Monday, November 27, 2017

Let The Madness Begin...

Hello Everyone.

I hope that your Thanksgiving weekend was full of thankfulness if you live in the USA and celebrate it.  If you live elsewhere, I still hope you had a wonderful weekend full of thankfulness for all of your many blessings and all that you have.  We had a lovely day with Jeremy, Alicia and the boys and drove home to this view on the interstate.  I've never seen so little traffic.  The sun was setting behind us and storm clouds were to the east.  The golden hues were so pretty and the highway so empty.  It was almost other worldly.
 Apparently a big storm hit Spokane just before we arrived back in town.  We just missed the actual storm but saw the massive clouds.
When we decorated last week, the first thing set up was the Navity.  After all, Jesus is the entire reason Christmas is celebrated, so I always believe that the scene honoring Him should go up before the tree.
 I made this Navity set the first year we were married.  This is the 39th year it has been in our home.  Would you believe that three kids, a home daycare, three grandchildren, three dogs and three moves later, not one piece has been broken?  I love this scene and hope to pass it down to Mandy and then Piper someday.
The mystery knit is complete but I can't show it too you for awhile yet.  It took "ages" to finish but I love how it turned out.
 Our friends Kevin and Lana's granddaughter is moving back to Spokane in early December and she needs warm weather gear.  "I have a Waffle Hat" almost finished.  It will be done this evening.
 I also finished her scarf made from the same "I Love This Yarn" from Hobby Lobby.  It's the leftover yarn from my "Portage" sweater and I love how soft it is and it wears and washes very well.  The scarf is about six feet long.  I sure hope she likes it.
Sofie is back visiting while her Mom and Dad are on another cruise.  They left yesterday for the Mexican Rivera and will be back next Sunday.  Meanwhile, she's very at home here at our house.  This is her favorite place, all wrapped in a soft fleece blanket.
 When they brought her over Saturday night they had dinner with us and Nita gave me this sweet quilted wall hanging for the trailer.  She has one very similar.  A mutual friend made them for us.
 I always have a pot of flowers and watering can by the door of our trailer.  The watering can is for everyone's use and I thought it was sweet that our friend knew that and found a watering can button.
 A sweet little yellow dog button for Chloe.  How nice is that?
 I usually have flowers by the window inside too.  I was touched by all of the little extra details that personalized the wall hanging.  I will definitely find a place in the trailer for this sweet gift.
And last but not least, I won a gift from Patty who lives in Labrador, Newfoundland.  Look at all of this wonderful goodness.  Several different teas, yarn, scissors, a Canadian bear ornament, chocolate, a notions pouch and a project bag.  I can't believe how sweet it was of her to mail it all the way to me.
I went out this morning and finished most of my Christmas shopping.  We didn't do any over the weekend.  Crowds just aren't my thing.  Stocking stuffers for those who will be here have been purchased too. I only have a couple of gift cards to buy for gift exchanges we participate in and I'll be all done.  I even mailed my cards out last Friday!  I like to be done early and then I can enjoy the festivities without any stress.  Jamie and the kids will be here this year and then we're flying to Omaha in January to have a late Christmas with Brad, Mandy, Piper and the rest of our family there.

I hope you're all having a lovely day today.  We have bright sunshine and a warm-up. It was actually 41F when I was out this morning and it felt really good.

Oh, I almost forgot.  My cardiologist visit went really well last week.  I don't have to go back for a year unless something comes up.  I just do my remote pacemaker downloads from wherever I may be every three months. He was pleased with everything except my BP is pretty low.  That can't be helped though because the different medications I take for tachycardia lowers my BP.  Nothing can be done about it except take precautions like not driving and sitting or laying down when the light headedness hits me.  So all in all, it was good news.  Now I think we're done with doctors for awhile.  At least I really hope so!

I'll be back to visit again soon and I'll be visiting your blogs too!

"LORD, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done wonderful things, things planned long ago." Isaiah 25:1

Blessings always,


  1. Look at that sweet little doggie in all her pretty cuddle blankies!!!! That wall hanging is just the cutest!

  2. Wow, that caravan quilt is absolutely wonderful and amazing how she got all the details so perfect for you. Very sweet. I'm glad your health is doing so well. I'm also glad to hear you get to spend time with all three of your grandchildren and your family that is far away.

