Wednesday, February 7, 2018

No more winter for us!

Well, at least that's what the Spokane marmot said last Friday when he didn't see his shadow!  And, for the most part, the sun has been shining here ever since then, with some clouds thrown in now and then.  Here is my hoosier cabinet this morning with the sunshine pouring in from the patio doors.  I thought the shadows were so pretty.
I know that a lot of the country is having terrible storms and ick, but I'm so thankful for the mildness that has been February so far, after the nasty December and early January that we had.  And I'm not really fooled into thinking that winter is over for us.  After all, it's only early February, but I am enjoying it while I can.

We took a drive up to the lake on Saturday.  It was such a pretty day and temperatures in the low 50's!  Yes, really!  However...the lake is still frozen over as you can see below, although I wouldn't trust the ice to walk on it.
 The camper still has about a foot of snow around it, although we haven't had snow here in town for several weeks.  The elevation makes a huge difference. We've been here in the past when the snow was up past the doors and we couldn't get into the trailer. Here Dennis is unzipping the cover so he can crawl into the trailer to check for unwelcome guests, (mice and squirrels.)  Thankfully it was just as we had left it in October with no signs of visitors, although there was a squirrel chattering at me from a tree behind the trailer.
 Lots of snow and a very different view than in the summertime.
This is our road that we had to hike up to get to the trailer.  It is unplowed and is gated in the wintertime.  Look at that beautiful blue sky.
 Snowmobiles had used it though!  The snow was so soft from melting that it was hard to walk in.  It surely made my heart start pumping!  Oh how I miss this place and I'm anxiously awaiting spring.
I thought I would share a photo that I took this morning of my Trader Joe's flowers almost 3 weeks in!  I've had to throw some blooms away, but I'm pleasantly surprised at how pretty they still are.  All for $3.99!  Aren't they pretty?  That's a picture of our sweet Chloe that a friend took during Bible study a few weeks ago.  She's such a good dog.
It may look like I haven't done much of anything to these socks for Dennis since last post, but actually, I ripped them out and started them all over again, so you're looking at the work of almost a completed sock! Ha! I decided I didn't like the size they were turning out to be.  They would be way too tight on his instep, so I started over.  I think I may have finally hit on the perfect number of stitches and pattern just for him.  He loves to wear them with his cowboy boots.  Yes, we live in the west and my husband really does wear cowboy boots.  He has worn them since before I started dating him well over 40 years ago and we still lived in Nebraska.  I guess Nebraska is the west to some of you isn't it?!  :-) Would it be TMI if I told you I still love how he looks in his blue jeans and cowboy boots?!  Anyway, he really likes my hand knit socks so he gets them whenever he wants a pair.
 Here's the label if any of you are interesting.  I couldn't remember the name for sure when I last posted.
And this is what I've been working on most of the week.  It's a "Child's Smocked Cardigan" by Jessica X. Wright Lichter and is free on Ravelry.  Guess who it's for?  Yep.  Miss Piper.  She is so knit-worthy.

I was sorting through a bunch of patterns last week that I had printed off but I've never used.  I'm trying to declutter the house a bit.  At the same time, Piper and I were face-timing. I think we talked for close to 2 hours that day.  She was going through the patterns with me and I was playing with her dolls and cars with her.  All by my Ipad of course, but it's still fun!  She loved this sweater and I don't know why I had never made it for her.  She's into the largest size of the pattern, so it's now or never!  Then we went to the yarn closest and she chose the yarn.  It was almost like taking her shopping with me!

The garter stitch and stockingette stitch bottom part went very quickly, but the smocked part is REALLY, REALLY slow.  Lots of fiddliness and counting.  Oh, my goodness!  The counting.  I've had to rip it back several times because my smocking was off by one stitch because of decreases in the row.
 However, I know it will all be worth it when Piper wears it.  I'm just hoping it will fit her!  It looks a bit small to me.  I still have the back to finish, then the other front, the sleeves, the neck and the button band.  Hopefully it will be done by next week, but I'm not promising anything with all of this ripping out!
So,  not lots of knitting to share this week even though I've been busy with the needles.  Sophie will arrive again today for 11 days.  Larry and Nita are leaving on another cruise.  This time to Jamaica.  We always enjoy having Sophie, she makes a nice lap puppy while I'm knitting and she loves to snuggle with us.

