snow. CRAZY.

    I have come down with what I *hope* is only a cold. I don't feel flu-ish, but I have a low fever. Hopefully, it will go away by tomorrow.

  11. I'm praying for healing for Dennis and Mike and encouragement and strength for them and Melanie. Carolyn and I admire the gorgeous sweater you knit for sweet Queen Piper the First :-) The PW jars are so pretty...I do like so many of her goods. Thanks for posting, dear Betsy. xx

  12. Hi dear Betsy, agreeing with you in all your prayers, praying with you for all whom your heart is burdened..
    ..... and where two or three are agreed, there am I, says the Lord, He sees, He knows, He cares, He has a higher better purpose in all these things, for He sees what we cannot.
    ... In all these things we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us.
    Praying He will als keep you safe from falls each day dear Betsy. I love little Queen Piper and think Grams is a perfect name. She won’t forget. 😉
    Hugs Shaz in hot summery Oz.x

  13. Dear Betsey,
    I agree with you about snow. I love February though because it is only 28 days and March always gives me hope for spring. Piper's sweater is beautiful as are the storage jars.

    I have sent prayers for your hubby, Mike, Melanie and the puppy.
    Congratulations on the prize. You are such a sweetheart. HUGS

  14. Hi Betsy, We are experiencing the same kind of back and forth weather! Please be careful with doing the driveways you don't overdo for your back. I am so sorry that the doctor says it will never be better. Piper's sweater is beautiful and I hope it fits her. These colds seem to be nasty this year. I am still coughing some. Hoping your hubby is back to normal soon and that you don't get it. Nancy

  15. OH dear Betsy. I'd snowblow for you if Icould! Prayers for your back to be stable and prayers that someone will come over to help you! Prayers for Dennis and your family. Piper, always a joy to behold. THANK you for sharing the photos. Grams sounds perfect to me

  16. Look at all of that snow. I hope spring is just around the corner for you. Piper's sweater is lovely and it was wonderful to see her in her costume. She's getting big and is such a pretty girl. I will keep everyone in my prayers, it sounds like tough going for your loved ones right now. I hope they will be all better soon. Take care, Betsy.

  17. Dear, sweet friend! I am SO sorry to hear that Dennis is sick again! Oh, my, and we prayed so hard. God is able to heal, as well as prevent illness, and I will surely be continuing to pray. I hope he feels all better and very soon. And, so sorry to hear about Mike's worsening condition. All of you are in my prayers every, single day. Trusting God for the miracle Mike needs. I hate to think of you out shoveling that snow! You have such a kind, dear heart, and I fear that you will hurt yourself doing so much for others. Wish I could help you in some way! All I can do is pray, but that is the best thing any of us can do for each other, thankfully. Piper's sweater is beyond beautiful!! I LOVE it and the color is just amazing. Yes, I think that baby blanket will be great for a little boy. All of your creations are just so pretty and precious. You are such a dear blessing to so many! Sending love and hugs to you!!