    *H*A*P*P*Y* * *H*O*L*I*D*A*Y*S*!*!*!*

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. That's an adorable camper quilt hanging. What a sweet surprise for you and your friend. I'd love to have had you on the tour with us too. Nice knitted items. I'm sure your friend's daughter will enjoy her hat and scarf. I was happy to get our sweatshirts from work today. Zip up hoodie is cozy in the chilly car on way home. Foggy this morning. Sun and blue sky then chilly 44 F. Happy days my friend. Nice manger set after all these years.

  4. The wall hanging for your camper is a sweet gift: I love all the personalized details that were added.

    I'm impressed with how organized you are - cards mailed and gifts made or purchased. Nice job!

  5. Aw, how cute is your hanger Besty one cute pice of quilting, and love the comfy snuggling puppy pickie too, won’t need it here, strictly light summery gear only, another stunning day today, took dad out fr great fun indeed! Wen first to art gallery then home to check out drawer set I’d painted, then pick up icecream and go for a beach view watching some surfers, fun++
    Ever so glad re your good news from cardiologist, too Betsy, do take care and the LORD bless you well in it all.. amazed you’ve everything ready and not even 1st of Dec. I’m waaay behind that.
    Thanks for sharing your inspiration!
    Shaz in Oz.x

    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  6. Such a sweet wall hanging and so thoughtfully done.

    Good news about the cardiologist. Wish me luck .........I go to MY new doctor next week.

  7. What a nice post Betsy. the best part is the end when you had such a good check up with your cardiologist. YAY!! Love your camper wall hanging - so cute and I love how it is personalized just for you and Dennis. I can't believe you are done (almost) your shopping already and cards written and mailed! You are so organized. Cute scarf and hat for the newcomer to your area - I'm sure they will be greatly appreciated. Glad you had such a nice Thanksgiving too. What dramatic pictures from your ride home!

  8. Praise God you are doing so well. A true answer to prayers. Love that sweet little wall hanging, what a sweet gift. Oh the scarf and hat looks all snuggly warm. I really like I Love This Yarn, it's a decent price and it's soft (I like all the different colors they have, too). I still love my old stand by Red Heart Super Saver, but I am a true yarn lover, so I am always open to new years (even if they are only new to me). :) Love the photo. It truly did look unworldly. Wishing you a day filled with much joy and many blessings sweet friend. :) And yes, I agree with you Jesus is the Reason, for the season. ((hugs))

  9. Oh, praise the Lord for the wonderful news from your cardiologist! That is just so good to hear! And, praise Him for not allowing you all to be in that storm. The scene was very ethereal...I love living out moments like that. Your creations are just beautiful, as always, and I am so thankful you had a nice Thanksgiving with your dear friends. The wall hanging made by your friend was just so kind, and you can surely see that she put a ton of thought into it. I hope you are done with doctors for a very long time, sweet friend, and may your Christmas season be one of peace-filled moments and good health!

  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the camper quilt!!! YES! And great heart news.

  11. Hi Betsy, I'm so glad to read the good news from your cardiologist! You must feel so relieved to know you're doing well. I loved seeing your photos. The storm made the sky and the light so beautiful. We get that kind of effect here sometimes too, especially when there's been a lot of wind and we have dust in the air. The sky can be so dark then. I love the quilted wall hanging, how adorable. Just perfect. I love seeing you using I Love This Yarn. It's one of my favorites for just about anything I might make. The colors are great and it washes and wears so well. Right now, I'm working on a stash-buster blanket that is all ILTY. I hope you're having a good week so far. I got your Christmas card yesterday. Thank you so much, it's beautiful and it was very nice to get a card from you.

  12. Hi! We also had a nice Thanksgiving and so much to be thankful for! It is amazing that you made that nativity set and it has has survived all these years. What a keepsake. I really like that "I Love This Yarn" too although I have not made a lot with it yet. It is so soft. That wall hanging is so special and Sophie looks so sweet and adorable. Congratulations on winning that gift! Glad you received good news from the cardiologist. That new med has made my blood pressure go down some also and I thought it was good before! The weather here has been so nice. Too bad it would not stay all winter! Thank you for the beautiful Christmas card I received today!!!! Nancy

  13. I'm praying you won't need any doctor's visits for the next year. You've visited them quite enough this past year. Hope your back is healed, too. The scarf and hat will surely be much appreciated. Sofie is just the sweetest little thing. And that quilted wallhanging is really just perfect. Sounds like you are ready to enjoy the season. Happy holidays!

  14. I love your Nativity Betsy, I have my Mom and Dad's and it means so much to me. I am so happy to hear your great news about your heart. Well done and lets hope you don't need to go back for one year! Your knitting is beautiful as always.