Jeremy has moved in and we're enjoying having him for a couple of months until their house closes in April.  Alicia and the boys drove over from Moses Lake yesterday and took me to the inspection on the new house.  She is staying in Moses Lake until the closing so that the boys won't have to change schools, otherwise they would stay with us too.  Their new house is wonderful, and only 5 years old, but built like a country cottage.  It's on 10 acres with an  option to buy another 10.  It's literally up in the mountains about 30 minutes north of us.  From the front porch they have a view of the ski runs at Mt. Spokane.  They are lighted at night for night skiing, so I know that will be a beautiful sight.  It was so peaceful there.  Not a sound to be heard.  The house comes with an in-law suite that they are determined that Dennis and I will move into someday.  That will most likely not happen, but it's nice to be wanted isn't it?  :-)

Alicia worked for me years ago.  Dennis baptized both of them and performed their wedding.  We're adopted grandparents to Kale and Hayden and we just love their little family.  They've lived all over the country for Jeremy's job, but their end goal was always to get back to Spokane and now they've accomplished that. We're so happy for them.  I took some photos yesterday, but until the house actually closes, I don't feel I should share them.  Here are are a couple from the outside though. This is the view from the front porch.  This is pasture is the optional ten acres they can buy.  Most of the ten acres that come with the house are timber. It is SO peaceful.
 The nearest neighbor is waaaay down that road.  But, they have six children so the boys are thrilled!
I guess that 's all I have for you today.  I hope you're all staying warm and enjoying February.  Spring will be here soon and I'll be back to visit soon too.

"Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword?"  Romans 8:35

Blessings to you all,


  1. I loved the trip to your trailer! My mom loved hers at the beach and would have lived in it permanently if she could have. She loved it so much she bought a house and moved just a few blocks away so she could walk to it!

  2. We had freezing rain last night, which left all the trees and bushes incased in ice. Yuck. But on a happy note, we are to get into the 50's Friday...our weather has been crazy...I am so looking forward to Spring. Love the sweater you are making for little Miss P. It's so adorable that you two "play" on the net together. I was amazed at all the snow up at your trailer. Wishing you a warm and lovely day sweet friend. ((hugs))

  3. Weather has been pleasant here as well. Still snow on the ground but nothing new, and the streets are almost bare. I desperately needed a mild winter after last year!

    Love Miss Piper's sweater! 😍

  4. NOT TMI at all ......I think it's sweet that he still makes your heart go pitter-patter. That's how it SHOULD be.

    It's an icy/rainy day today. A good day to catch up on blogs and podcasts and get a little more knitting done.

    So happy for you that your family will be closer. Hugs -- DK

  5. I enjoyed your post full of news and all that is going on in your life. I'm amazed at the intricacy of the sweater you're doing.. but it looks like it's going to be gorgeous and I'm sure it will fit little Piper just fine. I hope we get to see a photo of her wearing it! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. I hope winter really is over for you. I'll keep everything crossed! I'm so glad to hear that all was well with the camper when you went up. It will be so nice to get right back into using it when spring comes. Jeremy and Alicia's plans sound very exciting. I'm so glad they and their children have you. It sounds like you're very special and important to all of them. I often wish my kids had adopted grandparents who are devoted as you are to those boys. My kids' real grandparents aren't very involved for various reasons, but we try to make up for that where we can. I plan to do a much better job when they have children. The sweater you're knitting for Piper is going to be beautiful. I really love the color. I'm so happy to know you spend all that time chatting with her, it's wonderful for both of you. I hope you're having a good week, Betsy. :)

  7. That sweater for Piper is just darling! Loved seeing your snowy pictures of the trailer. I'm itching to get away in ours, but it's too early yet - we probably won't plan anything till April.

  8. Wow, all that snow it made for some lovely photos by the trailer. Although I can see why you would like it gone and be able to stay there once again. I loved your comment about Dennis and how you still loved his look in denim jeans and boots, just how it should be and not TMI at all. We are so blessed with technology enabling us to keep in touch with family, how lovely to spend so much time chatting to Miss Piper. Looking forward to seeing the cardigan.

  9. Hi dear sweet sis, so enjoyed your chatty warm loving blog post today... all details enjoyed as we walked through with you on your days at home, lake and in mountains at new abode.
    Love Miss Pipers new smocked outfit and I'm praying with you it will be a perfect fit.
    I was out today in our summery sunshine having some sweet fellowship with our dear sisters in Lord (one is a missionary to Rwanda). I was telling them about ypu and your last lovely comment on my blog.. I did so enjoy it.
    Lord bless dear Betsy
    Pray you're still keeping well , dear Betsy...
    Love in Him.
    Shaz In Oz.x

  10. Wow, fifty degrees. I know it will be coming here soon, I just have to be patient, right? The part about Dennis and the cowboy boots rung home. Randy agreed to wear a tux in our wedding if he could wear cowboy boots. Can you believe these are the same ones he wears on Sundays still, 38 years later.

    That cardigan is lovely. I would love to make it for Genevieve, but she requested no more "coat" sweaters, meaning cardigans. Just tunics and pull-on sweaters, I guess.

    I hope you have a wonderful week.
    Blessing to you and HUGS

  11. We've not seen any shadows on this side of the pass either although the sun is supposed to make an appearance tomorrow. Love that sweater; I need to check out that pattern. Thanks!

  12. Oh I love the campsite with the promise of seeing you there THIS summer. I always think of you when I see camper things. I hope one day our kids will move back here. I really have to help poor Fireman. Al's thinking of going to school in North carolina and it broke his heart to hear it last night. We both wish she'd move closer. but we WONT say that. SOMEDAY I know they'll come back or we will move closer. IT bothers him so much. I delight in hearing your family news and their new home seems like it is magical. Hugs kath

  13. Oh, that is just so sweet how you will get to have your precious friends near you! It looks like their view will be amazing from their new home. I just love the beautiful creation you are making for little Miss Piper, and how wonderful that you can communicate with her and feel that she is almost there with you! It is always such a joy and blessing to visit with you, sweet friend. Praying for you every day, and sending lots of love and hugs!

  14. Hello Betsy! We've surely had a mild winter this year, although I missed all the snow that came in December around Christmas! Our snow is really melting here too, it is just amazing to see. I enjoyed your pictures of the lake and of your camper. I bet you can't wait to get back out there to enjoy being at the lake! You are making a gorgeous little project for Piper, and I think it is so special that she got to pick out the colors and patterns while talking to you on the phone/ipad! Technology is pretty amazing! I just love hearing about all your industrious projects. How special that Alicia and her family will be settling in close to you! Their new place looks amazing, and I've seen Mt. Spokane lit up at night, and it is spectacular to see! So exciting for them indeed! Take care dear friend, it is always wonderful catching up with you :)

  15. I was so surprised to see how much snow you have at your lake home! It has been in the high 70's this past week and no rain here for the last two weeks so I am having a hard time believing it is still winter :-) Your current stitching projects are wonderful, and I am so glad you are enjoying happy times with your family and friends. Blessings, dear Betsy! We are watching the Olympic opening ceremony now...a lot of snow over there! xx

  16. Hi Betsy, We must be getting your winter as there was a little on the ground when we got up and it has snowed all day! I am glad you got to make a trip to the trailer. Piper's sweater is looking so pretty! Don't you just love it when you can make your flowers last a long time. Bob gets me one rose now and then and I try to make it last as long as possible. Stay well! Nancy

  17. So much news Betsy! I am so glad your lovely adopted family will be closer. You are such a blessing to them all. The snow looks beautiful from here. It is a gross 84 degrees out today. I am not ready for hot, humid weather. I'd like a few more days in the 60's. Take good care of yourself.